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What Don Draper would Hate about Marketing Automation

By Diana Berryman, 19 August 2014

Don Draper would HATE how we market our businesses today with a passion! In the old school of marketing, there would be no need for marketing automation, you would plan your campaign, create your ads, send them out into the world and then sit back, sip some whisky, grope your secretary, and reap the benefits (or not.) Don thought computers were distractions and would clearly have hated marketing automation software. (more…)

What’s the biggest challenge for any leader trying to roll out new business software? It’s forming new habits, because, as you know, old habits die hard. Nothing is more true than the habits of sales people blocking the proper adoption of a customer relationship management software or CRM. When we started Pipedrive we knew that building a cutting edge sales software wasn’t going to be enough -- we needed to focus on making the app as easy to implement as possible. Still, a lot of what has to do with the ease of starting to use a new software has nothing to do with the software itself. Today we visit offer you tricks from our own experience to help you roll out a software to your small business. (more…)

Getting the 4 Ages of Project Teams to Collaborate

By Hadley Jones, 14 August 2014

It has never happened before. It has taken centuries (in fact, millennia) for today’s extraordinary situation to occur in the workplace. There are now no fewer than four identifiably different generations employed in enterprises and organizations around the world. That means that project teams may also now be composed of any mixture of representatives from these age ranges. What does that immediately spark as a thought – generation gaps? Project management application vendors like Clarizen, AtTask and Microsoft Project have studied the situation to find out more about the different work profiles of the ‘4 Ages.’ (more…)

The Best Apps To Track Time At Work

By Rakesh Sharma, 14 August 2014

The difference between a good time-tracking software and a bad one is like the difference between profitability and loss. Good time-tracking software always makes it simpler and easier for you to track functionality developed, being developed, and estimate future changes. In many ways, time tracking software is a snapshot of project performance at any given point of time. It helps you to calculate project vitals including time logged, activities involved and maximize billable and non-billable hours. In addition, you can analyze past performance and time estimates to prepare more informed ones for the future using apps to track time. (more…)

How do YOU Manage your Online Leads?

By Diana Berryman, 12 August 2014

Keeping track of potential online leads and customers is no mean feat, even if you only have a handful. Social listening is a great way to get new leads but then what do you do with them? How do you store their information and contact details? How do you record conversations you have had with them? How do you know when to chase them up to close a sale? (more…)

How to Find a Project Management App for Your WorkFlow

By Jennifer Riggins, 11 August 2014

There are a LOT of project management apps out there. We know it. And while we love that give them all a test drive and write fantastically insightful user reviews for us, BUT we know you're busy. That's why we work to help you find the right project management software for your business' needs. (more…)

  When you talk about cloud computing, evidently most Brits think you're talking about playing Super Mario on your PC, trying to collect coins and knock turtles off. They don't even know that they are spending time in the cloud, and certainly don't see the benefits of using business software. At least that's what Juniper Networks discovered when they surveyed about 2,000 "average consumers" in the U.K., learning that most Brits are blissfully unaware of the cloud they live in. (more…)

Best Social Media Android Apps

By Diana Berryman, 5 August 2014

Times have changed, we aren’t glued to our office desks from nine to five. (I know you’re singing it now!) We can move and breathe, giving us a better quality of work life than ever before. The software and technology that is being developed and improved every day has made us more sociable and mobile... which brings us nicely onto the subject at hand… We all use mobile devices in every aspect of our lives. The opportunity to get out of the office during working hours, for meetings or just to stretch your legs, is available to every one of us. There are Android Apps for just about anything you need in the business world, there isn’t much you can’t do on your phone and tablet, do we even need those boring desktops and laptops anymore? Keeping up to date with all the millions of apps out there is REALLY hard work! There are so many to choose from, for everything you could possibly need in the world of business. Our aim is to help you to sift though the quantity, to get to the quality and manage your time more effectively. Let’s talk about Android apps for Social Media and Marketing shall we? (more…)

A business owner, who is efficient in his work, is likely to incorporate a culture of efficiency in the team working with him. Small businesses, however, are often replete with efficiency issues because of one person making a majority of the decisions. Business efficiency is all about making the most of what you have. Small business owners often fall into the trap of overestimating or underestimating their resources, thus failing to function at their efficient best.  (more…)

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How to Create and Share Business Content

By Diana Berryman, 28 July 2014

Content Marketing is the buzz-word around town right now. There are a ton of options for content to share but it can seem a bit daunting if it is outside your comfort zone. Don’t be intimidated by the over-confidence of people online, most of us have winged it at some time. Learn as you go along. Find out what works for you and your business. More than likely you will make a few mistakes along the way but as long as you learn from them you will come out a winner! You already have all the tools you need, but maybe you don’t know it yet. If you are passionate about what you sell, you are halfway there. A love of your product or service is a great base to creating amazing content for your content marketing campaign. The next step is to come up with ideas for your content. (more…)