Stephanie Watson

Stephanie Watson

Stephanie Watson is an editor at She is also the owner of Barry Publishing, an online publishing and marketing company. Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a Master’s of Science in Interactive Technology from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Connect with Stephanie on Google+.

7 Things Your Customer Service Team Is Probably Doing Wrong

By Stephanie Watson, 15 October 2014

  Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business. Having good customer service will increase your sales by creating repeat customers and fans of your business. Your job needs to be to exceed the customer's expectations, every time.That is why most business experts always tell you to under promise and over deliver. If you give more than your customers expect, even if a mistake has been made, you'll find that your clients remain happy and continue to be customers. You, as a manager can start with empowering your customer service agents to address customer's issues. What Aspects Of Customer Service Is Your Team Probably Getting Wrong? (more…)

dozeo Review – Beautify Digital Encounters

By Stephanie Watson, 5 July 2013

Once upon a time, dozeo founder, Maximilian Mack of Stuttgart, Germany, had to travel all around presenting seminars, or worse, rely on inferior webinar software to help him make his point from a distance. He didn’t like operating that way and an idea was born that would, two years later, revolution the way businesses conduct online meetings and webinars. This dozeo review seeks to find out, did he succeed? (more…)

WinWeb Review – The Future of Business

By Stephanie Watson, 27 June 2013

The world was not enough for James Bond, perhaps because he didn't have the WinWeb family of apps at his disposal. Q is good, but even he has his limitations. This WinWeb review will attempt to tell you what WinWeb can do for your business. Starting with the Projects & Helpdesk and moving on to more critical business functions, WinWeb apps make it easier than ever for businesses to make their presence felt on and off the World Wide Web. (more…)

Zendesk Review – Support and Engage Your Customers

By Stephanie Watson, 26 June 2013

Customer engagement must be high on the list of priorities for almost any business today. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the tools, tactics, and talents to properly engage their customers before and after the sale. That's where Zendesk comes into the picture. Read this Zendesk review to get a better idea of whether or not Zendesk will work for you. (more…)

Marketo Review — Powerful Marketing Automation

By Stephanie Watson, 12 June 2013

If you want to improve your entire sales, marketing and customer service cycle and save both time and money then you've probably looked into various forms of marketing automation software.  Founded in 2006, Marketo seeks to simplify, streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and work flows in order to increase efficiencies and grow revenue. With this Marketo review we will find out how powerful marketing automation can be. (more…)

Colibri Tool Review – Measure Trends & Analyze Conversions

By Stephanie Watson, 10 June 2013

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a SEO tool tool for businesses and Internet marketers that allows you to track inbound links to your sites as well as your competitors, track SEO performance, analyze keyword positions in search engines, and pinpoint under-served niches in your industry? These are just some of the features Colibri Tool claims to offer users. This Colibri Tool review will find out. (more…)

Infusionsoft Review — Automation Marketing Software For Small and Medium Businesses

By Stephanie Watson, 6 June 2013

Time is the one commodity in life that can never be recovered. There are only so many hours in a given day. No one understands this better than busy business owners struggling to juggle the demands of their businesses with the demands of their families and their own desired qualities of living. This Infusionsoft review will help you see how Infusionsoft helps business executives, entrepreneurs, and struggling up and comers recover some of their time by automating the marketing process for them. (more…)

PostScan Mail Review — Manage your Post Mail as Email

By Stephanie Watson, 21 May 2013

How many times have you wished your postal mail was as easy to manage as your electronic mail? If you’re anything like me, it’s a wish you’ve made on more than one occasion. Email is simple to deal with and you don’t have to worry about recycling, shredding, or someone sifting through your garbage to gather sensitive information and data. Honestly, not everyone recycles at home like they should. You may want to do your part for the planet, but fear the potential ramifications if you were to do so with the many paper products you receive in the mail. After all, how secure are current shredding machines or recycling facilities? In this PostScan Mail review, we will see how this app allows you to manage your post mail, as you would email. (more…)

AtMail Review – Email Management for Small to Medium Sized Business

By Stephanie Watson, 9 May 2013

Businesses today need every edge to ensure that they come out ahead of their competitors. Thankfully programs like AtMail come along. The problem for many small businesses trying to make it big on the World Wide Web is that there are many tools and programs promising impressive results. Because there are so many, it it’s difficult to know what you need for your business now, and what you can do without until a later date. One thing that no business is going to survive long without, however, is a solid email platform. In this AtMail review we will see how it delivers email for businesses in a really big way. (more…)

Cyfe Review — All-in-One Business Dashboard

By Stephanie Watson, 7 May 2013

Businesses today live and die by having access to the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, most businesses have the tools they use to analyze and understand various data points scattered from one end of the World Wide Web to another. It makes it difficult to keep up with all the information, as it’s needed. (more…)