See you Skype: 8 alternatives that are worth the hype

By Karen McCandless, 17 June 2015

  Skype might be good enough for your Grandma, but can it really be trusted for your business communications? (more…)

No readers? No problem! Email marketing secrets to drive visitors to your blog

By Niamh Lynch, 12 June 2015

Does anyone actually give a crap about what you write on your company blog? Looking at your traffic figures it might seem like they don't. But that doesn't mean your writing is awful or your topics are boring. It could just come down to your email newsletter strategy. You do have an email newsletter strategy, right? (more…)

5 ways to encourage your staff to use social intranets

By Diana Berryman, 17 March 2015

Encouraging staff members to try out and use new systems is always a challenge. A social intranet can be particularly intimidating and difficult to establish, especially if you have a large number of employees. (more…)

From Orwell to NSA, how much of your workplace communication is being monitored?

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 10 March 2015

When it comes to monitoring internal chat conversations within a business, the decade-old question of privacy versus practicality comes into play. You want your employees to have a place where they feel comfortable communicating one on one (more…)

How internal social networks can boost employee satisfaction

By Diana Berryman, 5 March 2015

Team communication is essential for the smooth running of a business, especially now that teams are working remotely more often. But what’s the best way to communicate and collaborate as a team? (more…)

Beyond the four walls: the consumer apps that are making the mobile industry mobile

By James Thornton, 4 March 2015

Have you ever daydreamed about a world where you're not chained to a desk in an office? Thankfully, this vision of a working nirvana isn't a million miles away. In fact, it's all right there in that little device in your pocket. (more…)

Why a virtual call center might be the answer

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 10 February 2015

Like many other business processes, call centers aren’t tethered to a physical location. In-house call centers are generally for businesses with a low volume of calls (more…)

How to Sell More by Fixing one Detail in Your Growing Companies Emails

By Diana Berryman, 7 January 2015

If you don’t consider your email signature to be important then think again. It is such a small thing but it can make the biggest impact in your marketing strategy. Learn how to sell more by optimizing your email signature. Your email marketing campaign can be worth so much more by simply considering your signature important enough to dedicate some time to. (more…)

How to Use RingCentral Meetings to Manage your Distributed Tech Team

By RingCentral, 24 December 2014

Share screens and documents, as if you were all in the same place. If you have a team whose members are often working at various sites, or from home, it can be hard to get everyone together to touch base and make sure everyone is on the same page. (more…)

Three Must-Have Small Business Apps for Your Smartphone This Holiday Season

By Todd Spear, 1 December 2014

A new iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is probably on your wish list, or the list of someone in your life. And while teenagers love them to take selfies, you'll love them for how helpful their small business apps can be for your business? (more…)