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By Sancar Sahin, 16 January 2015

Arguably, one of the most valuable business outcomes to have come out of the internet age, for both vendors and customers alike, is the ability to make more informed choices when purchasing a product. (more…)

WorkTrail Review – Time Tracking Without Interruptions

By Stephanie Miles, 16 September 2014

WorkTrail Review – An excellent solution for individuals and small teams, providing all the necessary tools that a time tracking application should offer (more…)

LightCMS Partner Platform Review – Content Management Platform

By Matthew Stibbe, 2 September 2014

The LightCMS Partner Platform is a user-friendly content management platform that provides web designers with a suite of tools to easily design and manage websites for multiple clients. (more…)

[Interview] Tenrox Looks to Make Workflow-Driven Software for All Service Organizations and Project Workforces

By Jennifer Riggins, 4 July 2014

There are a couple of trends in cloud-based business software: mobility, integrations, customization, and ease of use. All these are happening with one goal in mind: to make technological business solutions accessible to the masses. You no longer need a doctorate in a specific software niche to improve processes and productivity -- pretty much anyone can use business apps for this. But this is a rather newer ideal. That's why it's interesting that way back in 2003, Kevin Sequeira joined Tenrox (now a part of Upland Software), a company that makes professional services automation software for the greater professional services market. Today, we learn from Kevin, the General Manager & Director of Product management of how it happened. (more…)

Tealium IQ Review – Bring Order to Marketing Chaos

By Stephanie Miles, 28 May 2014

Tealium IQ Review – Marketers that use Tealium IQ are able to exchange rich data about their online visitors without the help of IT experts and can dramatically improve the efficiency of their campaigns Big data can be a big pain for marketers, and particularly for those managing third-party vendor tags on a regular basis. Tealium IQ has a solution that takes the chaos out of digital data distribution. The enterprise tag management and data distribution platform streamlines digital marketing initiatives and resolves data integration challenges for businesses. As a result, brands are better able to optimize their real-time marketing campaigns. In this Tealium IQ review, I will describe how the platform works and what makes its technology so unique. After going over the main features and benefits, I will offer my take on whether Tealium IQ is a marketing solution worth checking out. (more…)

Xplenty Review – Data Integration on the Cloud

By Stephanie Miles, 26 May 2014

Xplenty Review – Businesses can save both time and money when they start using Xplenty to take advantage of big data For too long, small and mid-size companies have been scared away from doing their ETL with Hadoop—the open-source software project that facilitates the distribution of processed data sets across clusters of servers—out of concerns over both complexity and cost. Although Hadoop is free, the costs associated with buying and setting up the required infrastructure can be incredibly high for organizations without dedicated IT teams already in place. That’s why Xplenty, Data Integration-as-a-service, was introduced. The cloud-based service makes data integration easy and enables companies of all sizes to take advantage of big data sets.Xplenty allows companies to acquire, process and transform data with a hadoop powered engine, and something more In this Xplenty review, I will go through the basics of Xplenty and describe what makes the software-as-a-service product different from other big data software. I will also describe the benefits of using Xplenty, and walk readers through the user interface for a thorough understanding of what the service can provide. (more…)

Talygen Review – Automate & Enforce Business Management Processes

By Stephanie Miles, 22 May 2014

Talygen Review – From time tracking tools to automated screenshot features, Talygen provides employers with all the data they need to make smart business decisions Serious businesses need serious software. Talygen is an incredibly reliable time tracking tool that organizations can use for business management automation. Built with a touch-friendly user interface (UI), Talygen enables its users to track time, manage projects, and measure employee performance success from any location, at any time. In this Talygen review, I plan to learn more about the web-based platform’s time tracking and business automation features. I will delve into the ways that organizations can utilize Talygen, which traditionally involve employee management, human resources enforcement, project management, invoicing, interpersonal communication, and expense tracking. By the end of the review, I hope to have a firm understanding of what makes Talygen different from its competitors in the marketplace. (more…)

Vocalcom Review – The Future of Contact Centers

By Stephanie Miles, 21 May 2014

Vocalcom Review - Customer support agents will appreciate the flexibility that Vocalcom provides, while their managers will appreciate the results that it delivers In order for businesses to make their call centers profitable, they need to utilize contact center software that’s fast, powerful, and easy to manage. Vocalcom fits all three of these descriptions, providing businesses with a way to deliver fast customer service within a unified agent environment where sensitive data is kept completely in-house. In this Vocalcom review, I will describe the main features of the next-generation of contact center software & cloud call center solution and explain how businesses can use the platform to make their agents more productive. I also plan to describe how Vocalcom’s user interface works, along with offering a complete understanding of the company’s pricing structure and support capabilities. (more…)

iCIMS Applicant Tracking System Review – Efficiently Recruit Quality Hires

By Stephanie Miles, 19 May 2014

iCIMS Applicant Tracking System Review –  A solution that bridges the divide between departments within large companies, providing users with the right tools for engaging, communicating with, and tracking top talent throughout the hiring process. (more…)

Cheqbook Accounting Software Review – Simplified Accounting Tools for SMBs

By Stephanie Miles, 16 May 2014

Cheqbook Accounting Software Review – Simplified accounting solution that allows business owners to better understand how their companies are performing at any given time, enabling them to make more strategic business decisions about where to focus their resources One-in-seven small business enterprises is still using outdated paper accounting methods, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and that’s a statistic that needs to change. Simple accounting errors can cause businesses unnecessary headaches and unexpected expenses, as the fines that accrue when businesses make errors on their taxes and other important financial documents can run into the thousands. Cheqbook Accounting Software is a cloud-based platform that automates business accounting processes to reduce errors and makes it easier for business owners to manage their own books. In this Cheqbook Accounting Software review, I will explain how the software works and describe which types of businesses would benefit the most from using cloud-based accounting tools. I will also delve into a few of Cheqbook’s most important features and offer insight into what differentiates the solution from competitors in the marketplace. (more…)