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8 sales automation apps that will bring your leads to life

By Karen McCandless, 3 July 2015

How much time does your sales force actually spend selling? According to CSO Insights, it’s a worringly low 37 per cent. The reality is that sales reps are often burdened with cumbersome administrative tasks, such as data entry and managing their pipeline. But the pay off for automating these processes is significant, with the same CSO Insights study suggesting that increasing selling time to more than 45 percent would mean that, on average, seven percent more of your reps would hit or exceed quota. (more…)

These Twitter Influencers Explain Why API Will Connect Your Future

By Christophe Primault, 5 November 2014

Wait, I'm a small business. Why would I care about APIs? That sounds super technical... that doesn't really interest me, should it? Probably. An API or application programming interface is what shifts your cloud-based business software productivity into overdrive. An API is how one SaaS you are using can integrate with another. Instead of relying on boring, boxy Excel spreadsheets to transfer data from one app to another, you can have a continuous workflow, say, the contact info from your customer relationship manager (CRM) can turn into an opportunity in your sales automation tool which can upon closure can turn into an invoice in your accounting software. (more…)

These Are the SaaS Influencers Taking Business Software to the Twittersphere

By Jennifer Riggins, 31 October 2014

We <3 SaaS (aka Software as a Service.) Obviously we give you the venue where you can compare and contrast business software and we try to give you advice in how to choose these productivity tools that we are confident will save you time and money. But we are certainly not the only experts in this. Today, we have compiled a list of SaaS gurus who can keep you up to date on all delightful things in the business software world.  (more…)

When is Your Growing Business Ready for a Rebrand?

By Jennifer Riggins, 6 October 2014

Something's off. Your professional brand and image just don't jive with who you are or who you want to be. But, can your growing business afford a rebrand or does it just need a change of direction? Today we use one of our favorite brands Sisense business intelligence software and its rebranding to talk about what makes a good or bad rebrand, why your business should make that next step... or maybe shouldn't... (more…)

Top Ten Influential Women in Marketing on Twitter

By Diana Berryman, 25 September 2014

This article about the Top Ten Influential Women in Marketing on Twitter was a tough one to write, not because of who to add, but because I had to choose who to leave out. In the course of my research I found so many amazing business ladies who know their marketing stuff. Here are my top ten (I could have easily made it 20 or 30!), follow these wonderful women, enjoy, listen and learn from them: (more…)

[Interview] Sciforma CEO Talks of Planning Your Business Around Sequence of Client Needs

By Jennifer Riggins, 25 September 2014

No matter what you are selling, a car, your design work, or a software as a service (SaaS), you have to listen more than talk. Why? Because the most successful form of sales -- and product development for that matter -- dates back about 2,500 years ago. Whatever product or service you are offering needs to evolve around not only the set of needs your prospects have, but also the order in which they need those needs fulfilled. This is exactly what Yann le Bihan kept in mind when he created Sciforma project and portfolio management tool back in 1982. And that's how the solution has been evolving ever since. (more…)

Top Ten Marketing Automation Gurus on Twitter

By Diana Berryman, 12 September 2014

Automating your online marketing is essential for most businesses today. It allows you to get your content out there, to multiple networks, in a fraction of the time. Marketing automation apps are also great for nurturing your leads, engaging with your customers and measuring and monitoring the results of your efforts.  (more…)

Top Ten Business Bloggers on Twitter

By Diana Berryman, 25 August 2014

Every business needs a content marketing strategy. It is a great time for bloggers, in particular B2B business bloggers as they are in great demand right now! What if you can’t afford to employ a professional to create your amazing content? You need to check out what is happening in the blogging world. Most professional business bloggers share their content on Twitter, amongst other networks. Emulate what the successful people are doing, they know their stuff. Here are ten fabulous business bloggers and where you can find them on Twitter… (more…)

Why Brits Have Never Heard of ‘The Cloud’ and Don’t Know Why They’d Want It

By Jennifer Riggins, 6 August 2014

  When you talk about cloud computing, evidently most Brits think you're talking about playing Super Mario on your PC, trying to collect coins and knock turtles off. They don't even know that they are spending time in the cloud, and certainly don't see the benefits of using business software. At least that's what Juniper Networks discovered when they surveyed about 2,000 "average consumers" in the U.K., learning that most Brits are blissfully unaware of the cloud they live in. (more…)

App Integration – Why Your Business Apps need to Talk to Each Other

By Steff Green, 5 August 2014

Imagine this: You’re an environmental engineer out in the field, taking samples for lab testing. You whip out your tablet and use your soil-testing apps to measure and record your samples. Then, you use your camera app to snap some images for the file. Next, you go to your task management app and note down the time you’ve been on site against the job. When you get back to your office, you’re going to need to type all the info collected from your apps into your job report app, print out and attach the photographs, and stick it all in a physical folder. (more…)