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The Top Six App Alternatives to Google Analytics

By Todd Spear, 12 August 2014

The key to getting inside the heads of your customers is, of course, mobile and Web analytics. It nearly goes without saying that you know something about the big names is the analytics game, chiefly Google Analytics. Those names may be the most immediately identifiable, but theirs is certainly not the only game in town. In fact, a wealth of analytics options abound, offering different features and areas of focus to fit different kinds of businesses. (more…)

Your sales process calls for more steps than you might think. Australian media guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire, James Tuckerman, describes in one of his courses how most businesses are under the false impression that online selling is a two-step process: a product and a shopping cart. But the modern online sales loop is a whole lot more than just those two things. (more…)

  When you talk about cloud computing, evidently most Brits think you're talking about playing Super Mario on your PC, trying to collect coins and knock turtles off. They don't even know that they are spending time in the cloud, and certainly don't see the benefits of using business software. At least that's what Juniper Networks discovered when they surveyed about 2,000 "average consumers" in the U.K., learning that most Brits are blissfully unaware of the cloud they live in. (more…)

Let your customers help themselves. Create a knowledge base and take the pressure off your customer service resources. The best thing about creating a truly useful knowledge base? It's cheap, easy and, if done correctly, can actually save you money. What are you waiting for? (more…)

Do you offer your customers a live chat support option? If you don't, you might be missing out. It's easy, quick and more flexible than traditional help desk options, but it's also cheap and low on resources. It keeps customers happy, and meets their needs immediately, which is imperative in our "I want it yesterday" culture. (more…)

What do cars and bugs have in common? We aren't just talking about the squished ones cluttering your windshield. The 85-year-old Japanese car-making tradition of Kanban is a fantastic way to manage resources and projects, turning the epic fail of multitasking into feasible efficiency. It's such a proven method that more and more bug tracking software are choosing Kanban issue tracking as their manageable way of issue tracking. (more…)

RumbleTalk Review – Chat Rooms for Websites

By Stephanie Faris, 27 March 2014

RumbleTalk Review - With social media integration, the app is prepared to help businesses attract a new generation of chat room users Chat rooms have evolved since their early days, as social media has changed the way people stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. But there are still many consumers who enjoy the immediacy of interacting in a chat room, whether it's to troubleshoot issues with a new piece of software or discuss the latest episode of a favorite TV show. RumbleTalk adds a chat room to any website, giving administrators full control. This RumbleTalk review will go over how the chat room solution will work within an existing website. (more…)

PageProofer Review – Three-Click Feedback

By Stephanie Faris, 12 March 2014

PageProofer Review - Full set of functionalities for teams tasked with developing and maintaining websites. Its overlay offers an easy-to-use method for editing and providing suggestions to development teams. During the process of developing or improving a website, team members are often challenged to move back and forth between screens as they try to address each piece of feedback. Bug reports, notes about problems, and emails requiring updates can easily get lost in an overflowing inbox. PageProofer seeks to ease developers' jobs by putting the notes directly on the website itself, where programmers can see them. This PageProofer review will show how this collaboration tools software can make the process of testing and developing a site easier for all involved parties. (more…)

Bizness Apps Review – Build Your Own Mobile App

By Stephanie Faris, 6 March 2014

Bizness Apps Review - A great solution for small businesses and web design shops alike needing an easy way to create and manage mobile apps In recent years, apps have grown from a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a table at a restaurant to a multimillion-dollar industry. For some businesses, an app can be a great way to reach new customers or interact with existing customers by providing a tool that can help them. (more…)

Decibel Insight Review - A unique solution with an innovative approach to analytics, offering advanced data visualization and heatmap views Data is an important part of doing business today, but businesses are challenged to harness all of the information available to them and put it to use. Their own websites collect data each day, but general analytics only provide basic information. Decibel Insight takes website analytics software to the next level, using heatmapping technology to show marketers and website managers/administrators which areas are getting the most attention and generating the best results, more importantly. This Decibel Insight review will show how the app can help businesses improve the user experience on their websites using sophisticated heatmaps. (more…)