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Buddy Punch Review – Automating the Time Clock

By Stephanie Faris, 16 April 2014

Buddy Punch Review - For small businesses seeking an easy way to allow employees to clock in and out, Buddy Punch is a great option The concept of "punching in" has been around for decades, with time clocks hanging in factories, fast food restaurants, and retail locations around the country. Before the digital era, those tools served their purpose, just as typewriters and telegraphs helped the world before something better came along. Buddy Punch serves as the perfect example that there is a better way. This Buddy Punch review will show how this multi-platform app can eliminate traditional time clocks for good. (more…)

Zenefits Review - A surprisingly comprehensive free solution, providing everything a user could need to manage employees. While many business HR processes have been automated, aspects like hiring, setting up benefits, and ensuring compliance can still be challenging. Many solutions don't include all of these features, requiring businesses to seek out a secondary piece of software. Zenefits combines payroll, benefits, and human resources into one solution to help businesses manage everything in one place. This Zenefits review will highlight the many functions the HR & Employee Management app can handle. (more…)

Talent management software is becoming an increasingly important tool for HR departments, employers and hiring managers alike for a plethora of good reasons. These benefits apply to companies of all sizes, from large enterprises to small start-ups. However, depending on the number of employees, the needs of your company and the type of software you are already using, different applications will be better suited to your business needs than others. (more…)

Natural Insight Review -  A simple to use cloud based platform for scheduling workers, managing tasks, and real time reporting The process of managing a distributed workforce is not only complicated but costly. Natural Insight takes this process and simplifies it into one easy to use, intuitive, cloud based program. It allows a company’s most valuable assets, the managers, to get out of the closet and on the floor. Natural Insight automates what is traditionally a very manual process, moving scheduling, task management, timekeeping, and reporting to the cloud, making life easy for both employees and employers.  (more…)

CakeHR Review – Simple, Affordable HR in the Cloud

By Stephanie Faris, 3 February 2014

CakeHR Review - An easy way to manage human resources in the cloud Businesses of all sizes are forced to deal with the time-consuming tasks associated with human relations (HR). Managing employee leave requests and absences using old-fashioned processes can result in unnecessary headaches for supervisors, as well as being prone to errors. CakeHR is an HR management app that operates on the principle that employee leave tracking should be a cakewalk. This CakeHR review follows the process of entering, approving, and tracking employee attendance to show businesses how the solution can simplify supervisor duties. (more…)

Skillmeter Review – Simple Candidate Evaluations

By Jonathan Garro, 23 January 2014

Skillmeter Review - An easy-to-use app for creating tests for job applicants. When your company is hiring for a position, the ramifications of your judgment can have lasting impacts on the performance of your organization as a whole. Consequently, both you and the applicants deserve to get a clear picture of the applicants' skills that are necessary to be effective in the position. Résumés give a good idea of what people have done in the past, but do little to show how well they have performed in past roles or the quality of the knowledge that they bring. Skillmeter is a tool for building online tests to evaluate applicants' understanding of a subject. In this Skillmeter review, I will walk you through the process of creating a test and how you can use the app to make smarter hiring decisions. (more…)

Primalogik 360 Review – 360-Degree Employee Feedback

By Stephanie Faris, 14 January 2014

Primalogik 360 Review - Easily create employee evaluations  Employee evaluations are an important part of motivating and coaching employees. But the process can be time-consuming and, in the case of 360° feedback, complicated to organize, causing many managers to put off providing employee feedback altogether. With Primalogik 360, both managers and HR have a way to easily create employee evaluations and track the status of each. This Primalogik 360 review will look at how the app can help businesses improve staff training and ensure employees are motivated and fully informed about the job they're doing. (more…)

BrainCert Review - an e-learning platform that functions almost exactly like a traditional classroom Requiring students to be physically present in a classroom in order to enroll in a course is a barrier that prevents people who live in remote areas from taking full advantage of educational opportunities. BrainCert is aiming to bring down those walls, offering a virtual classroom and adaptive testing platform that is equally useful for students, instructors, and organizations. In this BrainCert review, I plan on taking the e-learning platform for a test drive and finding out what it’s really like to become a student in an online course. Looking closely at the tutorials and tests that instructors post, along with live classes and conferences, I hope to gain a better understanding of who could benefit the most from using BrainCert. (more…)

TrackSmart Review – Employee Attendance Tracking for All

By Stephanie Faris, 17 December 2013

TrackSmart Review - Free Employee Attendance Tracking Managing employees can be time consuming and frustrating. Many businesses still rely on paper-based processes or spreadsheets to track employee time. But even small firms can make the transition to online employee attendance tracking with TrackSmart, a Web-based solution to help companies manage employee time and attendance. This TrackSmart review looks at the app's features and functions for daily business use. (more…) Review – Performance Management Solution

By Jonathan Garro, 10 December 2013 Review -  Web tools to help your business perform better When the success of your business depends on the success of your employees, giving them the tools they need becomes a top priority. on Salesforce helps improve the performance of your team through recognition, coaching and feedback. The three tiers of products, known as Motivate, Align, and Perform, build off of each other to create a multi-faceted, feature-rich solution for any organization. is also fully integrated with the Salesforce platform – so no need to sign on to an entirely different tool. In this review, I will examine the main features of each of these tools and explore ways that it can help both your employees and managers. (more…)