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If there's something people like to be, it's right. We are proud here at GetApp that we've bet on the right solution for your business productivity and efficiency. Cloud-based business software went from being meant for obscure niches back in 2011 to going fully mainstream, with about 75 percent of all businesses of all sizes improving their return on investment with CRM software, customer support tools, project management trackers, and so much more, all on the go. And, according to Gartner's most recent report on the topic, it's just going to continue to grow. FTW! (more…)

If you watched Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) on June 2, 2014 you surely heard presenters Tim Cook and Craig Federighi repeat the word “Continuity” several times. Continuity is a feature set that Apple has developed. (more…)

Sales and marketing - two branches of business operations that were once shockingly, inexcusably poles apart. Fortunately, as the world of business has moved into the digital space, that has changed. Now, as you know, sales and marketing are more closely aligned than ever. By now, you've gotten comfortable with the "oneness" of sales and marketing, and you've worked to instill the philosophy of unification throughout your organization. So the question becomes: are you using the right tools to maintain the close relationship between sales and marketing? (more…)

If the words "accounting software" do not immediately excite you, it's perfectly understandable. The latest cloud-based accounting apps are breathing new life into accounting in the digital space. Once upon a time, you had to make a trip to the local "big box" retailer to pick up an accounting application. That is simply no longer the case - thankfully! Now it's all in the cloud. (more…)

You know well that your customers are the most important people in your business. In fact, your ability to deliver on what you promise your customers is what differentiates you from your competitors. You know it's true - let's just get real about it. Excellent customer service really is the best thing you can have going for your business. (more…)

Who wouldn't love to have the ability to simply put their foot down on the bugs that periodically crop up within their lines and lines of code? Sadly, you can't use "brute force" in issue-tracking. Efficient issue-tracking calls for a streamlined, surgical approach - and every surgeon needs the right instruments! With that in mind, we've put together this list of the best apps to help you do just that. (more…)

Matt Alder, the so-called British Recruiting Futurologist, says that recruitment is missing the mobile mark. Mobile is not just another channel to touch base with, but that continually growing access to mobile recruitment should create a paradigm shift that affects and will eventually improve the whole human resources industry and, really, the world. (more…)

What’s ESP? No, this time we’re not talking about the ability to read minds, but we are talking about how your clients can better read yours. We break down the tricks of email marketing from which email service provider or email marketing tool is right for you to which email mistakes it’s time you stop repeating. (more…)

So you’ve decided that you want to get with the times and move your clunky booking system over to the cloud. Now it’s time to narrow down your vendor list. Here are the three things that you need to consider the help you lock down the best online booking system vendor for you. (more…)

Building an online store with eCommerce software Seventy-one percent of adult Internet users are now shopping online, according to a May 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center. Although some merchants with brick-and-mortar stores see this statistic as a death knell for small town retailers, far more merchants view online shopping as an untapped opportunity. (more…)