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RumbleTalk Review – Chat Rooms for Websites

By Stephanie Faris, 27 March 2014

RumbleTalk Review - With social media integration, the app is prepared to help businesses attract a new generation of chat room users Chat rooms have evolved since their early days, as social media has changed the way people stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. But there are still many consumers who enjoy the immediacy of interacting in a chat room, whether it's to troubleshoot issues with a new piece of software or discuss the latest episode of a favorite TV show. RumbleTalk adds a chat room to any website, giving administrators full control. This RumbleTalk review will go over how the chat room solution will work within an existing website. (more…)

PageProofer Review – Three-Click Feedback

By Stephanie Faris, 12 March 2014

PageProofer Review - Full set of functionalities for teams tasked with developing and maintaining websites. Its overlay offers an easy-to-use method for editing and providing suggestions to development teams. During the process of developing or improving a website, team members are often challenged to move back and forth between screens as they try to address each piece of feedback. Bug reports, notes about problems, and emails requiring updates can easily get lost in an overflowing inbox. PageProofer seeks to ease developers' jobs by putting the notes directly on the website itself, where programmers can see them. This PageProofer review will show how this collaboration tools software can make the process of testing and developing a site easier for all involved parties. (more…)

Bizness Apps Review – Build Your Own Mobile App

By Stephanie Faris, 6 March 2014

Bizness Apps Review - A great solution for small businesses and web design shops alike needing an easy way to create and manage mobile apps In recent years, apps have grown from a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a table at a restaurant to a multimillion-dollar industry. For some businesses, an app can be a great way to reach new customers or interact with existing customers by providing a tool that can help them. (more…)

Decibel Insight Review - A unique solution with an innovative approach to analytics, offering advanced data visualization and heatmap views Data is an important part of doing business today, but businesses are challenged to harness all of the information available to them and put it to use. Their own websites collect data each day, but general analytics only provide basic information. Decibel Insight takes website analytics software to the next level, using heatmapping technology to show marketers and website managers/administrators which areas are getting the most attention and generating the best results, more importantly. This Decibel Insight review will show how the app can help businesses improve the user experience on their websites using sophisticated heatmaps. (more…)

Piwik PRO Review - Easy to use analytics features for web professionals Every website, no matter how small, needs analytics. By gaining insight into how many clicks per day a site is getting, what time of day those clicks are coming in, and how those visitors are finding a site, an administrator can deploy changes to improve success. More than 1 million websites use Piwik for analytics. This Piwik PRO review will showcase this solution's features to determine how it stacks up against the many other analytics tools available today. (more…)

Clickthroo Review – Landing Pages Designed to Convert

By Stephanie Faris, 5 February 2014

Clickthroo Review - An attractive interface to create landing pages and reports There are a wide variety of tools to help businesses create professional-looking landing pages. But businesses today demand more from their websites. Information on click-thrus and conversions is crucial to moving forward with marketing plans. Clickthroo combines a drag-and-drop landing page development platform with full reporting functionality and visitor segmentation/ personalization all using their proprietary auto-optimization engine. This Clickthroo review will explore the app's website creation and reporting tools to show businesses how the app can help with marketing efforts. (more…) Review – Hosted Elasticsearch for Developers

By Stephanie Miles, 22 January 2014 Review -  Sidestep the most common challenges associated with implementing internal search engines is a hosted solution for Elasticsearch, the open source distributed search engine developed for implementing internal site search and data exploration. By taking a product that is incredibly complex and distilling it down to its simplest and most intuitive form, the creators of have made it possible for virtually any application developer to utilize Elasticsearch to launch their own Elasticsearch clusters. In this review, I will explain what makes the hosting solution unique and why has grown so popular since its debut. I also plan to describe some of’s most useful features and benefits for application developers. (more…)

BuiltWith Pro Review - In-depth information on today's web development trends Have you ever wondered about the technology that powers the most successful websites? Chances are, if you have a site of your own, you've looked at those sites to try to determine how they were built. Were they created using WordPress? What analytics are they using? This information can provide important insight into today's web development trends. BuiltWith Pro has found a way to extract this information and present it to users. This BuiltWith Pro review will demonstrate the app's features and explain how it can help both businesses and website developers. (more…)

New Relic Review – Monitor Mobile App Performance

By Stephanie Faris, 6 November 2013

New Relic Review - Mobile Performance Monitoring for App Developers Successful app developers are aware, at all times, of how their software performs on consumer devices. Without this monitoring, app developers are left to rely on customer reviews to learn about mobile app performance. In this New Relic review we will see how they tests an app's speed and reliability to spot problems so they can be repaired before customers notice them. This New Relic review looks at the app's features and ease-of-use. Previously known for its website performance tool, New Relic now offers the same reliability testing for mobile apps. (more…)

Mouseflow Review – Track Your Visitors’ Behaviors

By Nathan Snelgrove, 5 November 2013

Mouseflow Review - Convert visitors in paying customers It’s one thing to build a website, but it’s another thing to use your website to convert visitors into paying customers. Mouseflow is a premium tool that helps you understand where your visitors go on your website. Unlike some web tools, Mouseflow doesn’t just reveal what pages your customers are visiting or what your bounce rate is — it provides highly valuable insight as to how users are likely to navigate your site. To conduct this Mouseflow review, I’ve installed it on one of my personal sites to give it a test, keeping ease of installation, usability, and value in mind as I go. Let’s find out with this Mouseflow review if it is a tool that provides a serious benefit for any online business. (more…)