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ConversionSweeper Review – An excellent solution for organizations that are interested in streamlining their lead management processes Although digital innovations have streamlined the sales process in many ways, they've also added complexities that make life more difficult for sales teams trying to convert qualified leads. In an effort to reduce this burden, many sales teams are now adding digital lead management software to their workflows. Digital lead management solutions streamline the sales process and make it easier for organizations to track and analyze the quality of their digital leads. In this ConversionSweeper review, I will take a close look at the highly-rated digital lead management software. Over the course of the review, I will describe how ConversionSweeper works, what makes the platform different from its competitors, and which specific features are most useful to sales teams. I will also describe how pricing and support work for businesses that use the digital software solution. (more…)

CakeMail Review – Design Custom Emails

By Stephanie Faris, 13 March 2014

CakeMail Review - An easy way to send professional emails Businesses that are still sending newsletters and marketing emails using their email clients instead of using cloud-based email marketing software to generate graphics-rich, information-heavy content that engages customers, risk appearing behind the times. CakeMail is an easy-to-use program that allows businesses to design and send professional emails and track their results. This CakeMail review shows how easily a user can design and send emails using the app's online interface. (more…)

Email It Review – Automated Email Marketing

By Stephanie Faris, 10 March 2014

Email It Review - With the ability to target customers based on specific interests and test campaigns, Email It can help businesses remain competitive in today's personalized marketing environment. Email marketing has gradually evolved into a precise science. Each email sent out by businesses today is perfectly timed and calculated to reach the right customers at the right moment. Those businesses who are still blindly firing off email blasts risk being left behind. Email It - Email Marketing Service makes email automation accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering an easy-to-use editor and a variety of templates. This Email It review will demonstrate how professionals can leverage the tool for their next marketing campaign. (more…)

Oktopost Review – Sophisticated Social Media Marketing

By Stephanie Miles, 19 February 2014

Oktopost Review – Social media management tools that B2B marketers are looking for B2B professionals have unique needs when it comes to social media marketing. Most of these marketers are looking for strategic ways to get in front of their desired audiences, and they need to be able to measure the true value and ROI of their social media campaigns. Unfortunately, many of the most popular social media management systems currently on the market don’t offer the features that B2B professionals require. That’s why Oktopost was created. Oktopost is a social media-marketing platform aimed directly at B2B professionals. In this Oktopost review, I will explain the features that help Oktopost stand apart from competitors, including advanced scheduling message segmentation by channel, campaign creation tools, and the ability to auto-post on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. (more…)

INinbox Review – Optimized E-mail Campaigns

By Stephanie Faris, 13 February 2014

INinbox Review - the way to create a wide variety of e-mail campaigns By now, many consumers have grown very talented at recognizing spam when it hits their inboxes. At one glance, they can isolate the junk from legitimate e-mails and delete those e-mails with a few clicks--if those e-mails land in their inboxes, rather than their spam folders. INinbox optimizes e-mail campaigns to make them as effective as possible. This INinbox review will look at the app's tools to create, send, and manage e-mail campaigns, as well as its integrations with the apps businesses already use. (more…)

Bravo Review — User-Generated Video Campaigns Made Easy

By Nathan Snelgrove, 30 January 2014

Bravo Review - Get user-generated videos for your social media campaigns Viral marketing is hard, and getting feedback from excited users can be even more difficult. Add this in with the demands of every social media campaign manager, and it can quickly become nearly impossible to keep up with a video campaign. Not only are they difficult to track, but they’re a statistical nightmare that combines Google’s Analytics tools with four or five other different sites before even breaking a sweat. Enter Bravo, an application that attempts to combine both video recording and easy-to-use stats for user-generated video campaigns. In this Bravo review, we’ll take a look at this innovative platform and see what makes it unique, simple, and powerful. (more…)

ManyContacts Review - Collect information from their website's visitors Web traffic isn’t everything. For most small businesses, agencies, or freelancers, the first thing that we learn is that having a quality website isn’t enough. It’s one thing to be directing hundreds, or even thousands, of visitors to your website every day, but it’s another thing to turn those into direct conversions and leads. That’s what ManyContacts is trying to do: help you get better conversion and lead rates with a simple tool that turns visitors into customers by allowing them to quickly punch in their email and get added to a database of leads. Let´s see with this ManyContacts review if it is that simple. (more…)

Instiller Review - An email marketing suite designed specifically for agencies With the huge volume of email-users in the internet age, an effective marketing strategy must tap into this enormous audience. However, creating a campaign that utilizes email can be overwhelming given the challenges revolving around complexities and scale. Agencies that get hired to handle email marketing often have to contend with vastly different sorts of businesses with a variety of goals. Instiller is an email marketing solution designed specifically for agencies, and helps them manage all of their clients' needs from one central location. In this Instiller review, I will examine the features of the app and discuss how it can solve an agency's marketing needs. (more…)

Mailjet Review – Stay on Top of Email Campaigns

By Stephanie Faris, 3 December 2013

Mailjet Review -  Real-Time Bulk E-Mail Tool Bulk e-mail tools have given businesses the ability to reach a large number of customers at once. But it's important that companies choose a tool that will provide details about who read which e-mails when to allow them to properly follow up after the fact. Mailjet goes beyond simple analytics to offer all-inclusive SMTP. This Mailjet review will detail each of the app's features to determine how it differs from other solutions on the market. (more…)

Post Affiliate Pro Review - Creating an effective solution for your affiliate services As the web continues to grow, online businesses need to explore new means for driving traffic to their sites. Affiliate programs represent a cost-effective and easy way to accumulate new visitors, but keeping track of leads and payments to your affiliates can become cumbersome as your program grows. Post Affiliate Pro helps you create a simple and effective affiliate program that manages several aspects of your marketing campaign. The software offers many features to help you track affiliate performance, make payments, split commissions, customize link and banner appearance, and much more. In this Post Affiliate Pro review, I will explore the many features of the software and discuss how you can use the marketing tool to help your site gain customers. (more…)