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Opinions about cloud applications and web-based business software for small businesses

From Orwell to NSA, how much of your workplace communication is being monitored?

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 10 March 2015

When it comes to monitoring internal chat conversations within a business, the decade-old question of privacy versus practicality comes into play. You want your employees to have a place where they feel comfortable communicating one on one (more…)

4 finance headaches caused by bad shopping cart software

By Todd Spear, 11 February 2015

For eCommerce businesses, finance starts with your choice of shopping cart software, and if you want your visitors to turn into customers, it’s important to choose the right cart solution. (more…)

Why a virtual call center might be the answer

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 10 February 2015

Like many other business processes, call centers aren’t tethered to a physical location. In-house call centers are generally for businesses with a low volume of calls (more…)

Five reasons to ditch the spreadsheet in favor of an accounting app

By Todd Spear, 29 January 2015

If the term “accounting software” doesn’t immediately excite you, it’s perfectly understandable. Luckily, cloud-based accounting apps are breathing new life into doing business in the digital space. (more…)

9 reasons you should have more than one email address

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 28 January 2015

You may want to centralize all your emails into a single account, but when it comes to work, it’s easy to get overloaded with more emails than you can easily manage. (more…)

Can Facebook at Work, work?

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 16 January 2015

The long-held opinion of Facebook as a corporate time-waster may soon be a sentiment of the past. Facebook at Work (FaW) hopes to be the next big player in the enterprise social networking world. (more…)

How to leave a software review on GetApp

By Sancar Sahin, 16 January 2015

Arguably, one of the most valuable business outcomes to have come out of the internet age, for both vendors and customers alike, is the ability to make more informed choices when purchasing a product. (more…)

Lead management for anyone starting a business

By Todd Spear, 15 January 2015

When starting a small business, you might not think it's important to manage the few leads you have, at first. This is a common misconception. The thinking is: "I'll deal with it later." But you're hurting your fledgling business when you look at it that way. (more…)

Shopping Cart Software with the Most Essential Integrations

By Diana Berryman, 5 January 2015

Checking out shopping cart software reviews before you decide on your eCommerce software of choice, should be a priority. What are your fellow business people saying about these apps? How do my existing apps integrate with them? Integrations for software make life so much easier but for shopping cart software, integrations, ones that actually work, are vital for the smooth running of what could be a high traffic website. Integrations are the other apps and software that work in conjunction with each other. Of course not all software can perform every task so integrations, working partnerships if you like, are necessary to get the most out of your apps. (more…)

How Cloud Computing Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

By Christophe Primault, 25 November 2014

As a small business owner, you should see cloud computing as way to gain immediate access to a level of technology that has previously been restricted to companies with large IT resources. The really good news with the cloud is that you will be able to start small with almost no up-front capital investment and grow your IT resources at the same pace as your business grows. If you have plans to take your business from a small company to the enterprise level, this post will help you understand how cloud computing can help you get there. (more…)