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RumbleTalk Review – Chat Rooms for Websites

By Stephanie Faris, 27 March 2014

RumbleTalk Review - With social media integration, the app is prepared to help businesses attract a new generation of chat room users Chat rooms have evolved since their early days, as social media has changed the way people stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. But there are still many consumers who enjoy the immediacy of interacting in a chat room, whether it's to troubleshoot issues with a new piece of software or discuss the latest episode of a favorite TV show. RumbleTalk adds a chat room to any website, giving administrators full control. This RumbleTalk review will go over how the chat room solution will work within an existing website. (more…)

Communications software is becoming an increasingly popular category on our marketplace and we realized that many SMBs do not really know much about the types of communication software available, and how they can use these in their business. (more…)

Speek Review – One-Click Conference Calls

By Stephanie Faris, 3 March 2014

Speek Review - An easy to use conference calling app Setting up a conference call using modern-day tools can be complicated. Callers are required to enter an eleven-digit number and a long, complicated password, which is made even more difficult if a participant is calling from a cell phone. Speek simplifies the process of routing people to your call, giving them a link that directs them to the call. This Speek review will highlight the conferencing software's features to help businesses determine if it's the right choice for them. (more…) Review - Even the smallest company can appear large and professional on the phone is an all-in-one telephone service solution that is ideally suited for small businesses and virtual companies without physical locations. makes it possible to forward incoming calls to mobile phones, tablets, desk phones, and even desktop computers. In this review, I will take a peek at the features that is offering in the hopes of determining how small business owners can benefit from using the service. I’ll compare the web-based telephone system to traditional landline solutions, in terms of functionality, benefits, and cost. Based on my recommendations, my hope is that small businesses and other organizations will be able to decide for themselves whether to switch their office telephone systems to a VoIP-based solution. (more…)

Let’s be honest with each other, contact management is a pain. It’s one thing to have difficulty keeping up with all your professional contacts, but it’s a whole other thing to have to try and organize information about all your coworkers. Everybody can relate to this, even high school students at their first job: remember the last time you got sick and had to call a coworker to make sure they were up to speed on the day’s tasks? Remember how much of a pain it was to get their number? This is exactly the sort of dilemma that EasyGrouper is trying to fix — but they’ve managed to go way beyond the needs of a simple address book without complicating anything. Let’s dive in to this EasyGrouper review and take a look at what makes EasyGrouper a good buy. (more…)

Topi Review — Plan Events and Make Them More Social

By Nathan Snelgrove, 27 November 2013

Topi Review - The tool to plan events social events efficiently If you go to any events, you’ll know they’re a double-edged sword. While it’s great to connect with people, it’s often difficult to do so in events that are filled to the brim with presentations. For introverts, it’s even more difficult when faced with the difficult question: how does one muster up the strength to talk to strangers? For event planners and attendees, this is the question that Topi tries to answer with its integrated digital events solution. We will see in this Topi review that it is a tool for event planners and attendees. It allows planners to create events, and its iPhone app allows attendees to connect at the event. Not only that, but it’s the only end-to-end solution for every part of the event. Event planners and attendees alike are going to love all its features. For this review, I’ve created a test event for myself in the middle of the night (to prevent accidental attendees) and have put the app through the ropes. Read on to find out why Topi is right for you. (more…)

Bloomfire Review – A Simple, Social Way to Share Knowledge

By Nathan Snelgrove, 20 November 2013

Bloomfire Review - Connect employees and share knowledge There are two mission-critical things that every corporation has to deal with: sharing digital assets and answering the questions of employees and customers. Neither of these tasks should be as difficult, time-consuming, or as intimidating for employees as they are — especially since 99 percent of the time, the ultimate goal of these activities is to teach and learn. This is where a service like Bloomfire comes in. Bloomfire strives to simplify knowledge management for sales and customer service teams. In this Bloomfire review, I’m going to be testing the app to see if it lives up to its claim. I’ve signed my firm up for an account to test factors like ease of use and reliability, but also to see if it performs admirably from the perspective of both the business owner and the employee. Read on to find out if Bloomfire is the tool you need to simplify your knowledge management and enable your sales and service teams.   (more…)

Grasshopper Review – Toll-Free Numbers for Businesses

By Stephanie Faris, 15 November 2013

Grasshopper provides toll-free and vanity numbers that show up on caller IDs. This Grasshopper review will go through its various features, including voicemail and Cloud phone options. Many of today's small businesses are run from cell phones, while traveling from one meeting to the next. These movers and shakers need a way to stay in touch with clients without giving the appearance that they're away from the office. (more…)

CONNECT on Channelplace Review — Where tech providers and resellers meet The digital world has made networking a double-edged sword. While it’s easier to connect with friends, family, and businesses than it’s ever been before, it’s also harder to get noticed when your own business is one of millions vying for attention. This is the problem that CONNECT on Channelplace aims to fix. CONNECT is a place for businesses of any sort to find each other and interact, which Channelplace is hoping will lead to new business partners and consistent growth for their users. In this CONNECT on Channelplace review, I will take a look at it’s potential for your business and how easy it is to use and deploy. (more…)

Nearly three out of every four small businesses uses document sharing tools as a way to increase productivity both inside and outside the office, however compatibility and security issues can put companies using certain platforms at a disadvantage. Although there are dozens of document sharing and knowledge management apps currently on the market, the quality and the features offered can vary significantly from product to product. The specific document sharing and knowledge management app that a company or individual chooses to use should be based on the available features, supported devices, support options, and price. Security is another issue that comes up among small business owners, since many are using document sharing tools to send and store sensitive data and confidential information. For those users, especially, it is important to research what type of security features a document sharing and knowledge management app has built-in before adopting any new tools. Here are our picks for the top five document sharing and knowledge management apps. (more…)