Customer Management / CRM

Demystifying CRM pricing structures: true cost versus smoke and mirrors

By Karen McCandless, 25 June 2015

If the days of spreadsheets, inboxes, and colorful Post-It notes system have lost their luster, congratulations! You’re ready to choose a sales CRM system. You’ve joined those who see their CRM software as an investment, not an expense. (more…)

4 reasons call center software integration is a must

By Niamh Lynch, 11 June 2015

Is your call center software fiercely independent? Then it’s wasting your time. Talk to experts in any area of business - customer support, eCommerce, human resources - and they’ll all tell you the same thing. Integrating the business tools YOU use with the business tools your OTHER employees use is key. This is true from the big hitters, such as your CRM, to smaller aspects that can all too easily be forgotten - such as your call center software, for example. Let’s take a look at why. (more…)

Seven best customer service apps to create lasting customer relationships

By James Thornton, 14 May 2015

A business without customers is like a car without an engine: it's going nowhere. Serving your customers well is the crux of any business, and your ability to deliver on what you promise your customers is what differentiates you from your competitors. (more…)

GetApp’s MWC 2015 Roundup

By Matt Mullarkey-Toner, 9 March 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 wrapped up in Barcelona last week, showcasing all sorts of new tech. Despite the dominance of Samsung, LG, Huawei, and other hardware manufacturers who stole much of the spotlight, there was also plenty of attention given to cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). (more…)

Metrics that matter: financial reporting for your service business

By Nicki Violetti, 13 February 2015

How much money does your business bring in each month? Considering that revenue is a metric that most business owners follow closely, chances are that you can answer this question within a few hundred dollars of the actual amount. (more…)

When to separate social media marketing from social CRM

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 30 January 2015

Using social media to market a brand can be tricky, and it only gets more complicated when social CRM enters the picture. Once a social media presence has been established (more…)

12 CRMs with native iOS & Android apps

By Jimmy Flores, 15 January 2015

CRMs with iPhone & Android apps We have gone ahead and curated a list of the top 12 CRMs listed on GetApp with native iOS & Android apps. There are solutions here for every business size, from solo-preneur to startup to full blown enterprise CRMs. (more…)

Lead management for anyone starting a business

By Todd Spear, 15 January 2015

When starting a small business, you might not think it's important to manage the few leads you have, at first. This is a common misconception. The thinking is: "I'll deal with it later." But you're hurting your fledgling business when you look at it that way. (more…)

2014’s Most Popular CRM Tweets

By James Clifton, 8 January 2015

Another year has come to a close and it’s time to look back and see what the most popular CRM tweets of 2014 were. (more…)

Steps in turning potential customers into paying customers. [how-to]

By Peggy Emch, 26 December 2014

Starting a business is easier when you stay on top of your leads and turn potential customers into paying customers. The internet has given us the new ability to track large amounts of data over time and compare it within that tracking system. With these applications, organizations are becoming more efficient and profitable by recognizing trends and streamlining their business processes. With these benefits, nearly everybody’s tracking something: Employee schedules, client appointments, attendance, inventory, time, customers, tasks, location, classroom data, or any of another hundred possibilities. (more…)