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TripScanner Review – Business Travel Trip Planner

By Stephanie Faris, 9 April 2014

TripScanner Review - A comprehensive business travel management solution, helping employers to track level spending, enforce policy and drive savings. This flexible solution also allows employees to book trips through any website or travel agency For small and midsize businesses, managing travel costs can be a time-consuming challenge. Many businesses today lack the resources to dedicate toward managing travel, leaving themselves exposed to the risks of over-spending, policy violations, and the inability to locate employees in case of an emergency. TripScanner automates the process of managing travel costs, allowing employees to book reservations through any website or travel agency, while enabling employers to view reservations, track overall spending, enforce policy, and drive savings all in one place. This TripScanner review will look at the app’s ability to serve as a company’s automated travel manager. (more…)

GeoOp Review – Mobile Field Operations Management

By Stephanie Faris, 28 January 2014

GeoOp Review - making the entire process of dispatching and billing for jobs easier At one time, it was easy to manage paper-based processes. Administrative employees were headquartered in central office, with field staff forced to come into the office to take care of those processes. These trips took away from the time field workers spent completing jobs, reducing productivity each day. In an increasingly mobile world, field services workers can now eliminate those trips, connecting with central office to complete tasks like submitting work orders and logging time worked. With GeoOp, all of these tasks can be conducted via a smartphone or tablet, whether employees are using Android or iOS devices. This GeoOp review will look at the field management app's workforce management and billing features to show how it can provide a comprehensive solution to a business' needs. (more…)

Loc8 Mobile Review - Replace multiple apps with a unique asset management tool As companies grow to meet the increasing demand of their customers, maintaining a firm handle on assets can become a challenge. Lumping all of your facilities, trucks, equipment and other assets into a spreadsheet can create more problems than it solves. In the modern economy, companies need a streamlined asset management solution, and offers that and much more. In this Loc8 Mobile review, I will take a look at the expansive set of features that the Loc8 service offers. By combining a powerful web interface with apps for popular mobile device platforms like iOS and Android, Loc8 wants to connect every part of your business, from headquarters to every employee in the field. (more…)

Mobile Forms Review – Making Sense Of Mobile Data

By Rakesh Sharma, 27 August 2013

Remember those Greenpeace activists on the street with clipboards? The proliferation of mobile devices may change the way they work. This is because with feedback management apps, using mobile devices, you can collect and process feedback immediately. This week we will look at Mobile Forms - a solution that enables you to get feedback from people using mobile devices. In this Mobile Forms review, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you. (more…)

SMB Mobile Solutions Adoption On The Fast Track

By Julia Rozwens, 26 April 2013

Small businesses from all over the world are embracing mobile solutions at the core of their business. Whether we refer to tablets, smart phones or laptops, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is gaining traction at small businesses as revealed from a recent survey from the SMB Group. (more…)

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5 Tips To Use Mobile Apps Effectively For Your Business

By Stephanie Watson, 3 September 2012

We all love the idea of being on the go and still doing business from any location, at any time. Thankfully with the advent of mobile and cloud-based technology doing so is within your grasp. Mobile apps allow you to remain organized and keep up with scheduled meetings and events, even while on business trips or out of the office. And, since most people now have a smart phone with mobile app technology, it opens up doors for communicating with employees and customers. (more…)

Five Ways Mobility Can Help Your Small Business

By Rakesh Sharma, 9 July 2012

So, what's the deal with mobility? It seems to have become the new buzzword. We live in an impatient post PC world populated by tablets and smartphones. And, it is fast catching on. According to research firm CompTIA's Small and Medium Business Technology Adoptions Trends study, seven out of ten small and medium-sized businesses in the US expect to increase their technology spending over the next twelve months. The desire to become mobile – for both customer interactions and employee productivity – is a clear trend. Forty two percent of businesses surveyed already have technologies such as tablets and smartphones to enable interaction with customers and provide access to applications, data and networks to customers. The growth of mobile technologies is a paradigm shift that changes the way we do business. (more…)

“There's an app for that,” is pretty much my friend's stock response to practically any problem in the world. If the app does not exist, my friend suggests that someone should build an app for that problem. His world is an app world. But, he is not the only one. Almost everyone is jumping onto the app bandwagon. Most social media companies such as Facebook or Twitter are available  as native apps; as are public service agencies that use these apps to communicate with their customers and provide real-time updates. In many ways, apps are a win-win situation for everyone. While mobile-based apps offer mobility and convenience for consumers, web-based apps such as offer the promise of anywhere computing. For small businesses, apps are a business opportunity and an alternate distribution mechanism for their products. (more…) is an innovative product that allows you to create a mobile prototype with the intention of simulating a mobile application for your smart phone or tablet computer. It works for iPhones, Android phones, as well as tablets PC’s with iPhone and Android operating systems. The web-based prototyping software lets you create the prototype of the app you have been imagining with a variety of features and simulation possibilities. (more…)

As the world becomes more mobile and more technological, consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablets to access information. As a small business owner, I would be lost without my mobile device. Business owners who have websites to foster enterprise of any kind, face the necessity of optimizing their websites for mobile access. Enter! (more…)