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Promys PSA Review – With real-time inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities, Promys PSA makes it easier to track projects and support related work orders throughout their lifecycles For big customers handling big projects, proper planning and forecasting are incredibly important. Promys PSA offers cloud-based professional services automation software with built-in quoting tools. The solution can be utilized by organizations to meet CRM, quoting, billing, purchasing, project management, service management, help desk, resource scheduling, time tracking, expense tracking, inventory tracking, and forecasting needs. In this Promys PSA review, I will walk readers through the web-based solution and describe a few of Promys PSA’s key features. With a focus on the benefits that Promys PSA offers to large organizations, I will then provide my recommendation as to whether Promys PSA is a solution worth checking out. (more…)

Freshservice Review – The online software turns on the autopilot for service desks, automatically handling mundane tasks, so that admins can focus their efforts on more important matters.  If there's one department that gets labeled as complicated, it's usually IT. Information technology departments deal with complex systems and detail-oriented tasks that other groups within large organizations don't typically handle. Now, an online ITIL service desk is trying to change that perception. Freshservice has come up with a refreshingly simple alternative to popular ITSM tools. In this Freshservice review, I will take a close look at Freshservice and describe how the online service desk software works for businesses large and small. In describing some of the major benefits that Freshservice provides to its users, I hope to also showcase what it is that makes Freshservice stand apart from other SaaS service desk competitors. Finally, I will offer my ultimate review of whether Freshservice is a product that internal IT admins should check out. (more…)

FinancialForce ERP Review – The vendor has made the smart decision to build its solution on top of the Salesforce platform, making it incredibly easy for Salesforce clients to use FinancialForce ERP Mid-market organizations are continually looking for ways to increase operational speed and efficiency, and FinancialForce ERP is a cloud-based tool that can get them there. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce ERP provides enterprise resource planning tools that organizations can utilize to streamline their processes and ultimately reduce operating costs. In this FinancialForce ERP review, I will guide readers through the cloud ERP solution, making sure to describe some of the platform’s key features along the way. Because FinancialForce ERP is built on the Salesforce platform, I will make sure to note any ways that Salesforce users can get additional benefits from using the tool, as well. (more…)

Innotas Review – Project and application portfolio management, with detailed reports and straightforward dashboards that provide users with top-level analysis of complex situations PPM and APM are more than just acronyms for businesses that rely on project portfolio management and application portfolio management systems on a daily basis. For these organizations, PPM and APM are the foundation of structured and strategic business processes. Innotas is a seamless project portfolio, application portfolio management, and resource management solution that gives CIOs, PMOs, and IT managers a 360-degree view of their operations and initiatives. In this Innotas review, I will describe how Innotas works and what separates the SaaS solution from other project portfolio management applications. I also plan to describe a few of Innotas’ standout features, and explain how pricing works for businesses that choose to utilize the company’s platform. (more…)

Buddy Punch Review – Automating the Time Clock

By Stephanie Faris, 16 April 2014

Buddy Punch Review - For small businesses seeking an easy way to allow employees to clock in and out, Buddy Punch is a great option The concept of "punching in" has been around for decades, with time clocks hanging in factories, fast food restaurants, and retail locations around the country. Before the digital era, those tools served their purpose, just as typewriters and telegraphs helped the world before something better came along. Buddy Punch serves as the perfect example that there is a better way. This Buddy Punch review will show how this multi-platform app can eliminate traditional time clocks for good. (more…)

Typeform Review – Online Form Creation Tool

By Stephanie Faris, 15 April 2014

Typeform Review - The solution gives businesses the opportunity to easily create online forms and surveys for free  Any business that wants to be successful must get feedback from customers, but creating forms can be tricky for the average user. There are so many different tools, but few are easy for both the creator and the respondent. Typeform simplifies the act of form creation with an online tool that allows businesses to create forms and surveys that work great on a variety of devices. This Typeform review looks at this online survey software's ability to create visually appealing, easy-to-use and engaging forms. (more…)

Appy Pie Review – App-Making Simplified

By Stephanie Faris, 14 April 2014

Appy Pie Review - It provides a simple, straightforward interface that makes app creation easy and fun For many businesses, an app can serve as a great tool for winning customers and improving office productivity. But having an app custom created means paying a team of developers thousands of dollars with minimal control over the final product. Appy Pie promises to make creating an app as "easy as pie," allowing professionals to create apps using a drag-and-drop interface. This Appy Pie review looks at the options these mobile app development solution gives businesses in creating a great app. (more…)

WebMerge Review – Create Documents On the Fly

By Stephanie Miles, 10 April 2014

WebMerge Review – For organizations that frequently deal with customized documents, this web-based application can streamline workflows and save countless hours Businesses waste thousands of hours each year manually creating the same documents again and again, as associates copy and paste the text from one Word document or PowerPoint presentation to another. WebMerge has developed a way for companies to get that time back, introducing an interesting new system that automates the document creation process so people never have to spend time generating the same PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files again. In this WebMerge review, I will explain what WebMerge is and how the document management solution can help businesses improve their workflows. After going over a few of the platform’s most important features, I will offer my suggestions as to whether WebMerge is a solution that organizations should consider adopting for their own use. (more…)

TripScanner Review – Business Travel Trip Planner

By Stephanie Faris, 9 April 2014

TripScanner Review - A comprehensive business travel management solution, helping employers to track level spending, enforce policy and drive savings. This flexible solution also allows employees to book trips through any website or travel agency For small and midsize businesses, managing travel costs can be a time-consuming challenge. Many businesses today lack the resources to dedicate toward managing travel, leaving themselves exposed to the risks of over-spending, policy violations, and the inability to locate employees in case of an emergency. TripScanner automates the process of managing travel costs, allowing employees to book reservations through any website or travel agency, while enabling employers to view reservations, track overall spending, enforce policy, and drive savings all in one place. This TripScanner review will look at the app’s ability to serve as a company’s automated travel manager. (more…)

InfoFlo Review - A CRM application with cross-reference capabilities, where users can track the status of leads and projects to avoid missed opportunities. Keeping up with customer information is essential to any business. But with so much info in so many different places, it can be a challenge to organize it all effectively. InfoFlo brings contact and relationship management together in one place, allowing businesses to more easily coordinate their sales and customer service efforts. This InfoFlo review will go over the CRM software ability to manage your customer data. (more…)