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Social Media Marketing for the hotel industry has been a huge trend in 2014. Increasingly, travelers and business people are using social media to make their travel plans. To be in with a chance of keeping up with your competitors you need a strong social media presence to be found by your potential customers. Search engines favor social media sites within search results more than ever. SEO studies show that people who are searching for hotels are also using social media to check out activities, attractions and restaurants in the same area. Why not take advantage of this and make your social media marketing campaign all about your local area? (more…)

The State of Social CRM: The Four Best Apps of 2014

By Todd Spear, 9 September 2014

Customer relationship management (CRM) is in a constant state of flux. As of late, CRM has taken on a decidedly social slant as the line between social media marketing and social CRM continues to blur. The last that are on our radar are three social CRMs that do social media exceptionally well. (more…)

Do you think deciphering the difference between the myriad help desk software and customer support apps is a herculean task? Well, I won't be arguing with you. There are a huge number of service desk tools out there, and many of them are excellent apps, which, although encouraging in terms of your customer experience, doesn't make choosing any easier. Two apps that cause particular confusion are and Salesforce Service Cloud. (more…)

Your Live Chat isn’t Perfect, but it Could Be

By Niamh Lynch, 29 August 2014

You've decided that live chat software will be a great addition to your customer service offering. Well done, you've made the right choice. Doing something, though, isn't the same as doing something well. Here are our best ideas for taking your live chat from average to outstanding. (more…)

How do YOU Manage your Online Leads?

By Diana Berryman, 12 August 2014

Keeping track of potential online leads and customers is no mean feat, even if you only have a handful. Social listening is a great way to get new leads but then what do you do with them? How do you store their information and contact details? How do you record conversations you have had with them? How do you know when to chase them up to close a sale? (more…)

Social Help Desk: What Does That Even Mean?

By Niamh Lynch, 4 August 2014

The social help desk. Sounds a bit buzzwordy, doesn't it? Up there with "blue sky thinking" and "disrupting" things in the latest incarnation of the word. Unfortunately, it's not a passing fad that you can safely ignore. If you're in the business of customer service, then the social help desk is a fully-fledged part of your world. Ignore it at your peril! (more…)

Live chat – how to do it right

By Niamh Lynch, 4 August 2014

Live chat. It's all the rage, and you may have already decided that it's the right move for your business. If you read my previous post on the subject, you already know why it's a good idea. It amplifies your existing customer support, allowing you to reach more and more varied customers. Not everybody will send an email or call, but most everybody will chat. But that's not all... (more…)

19 Ways Your iPad is a Realtor’s BFF

By Jennifer Riggins, 1 August 2014

Are you spending days rushing around taking clients to homes they have no interest in? Are you rushing back to your office to fumble over paperwork, trying to, negotiate, edit and close deals via attachments? If you have an iPad and aren't integrating it into your day-to-day real estate deals, you're doing yourself a great disservice. We offer you tricks of the trade to close more property and real estate contracts using right from your iPad. (more…)

Your business is growing, and your users need help. As the numbers increase, it becomes obvious that you could do with a little auxiliary automation. But who are your end users? Depending on your business, they could be your customers, clients or your company's own employees, which makes it hard to know what software you actually need. The world of help desks can get complicated quickly. There is talk of external and internal help desks, the difference between help desk and service desk software, and once you've made that choice, a multitude of individual apps to choose from. It's confusing. Lots of articles on the subject claim to help you decide between individual tools, help desks and bug trackers and more. But there's a big problem: they assume you're able to make a very clear division between internal and external end users, and give advice based on that assumption. They don't always allow for the fact that you might not know - or suspect that you need a tool for both. (more…)

Doron Gordon is the CEO of Samanage IT Service Desk Software for risk detection, license management and software inventory. He talks about how the greatest accomplishment any business can achieve is to assemble a fantastic, customer-oriented team. And then creating a fantastic user experience can't hurt either. Without further ado, let's learn the story of Samanage!  (more…)