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Typeform Review – Online Form Creation Tool

By Stephanie Faris, 15 April 2014

Typeform Review - The solution gives businesses the opportunity to easily create online forms and surveys for free  Any business that wants to be successful must get feedback from customers, but creating forms can be tricky for the average user. There are so many different tools, but few are easy for both the creator and the respondent. Typeform simplifies the act of form creation with an online tool that allows businesses to create forms and surveys that work great on a variety of devices. This Typeform review looks at this online survey software's ability to create visually appealing, easy-to-use and engaging forms. (more…)

Kayako Review - Customers expect to find support any place, any time and over any channel. Kayako makes this easy, with tools to stay on top of customer conversations and making customer satisfaction a competitive advantage Any business benefits from a helpdesk that enables them to deliver multi-channel support to their customers, whether internally or externally. Kayako offers an affordable and simple way for a business of any size to stay on top of email, manage support requests, offer live chat and self-service to customers. Kayako equips teams with the tools they need to deliver a better, more personal service to each customer, while reducing incoming support requests and response times. This review will show how Kayako help desk software can manage the daily influx of customer calls, whether starting small or delivering support at scale. (more…)

VivaDesk Review - With an interface that features full flexibility, VivaDesk can be set up to work with any type of IT help desk or customer service desk Whether a business sells products or provides services, customer service calls a part of the process. Managing these calls effectively is essential to any business's success, and the ability to allow multiple workers to access and update the system is a must. VivaDesk makes incident management easy, empowering businesses to track calls, resolutions, and assets all in one place. This VivaDesk review shows how the help desk app can be used to improve a business's customer service. (more…)

Does An Agency Need A Help Desk Software?

By Mila Nikolova, 5 March 2014

Help Desk software has not been on the top apps list for small creative, design, advertising or social media agencies. However, cases coming from the industry prove that, for small your company can be, using such applications can bring significant benefits to your business. It can reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve the overall customer experience. As someone with agency background, I found one of the HappyFox  and one of the Zendesk success stories a very valuable resource. (more…) Review – Standout Customer Support

By Stephanie Miles, 20 January 2014 Review - A platform that encourages customers to resolve their own issues A company is nothing without its customers. understands this, which is why the web-based customer support application has upped its game in 2014 with some of the most innovative client management, reporting, and profiling tools on the market. In this review, I will take a close look at the application’s most advanced tools and features. In an effort to provide context, I will then explain specifically how these features can used by business owners to improve customer service at their companies. I will also look at a few of the strategies that SMBs are encouraged to explore in an effort to get the most from their accounts. (more…)

Customer Thermometer Review - An easy-to-use customer survey creator Businesses today have the ability to find out a vast range of information about customer preferences. But no information is as valuable as having insight into your own customers' ideas and perceptions. While there are many tools that can help collect customer feedback, businesses are finding that the process of leaving feedback must be both quick and painless for the customer. Customer Thermometer promises one-click feedback that provides immediate results for the companies that use it. This Customer Thermometer review will look at both the customer and business experience to determine if this app surpasses all others in its industry. (more…)

Five9 Review – Cloud Contact Center Software

By Stephanie Miles, 31 October 2013

Five9 Review - Virtual call centers with no hardware investment necessary Customer connections are everything to a business, and yet it’s not always easy to build personal connections in an online environment. Five9 is a platform that provides businesses of all sizes with the infrastructure to launch their own cloud contact centers. Agents can interact with customers and companies can achieve clear, measurable results. Five9 empowers businesses and eliminates the barriers that hinder communication. In this Five9 review, I will evaluate the platform’s strongest features. Integration capabilities will be a key focus, as will scalability, reliability, and user controls. By looking at the Five9 inbound, outbound, and blended solutions, I hope to gain a clearer understanding of the types of users the system is designed to support.  (more…)

Mhelpdesk Review - Give service technicians the freedom to complete their work from inside or outside the office Businesses in the service and repair industries have special challenges when it comes to managing off-site technicians, on-site technicians, schedules, work orders, and even billing issues. Mhelpdesk is a tool that these companies can use to get a handle on their most difficult issues, combining work orders, CRM, scheduling, dispatching, billing and reporting features into one streamlined platform. In this Mhelpdesk review, I will compare the all-in-wonder solution to competing platforms and judge the effectiveness of its field service management solution. I will also take a close look at the specific business features offered through Mhelpdesk to determine whether this is a web and mobile-enabled application that can truly help companies shorten their billing cycles and deliver better service. (more…)

Yonyx Review – Interactive Self-Service

By Jonathan Garro, 24 September 2013

When troubleshooting a problem with a product or service, customers are frequently faced with finding & reviewing complicated articles that are difficult to follow. Long winded articles that have to be reviewed while skipping over sections not relevant to you can feel daunting, and moving back and forth between the article and the product in question can cause the customer to lose his or her place. Yonyx addresses this common problem by offering businesses a platform to create intelligent self-service troubleshooting systems that use dynamic decision-trees (called decision network) to guide customers to their solutions – namely Yonyx Interactive Guides. (more…)

The Best iPhone iPad Real Estate Mobile Apps

By Stephanie Miles, 20 August 2013

With property prices booming, real estate apps are in high demand. Designed for home buyers, home sellers, and the agents responsible for brokering transactions, the latest group of iPhone iPad real estate mobile apps are bringing data from MLS databases together with the location-based technologies typically found on smartphone devices. From apps that homeowners can use to identify the value of their properties to apps that home buyers can use to find out about new listings in their neighborhoods, there is an iPhone/iPad real estate mobile app for people in all areas of the real estate sector. To save home buyers and home sellers time, we have gone through and evaluated all the most popular iPhone/iPad real estate mobile apps. Here are our picks for the top apps in this category. (more…)