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The Best Android Retail Management Mobile Apps

Stephanie Miles
Published on 31 July 2013
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retail-management-android-appsAs local merchants look to cut costs anywhere they can, an increasing number are doing away with traditional retail hardware and software — which typically include point-of-sale systems, barcode scanners, and inventory management platforms — in favor of mobile solutions. Android retail management mobile apps offer many of the features that small business owners need to manage their shops, but without the high startup costs. Although cost is a major factor driving adoption rates of Android retail management mobile apps, ease-of-use and portability are also important to local business owners. Mobile apps are often easier for cashiers and salespeople to use, when compared to hard-wired POS systems, because they rely on smartphone and tablet technology that people are comfortable using in their everyday lives. To help guide merchants through the process of deciding which Android retail management mobile apps are worth checking out, we have come up with a list of the very best. For each mobile app mentioned in our list, we’ve included a brief description, compatibility requirements, and basic pricing information.

Shopify for AndroidShopify Shopping Cart for Android

Shopify is THE name in online shopping, automating and mobilizing your eCommerce, online retail, store design and more with more than 30,000 online retailers! With Shopify, you probably offer your staff the most efficient way to build and maintain and online store; and then you offer your clients a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. The slogan is “If you can send an email, you can start a store with Shopify.” And now you can do it from your Android. Not too shabby, eh?  Price: Fremium

lightspeed-logo LightSpeed Point of Sale for Android

LightSpeed is committed to building not just a great point of sale app but a top-notch retail management app. It starts by, of course, allowing you to make a sale and get paid for that sale, but then also lets you import your current inventory into the system. With LightSpeed’s integrated payments, you can swipe credit cards and process payments without even needing a credit card terminal, allowing you to to get paid without even leaving your Android or iPhone. Price: Starting at $79/month.

Brightpearl retail management logoBrightpearl Multi-channel Retail Management for Android

While Brightpearl may not have an official Android app, it’s responsive and ready to be on-the-go from your Android app as you walk around your shop or run your online store from home while doing other things. It allows you to manage your orders, inventory, and shipping, while also letting you control your point of sale, pricing and quoting, all in one app. Price: Starting at $99 per user.

Logo of ShopKeep for Android

ShopKeep Dashboard for Android

The ShopKeep Dashboard app is the handy complement to your ShopKeep POS iPad Register that allows you to keep tabs on your store’s sales and transactions. With a quick tap, the new app lets you see live sales data for each of your iPad POS registers. With a swipe of the finger, you’ve got yesterday’s total sales summary report, so you can monitor cost of goods sold and gross margin to make sure you are making money on a daily basis. Price: Free

Logo for POS Simple for AndroidPOS Simple Bar for Android

POSSimpleBar can be adapted to any trade; hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Pub, etc . It serves both point to a waiter order a table to manage your business, is very simple and easy to use. POSSimpleBar email sent orders to the cook, and tickets to customers by creating a relationship between clients can send you offers and news in a fast and economical. You can send the tickets directly to a printer eprint by email. Price: $2.65

QuickMark barcode scanner freeQuickMark Barcode Scanner for Android

QuickMark is a mobile barcode scanner app that allows auto-scanning of multiple barcode formats from your phone. (Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN 8/13, Code39, Code128, Interleaved 2of5) Use mobile barcodes to access web links, add contacts, navigate maps, and much more. Works with QuickMark’s Chrome browser extension. Lite version also available with slightly less permission requirements. Price: Free

Logo of Enders for AndroidEnders POS for Android

Enders POS is a line item Point of Sale system ideal for any small retail environment. Unlike a cash register, it does not have predefined buttons for items. By line items you can adjust the name, description, price, department, quantity and barcode for each item. US and Canadian Stores are able to process credit cards through BluePay using Enders Point of Sale. This is a basic system usable for one device. It can not synchronize to another system. Price: $24.95

Logo for Stock and Orders for AndroidStock and Orders Manager for Android

StockProManager is the most complete and the most intuitive solution of management of stock, orders, customers, suppliers and products/articles. This application is going to make your life easier by offering you a variety of management features like generation, monitoring, export and statistics of your orders. Price: $6.60

Logo of Registroid for AndroidRegistroid Point of Sale for Android

Registroid Point Of Sale System is the base application that turns you phone or tablet into a full Point of Sale (POS) system. This free app includes all of the cash register functions you need to get started controlling your business. The Registroid app is a single device POS. Price: Free

Logo for XSCANPET for AndoridXSCANPET barcode & inventory for Android

Barcode Scanner App and inventory management: XSCANPET is the perfect inventory manager. It is a barcode scanner and uses an Excel as product database. It uses the camera on your phone to read barcodes and look up item information in an Excel spreadsheet. Price: $2.45

Logo of Zing Checkout for AndroidZingCheckout POS: Point of Sale for Android

ZingCheckout is a fast, modern and easy-to-use point of sale system that lets you run your business anywhere you can take your Android tablet. Setup is quick and easy. You’ll be ready to start accepting sales through the POS within minutes of downloading. Price: Free

Logo for QR and Barcode Reader for AndroidQR & Barcode reader for Android

This application is a QR and Barcode reader that does not require personal information details, unlike most other scanner applications. If you don’t want to give permissions to read Contact and History Bookmarks, then this is going to be the secure QR and Barcode reader of your choice. Price: Free

Logo for Inventory Barcode Scanner for AndroidInventory barcode scanner for Android

SCANPET is the perfect inventory manager. It is a barcode scanner App and inventory management. It is a barcode scanner and uses an Excel as product database. It uses the camera on your phone to read barcodes and look up item information in an Excel spreadsheet file Price: Free

Logo of Inigma for Androidi-nigma Barcode Scanner for Android

i-nigma turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader. Thanks to exceptionally quick and robust scanning, it is regularly ranked as top performer in this category. Price: Free

Logo of Norton snap qr code reader bidi for AndroidNorton Snap qr code reader for Android

Norton Snap keeps you a step ahead of potential threats and takes the gamble out of using QR codes. It’s the first QR code scanner that protects you, your identity, and your stuff from online threats by checking the safety of websites linked to QR codes before they load on your mobile device. Price: Free

Logo for QR Droid Private for AndroidQR Droid Private for Android

Full-featured, multi-language QR utility. now available on Nexus 7. Get the ultimate QR code solution with this comprehensive productivity app for Android, and you can “optically” share just about anything! Scan a QR code in a magazine and watch a video immediately. Create a code from a Contact or Bookmark and let a friend scan it to their device—no typing needed. Price: Free

Not on Android or just want to see a thorough list of Retail Management Apps? What are you waiting for? Get your sales on!

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