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Quick Steps to Get Found by Qualified Prospects on

Christophe Primault
Published on 13 January 2010
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GetApp is the largest independent marketplace for business apps. It is one of the leading destinations in the world for small businesses looking for the right apps for their business.

So what if you are already on GetApp – or about to be – how can you make sure prospects find you?

Below are tips for getting the most out of your GetApp listing.  Following these steps will not only help you generate more leads but it will help your app to be found by the right type of customer.

Take 20 minutes and start building a great campaign. Read on!

Log in your Control Panel , click on ” add listing” or “edit listing” and follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Share quality information about your products and update regularly

Showcase your product with fresh, complete and objective information. The more accurately you describe your solution, the better.

Tip: Use appropriate keywords.  You might already be implementing SEO terms on your business website – what are those terms?  What works best?  Make sure you include those terms in your description with the right density so customers looking for a product that matches your solution can find your listing.

Did you know that your conversion could increase 200% by just clearly outlining your solution’s key features?  Here are some ways to do that:

  • Offer your elevator pitch.  Give a quick and clear description of the benefits, key tools and the target audience.

Tip: Don´t be too commercial.  Keep the application name as short as possible. Provide the benefits of your solution but stay away from superlatives such as “GREAT” or ”THE BEST.” If the application is truly great, you can show that off in customer reviews, testimonials, etc.

Schedule now a monthly copy refresh in your calendar — as that is a great way to be always on top of your campaign.

Action -> build or review your product information. The most important sections are: “Strapline”, “Short Summary”.  Don´t forget to schedule recurring updates in your calendar.

  • Step 2: Add Google Analytics code

When you build your listing make sure that you add your Google Analytics code in it. This will enable you to track at a detailed level all the traffic coming from GetApp.

Action -> Add your Google Analytics code in your listing


  • Step 3 Add your pricing and landing pages

Users want to know approximately how much your solution will cost them. You can details your various plans and pricing models. You can also set-up additional landing pages to redirect traffic from potential buyers to your best converting pages on your website or on dedicated pages.

Action -> Add as much information as possible on your pricing model and plans


  • Step 4: Choose your categories carefully

Although you can choose up to 8 categories, we recommend to not picking more than 4. Treat a category as a keyword as this is how the most relevant prospects will find you on GetApp. You can´t optimize for many categories, so if you choose categories that are not directly relevant to your products, your prospects and leads could be pointless and you could generate sign-ups that will never convert in real customers. That´s not what you want, right?

Action -> check your categories and remove the least relevant (you can find categories from the first column to unchecked them).


  • Step 5: Detail your key Features and Benefits

Did you know that your conversion can significantly increase by just clearly outlining your solution’s key features?  Here are some ways to do that:

  • Give a quick and clear description of the benefits, key tools and the target audience.

Tip: Provide a long list of features and benefits of your solution but stay away from adjectives and superlatives. Be precise in your choice of keywords-

Action -> build or review your features and benefits information. Don´t forget to schedule recurring updates in your calendar.


  • Step 6: Set up your target market & audience

Select only the countries, type of customers and languages that your solution actually supports. This is very important to indicate clearly to prospects which is the best audience for your product

Action -> do tick the right checkbox as relevant for your solution


  • Step 7: Show off your mobile strengths

We are seeing a steep increase in searches related to the terms “iPod, “iPad” or “Android”. Not very surprising, so if you have a mobile version of your solution, let our users know and you will get the extra traffic you need.

Action -> do tick the “mobile boxes”as relevant in the “Technical ->Operating Systems” section.


  • Step 8: Feature your integrations

This is a specifically important step on GetApp as we put a lot of emphasis on inter linking your product with other apps you are integrating with. Adding your five more important integrations with third-party apps will considerably increase your visibility on GetApp.


  • Step 9: Upload a nice square logo, Add Screen Shots and Videos

You have a great company logo, so make sure it looks good everywhere! We use square logos and the ideal format is A PNG of 150×150 pixels. But if you have something bigger, or even slightly smaller, it is OK as we will reduce it to 60×60.

You can now upload up to 20 screenshots and two videos on YouTube and Vimeo to describe your product. Users love it and vendors that post multimedia such as videos and screenshots have increased their click-thru rate by over 30%. When you upload screenshots, pay a special attention to the caption.  It will pay off in dividends.

Action -> check the format of your logo and update if needed.


Step 10: Add a conversion-tracking pixel on your sign-up confirmation page

This is a very important step, as it will allow you to measure more accurately the volume and quality of the leads generated by GetApp and the ROI of your campaign.

It is very simple, you add a value for the lead, generate a tracking code and ask your web developer to add it to your confirmation page.


Once you are done with these first steps, click on “Publish listing”.

You are now done with your listing editing. You can improve the results of your campaign even further with a few more steps:

  • Call for user reviews

Prospects consistently state that user generated reviews are the most valuable information when evaluating an application. You can add existing reviews to your listing. Don´t be shy to ask your existing users to provide feedback on their experience, if you ask for reviews, you´ll be surprised to see how many of your clients are ready to support you! Listings with over 10 reviews have systematically a better conversion on GetApp.

Tip: You will be able to respond online to user generated reviews and comments about your product.

Action 1-> Share your GetApp listing on your social media channels and ask for reviews

Action 2 ->  add a review badge on your site pointing to your review page. This is the most efficient way to get a constant flow of review that you will be able to use on your marketing material.

Action 3 -> in your next newsletter ask your user to write a review by pointing them to your review page

  • Add a badge to your website

Add a link from your home page or product page to your GetApp listing. This will make your listing more relevant for search engines and increase the  chances of the link being found online by potential customers. GetApp is considered as a site of reference in the business apps industry (featured in TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, The Financial Time, InformationWeek, SmallBizTrends, SitePoint, Wikipedia …). Displaying a GetApp badge is an equivalent to a “business app that counts” sign of approval.

Action -> select a badge from this list and paste the code in your site.

  • Share fresh content with us

Our social media team will do a good job of promoting your listing, but their efforts will be more effective if you share with them important news or relevant marketing collateral (whitepaper, eBook, case study…).

Action 1-> follow and send content to our marketing team via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook so we can share the love on social media

Action 2 -> You can also be our guest if you want to post a piece on our popular blog about business apps.

All the previous steps are free and available to all our clients, Following these steps will have a very significant impact on the performance of your GetApp listing.

There are additional paid options to benefit from the GetApp Integrated Partner Network. If you want to get more visibility with paid advertising campaigns or use our platform to build integrations and co-marketing programs with selected partners, please get in touch.

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