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As small businesses begin to grow in revenue they are often faced with issues such as tackling larger work loads, managing expanding customer databases, keeping new hires up-to-date on customer information and tracking vital sales and marketing processes. While Excel spreadsheets and even paper-based methods of storing customer data may have been sufficient in the past, these small businesses now need a more effective method of keeping track of their sales activities. (more…)

InfoFlo Review - A CRM application with cross-reference capabilities, where users can track the status of leads and projects to avoid missed opportunities. Keeping up with customer information is essential to any business. But with so much info in so many different places, it can be a challenge to organize it all effectively. InfoFlo brings contact and relationship management together in one place, allowing businesses to more easily coordinate their sales and customer service efforts. This InfoFlo review will go over the CRM software ability to manage your customer data. (more…)

Property management companies are some of the most proactive in terms of adopting software. As it decreases in price, smaller businesses and even amateur property managers are able to function using some of the best practices and become as efficient as big companies in the sector. (more…)

PHC CRM FX Review - A complete CRM solution that offers a wide range of functionality at an affordable price. In today's technology-driven workplace, most thriving businesses rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to stay in touch with their customers. When that solution is combined with a good customer service solution, businesses can increase their earnings potential significantly. PHC FX is a robust solution made up of multiple modules to allow businesses to customize a solution to their own needs. This PHC CRM FX review will focus solely on the CRM and Customer Service modules of the cloud-based software. (more…)

Insightly Introduces its New Interface Design

By Jessica O' Loughlin, 28 February 2014

Insightly rolled out their new user interface after the announcement of its impending release two weeks ago. The main focus of the new UI is to combine familiarity with functionality and simplicity with speed. With their number of users having grown to 400,000, Insightly has used extensive customer feedback to test the interface over the last few weeks. This is the first complete redesign of the interface since they launched the first version of Insightly two years ago and it has been 8 months in development. (more…)

Next Generation Act! Announced

By Giancarlo Cammarota, 25 February 2014

Swiftpage, the maker of the popular Act! contact management software, has announced the launch of its next generation SaaS solution, Act! Cloud for the second quarter of the year. Act! Cloud will have a full software-as-a-service subscription model and will offer much more than just the typical contact management functionalities, positioning itself as an end-to-end application for marketing, sales and interaction management. (more…)

Highrise to be Abandoned? Look for Highrise Alternatives

By Giancarlo Cammarota, 6 February 2014

 37signals announced yesterday that it could stop the development of its Highrise CRM software, focusing only on the development of Basecamp, its project management solution. To fully reflect that, the name of the company is changing to… Basecamp. The critical question for many Highrise users is what will happen to their CRM solution? Will it be abandoned by Basecamp and will they have to switch to a new application? The answer from Basecamp is uncertain at the moment. Highrise development could be continued by a different company or it could be completely halted. But at least they plan to keep supporting existing Highrise customers through security updates and minor bug fixes. While we wait to see what the future of Highrise will look like, it could be useful for its users to start evaluating the best CRM applications and check if they will be offering any migration plans. At GetApp we offer a handy Highrise alternatives page and several popular comparisons between Highrise and other CRM solutions. Highrise vs Salesforce Highrise vs Zoho CRM Highrise vs Insightly Are you a Highrise customer? What do you think of this Basecamp move? Are you already looking for alternative CRM solutions?

Nimble Review – Nurture Your Business Relationships

By Stephanie Miles, 13 November 2013

Nimble Review -  Take control of your client relationships Relationships are built on communication. Nimble is a web-application that understands this concept, providing businesses with the tools they need to foster communication and engage with contacts across multiple channels. I found Nimble to be a social CRM platform unlike any other, as Nimble offers users a way to engage with clients and nurture potential leads efficiently and strategically. In this Nimble review, I will describe the platform’s most important capabilities in detail. Looking through the lens of the typical business user, I will offer my opinion on which features are most and least relevant. Based on my experience using the platform, I will offer my assessment as to whether businesses should consider switching from their current CRM systems to Nimble. (more…)

Feedbackstr Review – A Powerful Survey Creation Tool

By Jonathan Garro, 24 October 2013

In the modern economy, understanding your customer is immensely important. Identifying business strategies that work and addressing customer service hiccups requires getting direct and honest feedback. Feedbackstr helps you quickly and easily create customer experience surveys that users can fill out on their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In this Feedbackstr review, we will take a look at this survey web app's interface and features, and discuss ways this tool can be used to help your business. (more…)

Top Four Apps For Sales Automation in the Cloud

By Stephanie Miles, 11 October 2013

Sales automation applications have gone mainstream, with more than 3.8 million global users now adopting these tools to manage client relationships, sales pipelines, and business process management at their companies. By the year 2017, it’s expected that one-quarter of all companies will have adopted an online system as a way to extend their customer service contact centers and integrate social media into their existing business departments. As demand for tools that offer sales automation in the cloud increases, existing platforms are feeling the pressure to keep up. Here is our selection for the top four apps for sales automation in the cloud, as determined by a combination of price, features, support options, and unique value propositions. (more…)