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How Cloud Computing Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

By Christophe Primault, 25 November 2014

As a small business owner, you should see cloud computing as way to gain immediate access to a level of technology that has previously been restricted to companies with large IT resources. The really good news with the cloud is that you will be able to start small with almost no up-front capital investment and grow your IT resources at the same pace as your business grows. If you have plans to take your business from a small company to the enterprise level, this post will help you understand how cloud computing can help you get there. (more…)

Why Small Businesses Need to Get Customer Obsessed

By Christophe Primault, 23 November 2014

Having the customer in mind is not enough for small businesses to compete, they need to be customer-obsessed. So what does that mean? Many companies call themselves "customer-centric" and they want very much to fulfill their customer's needs. However, now that we are living the "age of the customer," according to Forrester Research Inc., it is not enough to follow the traditional principle of "the customer is always right." Read on and learn about the four pillars of customer obsessed companies. (more…)

Wait, I'm a small business. Why would I care about APIs? That sounds super technical... that doesn't really interest me, should it? Probably. An API or application programming interface is what shifts your cloud-based business software productivity into overdrive. An API is how one SaaS you are using can integrate with another. Instead of relying on boring, boxy Excel spreadsheets to transfer data from one app to another, you can have a continuous workflow, say, the contact info from your customer relationship manager (CRM) can turn into an opportunity in your sales automation tool which can upon closure can turn into an invoice in your accounting software. (more…)

We <3 SaaS (aka Software as a Service.) Obviously we give you the venue where you can compare and contrast business software and we try to give you advice in how to choose these productivity tools that we are confident will save you time and money. But we are certainly not the only experts in this. Today, we have compiled a list of SaaS gurus who can keep you up to date on all delightful things in the business software world.  (more…)

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Xero is gaining popularity in the cloud-based small business accounting software space, as you may have heard by now. The app is in use at more than 334,000 businesses at present.  If you're one of its many fans, you may have heard about the new Xero Add-On Marketplace. Recently launched, the Xero Add-On Marketplace brings you more than 350 small business integrations that help you customize your accounting system, all within Xero's interface. (more…)

"All the history (and, in many ways, the future) of a company is hidden in its data," Nicolas Raspal, Chief Technology Officer for BIME Analytics, recently told GetApp. (more…)

When is Your Growing Business Ready for a Rebrand?

By Jennifer Riggins, 6 October 2014

Something's off. Your professional brand and image just don't jive with who you are or who you want to be. But, can your growing business afford a rebrand or does it just need a change of direction? Today we use one of our favorite brands Sisense business intelligence software and its rebranding to talk about what makes a good or bad rebrand, why your business should make that next step... or maybe shouldn't... (more…)

A report from Explore B2B stated that a handful of recent start-ups, including MemSQL, Uber, Mixpanel, and Tradesy, have left the cloud behind in favor of hardware IT systems. While those companies initially started out using cloud-based servers (mainly from Amazon), they've all made the switch to dedicated servers. So what gives? (more…)

The phrase small business accounting has long been known to strike fear into the hearts of many entrepreneurs. If the thought of keeping track of invoices, receipts, and other financial documents makes you cringe or, worse yet, rue the day you put on your entrepreneurial hat and started your small business, fear not! With the help of two cloud-based apps - FreshBooks and ShareFile - you can take the sting out of small business accounting. (more…)

Top Ten Influential Women in Marketing on Twitter

By Diana Berryman, 25 September 2014

This article about the Top Ten Influential Women in Marketing on Twitter was a tough one to write, not because of who to add, but because I had to choose who to leave out. In the course of my research I found so many amazing business ladies who know their marketing stuff. Here are my top ten (I could have easily made it 20 or 30!), follow these wonderful women, enjoy, listen and learn from them: (more…)

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