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NetSuite Inventory Management Review – Cut costs and time associated with supply chain management Efficiency is everything for wholesale distributors and other retail suppliers. Rather than relying on paper-based purchasing tools, NetSuite Inventory Management offers a cloud-based solution that can lower costs and streamline the distribution process. In this NetSuite Inventory Management review, I will take a close look at NetSuite’s highly rated inventory management platform. In particular, I will be looking at the real-time inventory control and demand-based inventory replenishment features to determine whether using NetSuite Inventory Management can actually save distributors time and money. (more…)

Natural Insight Review -  A simple to use cloud based platform for scheduling workers, managing tasks, and real time reporting The process of managing a distributed workforce is not only complicated but costly. Natural Insight takes this process and simplifies it into one easy to use, intuitive, cloud based program. It allows a company’s most valuable assets, the managers, to get out of the closet and on the floor. Natural Insight automates what is traditionally a very manual process, moving scheduling, task management, timekeeping, and reporting to the cloud, making life easy for both employees and employers.  (more…)

71 Pounds Review – Fast, Free Shipping Refunds

By Stephanie Miles, 20 February 2014

71 Pounds Review – Helping businesses collect on shipping refunds Shipping costs can eat away at a company’s bottom line, but 71 Pounds has created a way for its users to get some of that money back. 71 Pounds is a software company that helps businesses collect on unpaid FedEx and UPS shipping refunds — potentially saving companies up to 6% of their overall shipping costs. In this 71 Pounds review, I will explain how businesses can utilize the software company’s set-it-and-forget-it system to easily collect on late-shipment refunds from carriers like UPS and FedEx. I also hope to provide a deeper understanding of the financial impact that using 71 Pounds can have on a small, medium, and even large-size business. (more…)

NetSuite OneWorld Review -  Financial management for high-growth and mid-sized businesses  Global businesses have unique needs when it comes to management and consolidation controls. Being able to handle different currencies, varying taxation laws, and ever-changing reporting requirements is the hallmark of a top-grade enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Since its debut, NetSuite OneWorld has risen to the top of a crowded pack of cloud-based financial management solutions. Designed specifically for multi-national businesses, NetSuite OneWorld allows companies to manage multiple subsidiaries, legal entities, and business units from a single, unified platform. In this NetSuite OneWorld review, I plan on covering many of the solution’s most important features, paying particular attention to those tools that could prove to be most useful for global businesses with multiple subsidiaries. After thoroughly describing how NetSuite OneWorld operates, I will offer my personal opinion on the platform’s usefulness for organizations of all sizes. (more…)

WORKetc Review - A business app that can manage several different aspects of your business Compartmentalization is a dangerous pitfall that traps business of all shapes and sizes, often without its victim’s notice. Over time, different departments within a company have the tendency to separate themselves from each other, only communicating with each other when absolutely necessary. As a result, the inability of employees to collaborate laterally across each division and distinct lack of a checks and balances system interdepartmentally stifles innovation, stunts growth and drains company morale. To prevent this issue, a number of business apps are attempting to bridge the gaps that separate each faucet of business within an organization. One that stands out is WORK[etc] which bills itself as a “business management system” and claims to consolidate CRM, project management, customer support, sales and day-to-day operations into a single unified system. However, trying to label WORK[etc] is doing it a disservice; there’s simply no industry-standard term that describes what the app can do – consolidate your entire business into a single app with all the tools and resources you need to manage it. In this WORK[etc] review, I will walk through the most important features that make up this all-in-one business management application and examine some cases where it can benefit a company. (more…)

GeoOp Review – Mobile Field Operations Management

By Stephanie Faris, 28 January 2014

GeoOp Review - making the entire process of dispatching and billing for jobs easier At one time, it was easy to manage paper-based processes. Administrative employees were headquartered in central office, with field staff forced to come into the office to take care of those processes. These trips took away from the time field workers spent completing jobs, reducing productivity each day. In an increasingly mobile world, field services workers can now eliminate those trips, connecting with central office to complete tasks like submitting work orders and logging time worked. With GeoOp, all of these tasks can be conducted via a smartphone or tablet, whether employees are using Android or iOS devices. This GeoOp review will look at the field management app's workforce management and billing features to show how it can provide a comprehensive solution to a business' needs. (more…)

Analytics are used in many marketing and business process decisions today, providing insight that often drives major changes. But many analytics tools are complicated, requiring translation by IT staff before they can be presented to executives and shareholders. Adaptive Discovery is web-based analytics software that puts analytics directly in the hands of those who need it most: executives, line-of-business managers, and finance staff. This Adaptive Discovery review demonstrates the app's graphical user interface-driven design to help businesses decide if it provides the ease-of-use they need. (more…)

Adaptive Planning Review - All aspects of budgeting in one place Each year, businesses are challenged to estimate cash flow and expenses for the year, creating budget projections based on guesses and historical data. These businesses can benefit from a tool that automates this process, allowing for more accurate estimates and saving financial executives both time and money. Adaptive Planning is a budgeting software package designed to ease the budgeting process for professionals in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop format. This Adaptive Planning review examines the cloud-based app's features and functionality to help budget professionals determine whether it is the right option for them. (more…)

RazorSync Review - Field service software for offsite technicians For the five million+ U.S. workers in the field services industry — along with the staffing teams working behind the scenes to support those offsite technicians — productivity is everything. A company’s profitability is closely related to the number of jobs a technician can complete each day. RazorSync, low-cost mobile software for field-service businesses, empowers faster, smarter, and more efficient operations. This RazorSync review looks closely at the mobile platform’s customer-management, schedule-management, field-worker-management, and invoice-management tools. The goal of this review is to determine whether RazorSync will actually help a small- to mid-size field-service team increase its level of productivity and profitability. (more…)

PHC FX Review – An All-in-One Business Support Solution

By Stephanie Faris, 30 December 2013

PHC FX Review - Simple, easy-to-use application that can help streamline operations Businesses today are torn between varieties of cloud-based solutions, leading them to often subscribe to a multitude of services. Each service requires its own username and password for each worker, leading to the password overload that affects many professionals today. PHC FX has an alternative, wrapping multiple solutions in one affordable package, complete with a monthly subscription and customer support. This PHC FX review looks at each of these features to help businesses decide if it includes everything their business needs. (more…)