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Zuora Review – Grow your subscription service and automate your business operations Forget whatever preconceived notions you may have about traditional recurring billing and subscription management software. The team behind Zuora has gotten rid of the limitations that businesses once struggled to overcome. Now, the popular subscription commerce, billing, and finance solution offers a streamlined UI that organizations can use to manage highly complex billing operations. In this Zuora review, I will go into detail about the features that help this recurring billing application stand apart from competitors. Using real world examples, I will explain how businesses in a wide variety of industries could benefit by switching to this soup-to-nuts recurring revenue management solution. (more…)

Accounting Software to Meet Three Key Needs

By Jessica O' Loughlin, 3 April 2014

When choosing the right accounting software there will be a number of key accounting processes you will want to take into consideration. Three of the most important of which are billing and invoicing, expense management and bank reconciliation needs. However, not all accounting software solutions are capable of covering all three of these processes properly. That is why we have identified 5 popular applications that do a good job on all them. But before looking at these, let´s consider what accounting software can do to make these processes more efficient. (more…)

Fusebill Review – Automate Recurring Billing

By Stephanie Miles, 26 March 2014

Fusebill Review – A complete solution for organizations with complex billing issues Inflexible billing platforms make it difficult for businesses that offer client subscriptions to manage their company finances. Complex price lists, annual renewals, and pro-rated fees are just a few of the advanced-level billing practices that are impossible for most traditional invoicing platforms to handle. Fusebill aims to be a solution for B2B and B2C companies that are looking to reduce both costs and the time it takes to collect on client invoices. In this Fusebill review, I will explore the recurring billing and payment platform. Throughout the review, I will pay particular attention to Fusebill’s updated user interface (UI), which makes Fusebill incredibly easy for businesses to use. Finally, I will take a look at the customer support and service options available to Fusebill clients. (more…)

MineralTree Review – A great solution for businesses that are interested in streamlining their accounts payable processes.  When it comes to payment software, most businesses are looking for a product that is two things: simple and secure. MineralTree Secure Business Pay is an application that comes through on both counts, providing its users with a straightforward way to safely make payments with two-way synchronization between their ERP systems and their business bank accounts. In this MineralTree review, I will explore the ins-and-outs of this web-based AP automation application. I will explain how using MineralTree Secure Business Pay can help automate the accounts payable process and ensure that businesses can finally put an end to paper checks. Because mobile payment processing is such an integral part of MineralTree Secure Business Pay, I will also discuss how businesses that use the system are able to approve payments on-the-go. (more…)

Gem Accounts Review – Serious Business Accounting Tools

By Stephanie Miles, 27 January 2014

Gem Accounts Review - Online accounting for medium and large-size businesses Managing financial accounts for a large company is serious business, but that doesn’t mean accounting professionals shouldn’t have a little fun in the process. Gem Accounts is a full-featured cloud accounting system that walks the fine line between light and simple, and heavy and robust. Although the system is designed with medium and large-size businesses in mind, small business owners with growing companies will feel right at home using Gem Accounts’ advanced accounting tools. In this Gem Accounts review, I will take a close look at which features are available through the cloud accounting system and explain which specific tools are most beneficial for large and medium-size businesses. I’ll also explain the overall the benefits—along with any drawbacks—of double entry online cloud accounting software. (more…)

FG Receivables Manager Review - Accounts receivables with intelligence For businesses, keeping track of invoices and payments is extremely time consuming. Invoices can easily fall through the cracks if a business isn't extremely organized. Funding Gates Receivables Manager seeks to organize the process for businesses of all sizes. This FG Receivables Manager review looks at the platform's features to demonstrate how it can help a company organize its payment collections processes. (more…)

PaySimple Review – Streamlined Billing and Payments

By Stephanie Miles, 16 December 2013

Without a way to easily collect funds from customers, businesses have no way to grow. Because of this, payments and billing are considered to be at the heart of every small business. PaySimple is a thoughtfully designed platform that companies can use to accept payments, streamline their billing practices and make smarter business decisions through real-time reporting. Unlike competing vendors, PaySimple makes it easy for businesses to set up recurring billing and manage customer information. In this PaySimple review, I plan on taking the payment management software for a test drive and finding out for myself what value it provides to small business owners. In particular, I will be paying attention to recurring billing, cash flow reporting, customer management and other innovative tools that are the centerpiece of the PaySimple platform. (more…)

We had the pleasure of talking to Andrew Fawcett, CTO of, about the evolution of the company, the benefits of cloud based software for accounting automation, the challenges back office solutions are facing and the future of the product. Do not miss this interview! (more…)

Xero Review – Modern Online Accounting Software

By Jonathan Garro, 18 November 2013

Xero Review - Accounting made easy for small businesses When it comes to your business, few things are more important than keeping your accounts updated and accurate. The challenge of maintaining a single ledger grows as more people become involved, and desktop software can compound this problem if syncing between computers can lead to inaccuracies and an excessive amount of manual data entry. What makes online accounting software so appealing is the fact that your business only deals with a single ledger that you and your accountant can access. In this Xero review, I'll be looking at the process of setting up and using the app for a small business, and then exploring the usability and power of service's features. (more…)

Intuit GoPayment Review - For businesses wishing to accept payments on the go Cash-only businesses are losing customers to competitors. With so many options today, businesses can solve that problem using a mobile device and a card reader. Intuit's GoPayment joins the many solutions providers offering mobile payment options. This Intuit GoPayment review will showcase the features that set Intuit's app apart from others. With its trusted name and compatibility with other products, Intuit's apps have proven themselves to be ideal for businesses of all sizes. (more…)