Cloud Business Apps

Choosing Providers & Partners

So you’ve decided that you want to get with the times and move your clunky booking system over to the cloud. Now it’s time to narrow down your vendor list. Here are the three things that you need to consider the help you lock down the best online booking system vendor for you. (more…)

Building an online store with eCommerce software Seventy-one percent of adult Internet users are now shopping online, according to a May 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center. Although some merchants with brick-and-mortar stores see this statistic as a death knell for small town retailers, far more merchants view online shopping as an untapped opportunity. (more…)

Many tour operators attempt to go the DIY route and build their own online reservation system, but going this route is costly and full of complications. In this post, Simon Lenoir from Rezdy, will  discuss the benefits of going with an online booking software vendor instead of trying to build it from scratch. (more…)

What is a CRM and How to Choose a CRM App?

By Aina Neva, 20 September 2013

Businesses rely on CRM software to simplify their customer service, sales and marketing functions. The software is offered on two basic platforms, namely, in-house and cloud-based applications. It is imperative that you select the platform that is ideal for your specific business needs, with regard to the pricing, technical know-how and size of business. Here is a very quick guide on how to choose your CRM. (more…)

Returning for its third year, CloudBeat 2013 will track the growing maturity of the cloud and identify the hot issues for the next twelve months. With a bright idea and a credit card, hundreds of startups and small businesses have launched and scaled in the last few years thanks to affordable cloud business apps, often discovered on GetApp! The cloud continues to deliver these advantages today more than ever. It has credible success stories to tell, and real efforts are being made to connect disparate cloud apps with one another, or with legacy systems running inside the data center. CloudBeat 2013 will track the growing maturity of the cloud with two days of high-level discussions, customer case studies, breakout sessions, and exclusive announcements. GetApp is a proud media sponsor and as such our readers can register here with code "GetApp" and save 20%. (more…)

Google has started charging new users for the Google Apps for Business, its online suite of software applications, for companies with under 10 users who had it for free before last week's announcement.  Their reason is that “with focus we’ll be able to do even more for our business customers.” Let´s see what that means for small businesses and how it compares with other offers from Microsoft and Zoho. Which solution will win the  battle over who will control the move by small businesses to the Cloud? (more…)

What Type Of Live Chat Software Is Right For You?

By Pascal van Opzeeland, 3 January 2013

Guest Post by Pascal van Opzeeland, Marketing Manager at Userlike. Even though live chat is steadily increasing its presence throughout the web, most of the online businesses we’ve talked to are unsure about the payoff of its implementation and what solution they should try out. Acknowledging that the potential benefits, the required investment in human resources, and the amount of different providers on the markets, are factors that complicate the manager’s choice.  The benefits promised by live chat software providers include a greater customer satisfaction, higher customer loyalty, a higher conversion rate, and lower service costs. But will these benefits also work out for your business? And what type of software should you try? The goals of this post are (1) to help you understand the main differences between live chat providers, and (2) to help you decide whether live chat is worth the investment of money and time for your business. (more…)

The era of free is almost here. With their freemium pricing model, SaaS business applications have upended the software licensing paradigm. Cloud apps have hastened its demise. Although legacy systems are still available, small businesses and large organizations are clearly moving towards a business model underscored by free or extremely cheap offerings. The benefit of this pricing mechanism is that they enable you to run your outfit using free apps that shore up productivity amongst your workers and enable mobility. What's more, they enable you to focus on the effectiveness of your operations, instead of worrying about costs. Here are four areas of your business you can run using free tools. (more…)

Should pricing be your sole benchmark for evaluating SaaS solutions? The answer to that question is a complicated one. Even as SaaS vendors re-evaluate and experiment with strategies, fundamental questions about SaaS pricing still remain. For example, the case for SaaS pricing is generally predicated on a bucket list of features. Does moving up the pricing tier translate into added functionality? Part of the answer to that question lies in the evolution of SaaS pricing and an entrepreneur's thinking. (more…)

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) has revolutionized the way businesses today approach lead generation and customer life-cycle management. CRM grew out of contact management software that was first made popular in the 1990s.  In the early 2000s, CRM software emerged with more sophisticated tools for managing and nurturing client relationships.  These solutions not only helped businesses manage their leads and customers, but offered collaborative platforms so that internal teams like sales and marketing could align their strategies. (more…)