Accounting & Billing

Cure Cali’s paid sick leave law with HR apps

By Karen McCandless, 4 June 2015

The touchy subject of employee sick leave and the often laborious admin tasks that go with it can be enough to have many companies tearing their hair out. With California becoming the second state to introduce mandatory sick pay for its employees, this issue has the potential to become a lot more complicated, especially if you don’t have a top-notch HR solution in place. (more…)

The Ten Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who HATE Bookkeeping

By James Thornton, 22 May 2015

For a rare breed of person, accounting is a business process that represents a joyful challenge. For the rest of us, just the thought of managing accounts leaves us reaching for an aspirin. But does accounting have to be that troubling? Actually, it doesn’t. If you’re willing to ditch your spreadsheet app in favor of a purpose-built cloud accounting app, you’ll find your head will stop throbbing without the need for medical intervention. What's more, you could be saving yourself a considerable amount of time each week. (more…)

Metrics that matter: financial reporting for your service business

By Nicki Violetti, 13 February 2015

How much money does your business bring in each month? Considering that revenue is a metric that most business owners follow closely, chances are that you can answer this question within a few hundred dollars of the actual amount. (more…)

Five reasons to ditch the spreadsheet in favor of an accounting app

By Todd Spear, 29 January 2015

If the term “accounting software” doesn’t immediately excite you, it’s perfectly understandable. Luckily, cloud-based accounting apps are breathing new life into doing business in the digital space. (more…)

GetCast 8: Intuit QuickBooks, Accounting Software for Small Business

By Jimmy Flores, 8 January 2015

David Leary, QuickBooks developer evangelist and the apps they use to grow. QuickBooks has been around since they sold software in a box. Now they have moved to the cloud and opened an app marketplace to expand the functionality of their product. Learn about all the timesaving things that you can do with QuickBooks and the growing number of apps that work with it. (more…)

Three Apps to Automate Billing and Invoicing this Holiday Season

By Todd Spear, 17 December 2014

This holiday season your small business will replace the traditional jingle bell sound with the ring of your cash register. At least, that's what we're all hoping for, right? To make sure that every transaction gets accounted for, you need the right invoicing and accounting tools. And spreadsheet users this may mean its time to replace the tedious and manual with up-to-date cloud-based apps. (more…)

Join GetApp at Solutions14: Accounting Solutions Conference

By James Clifton, 30 October 2014

GetApp is pleased to support the upcoming Sleeter Group Solutions14 Conference taking place November 9-12, 2014 in Las Vegas. Solutions14 is billed as the can’t-miss conference of the year for accounting professionals. (more…)

Top Ten Apps for Social Media Managers

By Diana Berryman, 30 October 2014

                  Social media managers are required to have skills that any circus juggler would be proud of. There are so many aspects of the job, you need to be super-organized to manage social media marketing for SMBs let alone global enterprises. Hats off to all you social media managers out there, anyone who thinks it’s an easy job should have a go themselves. (more…)

The New FreshBooks and ShareFile Integration Is Good News for Accountants

By Todd Spear, 29 October 2014

Listen up, accounting professionals. There's a new partnership in the cloud space that you've gotta know about. The new integration between FreshBooks and ShareFile is here to make your life easier. Together, these tools help you treat your clients' data with the respect it deserves - especially in this age of cyber threats from hackers. You surely want to keep financial data secure, as well as up-to-date, and the new integration between FreshBooks and ShareFile makes protecting and backing up data a real snap! (more…)

App Guinea Pig: Three Small Business Accounting Apps for Dummies (Myself Included!)

By Todd Spear, 28 October 2014

As I get ever close to launching my own eCommerce website, my attention increasingly turns to the bottom line: profit & loss (hopefully, mostly "profit"). For me, though, I'm terribly bored by crunching numbers. Don't get me wrong: I love making money and counting it. But my background is not in accounting. So the challenge for me is to keep my accounting in order, my tax information in check, and my sanity in tact! In this installment of App Guinea Pig, I'll be testing out three small business accounting apps for "dummies"... like me! (more…)