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Three tips for selling tickets online

By Diana Berryman, 26 January 2015

Online ticket vendors have huge customer turnover, but with big numbers come big mistakes. With a lot of competition, ticket vendors have little room for error; if your site doesn't work, customers can easily go to another one. Here's some useful advice from experts in eCommerce software for online ticket sellers to ensure that you keep your customers happy and don't send them to a competitor. (more…)

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The best project management and planning apps for Android

By Stephanie Miles, 23 January 2015

With more employees bringing their mobile devices to work, it’s inevitable that popular project management platforms are developing and integrating an Android-friendly (or iPad and iPhone-friendly) version of their software. This is especially critical as more business is being conducted outside the office or on-the-go. Below are some Android apps that provide an easy way to keep on top of your projects while out of the office. (more…)

There are lots of great project management and planning tools in the SaaS world, but not all of them cater to a need for remote access from devices like an iPhone or iPad. The ability to access, contribute to, organize, and edit projects using your iPhone or iPad is essential for a SaaS company, especially when you consider new trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Luckily, a lot of the best project management and planning applications have native apps for iOS (and Android) that make working across devices seamless. Here are some of the best project management apps for iPhone and iPad that provide a desktop-quality user experience on your iOS device.   (more…)

2015: The year (we hope!) cybersecurity is taken seriously

By Matt Mullarkey-Toner, 20 January 2015

It was nearly impossible to look at a newspaper or media outlet in 2014 without seeing a story about cybersecurity. Various news organizations had their home pages and Twitter accounts vandalized, 233 million eBay users had their account info comprised, and Sony Pictures suffered a high profile attack that compromised most, if not all, of its company data. These incidents don’t follow one specific pattern or method, but include a combination of human error and full-on attacks. It’s safe to say: cybersecurity needs to be a priority in 2015. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind this year. (more…)

Can Facebook at Work, work?

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 16 January 2015

The long-held opinion of Facebook as a corporate time-waster may soon be a sentiment of the past. Facebook at Work (FaW) hopes to be the next big player in the enterprise social networking world. The service, which was released to a small test group of companies and on a limited mobile release for iPhone and Android, aims to compete with software such as Yammer, Slack, Convo, and SocialCast. (more…)

12 CRMs with native iOS & Android apps

By Jimmy Flores, 15 January 2015

CRMs with iPhone & Android apps We have gone ahead and curated a list of the top 12 CRMs listed on GetApp with native iOS & Android apps. There are solutions here for every business size, from solo-preneur to startup to full blown enterprise CRMs. (more…)

Lead management for anyone starting a business

By Todd Spear, 15 January 2015

When starting a small business, you might not think it's important to manage the few leads you have, at first. This is a common misconception. The thinking is: "I'll deal with it later." But you're hurting your fledgling business when you look at it that way. The sooner you get on top of your leads, the better off - and more profitable - you'll be. (more…)

When you start your own business there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Making your life a little easier by using the awesome marketing software we have available to us makes perfect sense. Read on for some innovative ideas that businesses have used to ramp up their marketing efforts and lets learn from what they have done to become the successes they are today... (more…)

Apps to Give Your Online Store the Personal Touch

By Diana Berryman, 12 January 2015

Chances are, that whatever you are planning to sell online, you will have a huge turnover of customers. With those big numbers you are going to encounter problems, it is guaranteed. So how should you manage these problems in a timely and professional way to provide the best possible customer service and get those customers telling all their friends how absolutely awesome you are? With the help of some kind folks who have been there themselves, we here at GetApp would like to show you how to start an online store and keep your customers happy. (more…)

Cart Abandonment Email Done Right Shopping cart abandonment plagues eCommerce, as shown by one report that stated as much as 73.9% of carts end up abandoned. You may have heard that recovery emails are the best way to recoup some of those abandoned carts, and they are. (more…)