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Whether your business runs on apps or your business is building apps - cloud-based, Web, or mobile - you know that you need them to run smoothly and each to work "as advertised" so your business can meet its goals. But, how well are all those apps really working? Are they working correctly? Efficiently? Are all the various apps you use to get the job done, whatever it may be, all playing nicely together? If that question catches you off guard, it's probably because you don't have a real-time tool to let you visualize how well your apps are working. In other words, you've probably never discovered the best application performance management software. (more…)

Imagine this: You’re an environmental engineer out in the field, taking samples for lab testing. You whip out your tablet and use your soil-testing apps to measure and record your samples. Then, you use your camera app to snap some images for the file. Next, you go to your task management app and note down the time you’ve been on site against the job. When you get back to your office, you’re going to need to type all the info collected from your apps into your job report app, print out and attach the photographs, and stick it all in a physical folder. (more…)

Effective project management comes down to your ability to plan, assign, monitor, and measure all aspects of the work your team performs. Factor in the pressure of your budget on top of the demand for high quality outcomes and it becomes clear that the project management app you choose can have a dramatic effect on your business - and your bottom line. (more…)

Despite the variety of applications within the Google Apps ecosystem, one of the commonly required functionality is the ability to create workflows. This week, let’s take a look at KISSFLOW an application that does just that. In this KiSSFLOW review, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you. (more…)

DEXMA PLM is a web-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that provides cloud-based technology to businesses, primarily those in the engineering field. DEXMA PLM offers extensive project management and product data management, with advanced software that includes updated information on parts, materials, equipment logistics, and a manufacturing management system unlike any other system available. If you’re looking for an easy, effective way to manage your various engineering processes, DEXMA PLM  is for you. (more…)

Once you’ve decided to move your business to the cloud, you’re still faced with many decisions:  where to discover business applications that meet my needs, which cloud service provider to use, how to best implement and integrate your new cloud applications.  If you don’t know what end result you’re looking for, the migration process can be overwhelming, so it’s important that you educate yourself about the different options. (more…)

A very important factor to help small businesses discover the right business applications is to hear how other companies are using cloud apps to be more successful. will be publishing a series of case studies for entrepreneurs and small businesses to undertand how they can benefit from cloud apps. In this post, written in collaboration with Stephanie Kidder, marketing director at RunMyProcess, we explain how cloud apps integration can improve a key marketing process. More specifically, we describe how integrating Zoho and Mailchimp has been used to boost new customer conversions. (more…)

One World of SaaS Integration – Review of OneSaas

By Rakesh Sharma, 1 November 2011

It was only a matter of time before someone thought up the concept. So far, we have been reviewing myriad SaaS applications; however, we have not really discussed ways of integrating cloud applications together for your company. After all, a single application can hardly take care of all your needs. This week we will look at OneSaas - an application that brings your SaaS applications together under a single umbrella. We will look at its interface and functionality and see how it can be of use to you. (more…)

Forming Connections Between Cloud Apps Data

By Rakesh Sharma, 30 March 2011

With its promise of simple and inexpensive solutions, SaaS applications might just be the thing for your small business. However, purchasing a SaaS solution is only half the job done. The other half consists of integrating your existing internal business applications with the external SaaS application to enable exchange of data and information. Then, there is that bigger question of customizing the external application to fit your business processes. (more…)

Run a profitable business with Web-Based Apps

By Manuel Jaffrin, 7 February 2011

Web-based business applications can help companies grow revenues, reduce costs, improve productivity or increase customer loyalty.  In other words, be more profitable! When it comes to enterprise software, things have changed a lot in the last years. Thanks to Cloud Computing, small and medium size businesses don´t need anymore to have a room full of computers,  system administrators, complex networking, storage capabilities and all the traditional IT stuff. In fact many companies, like us at, run their business with laptops, smart-phones and a portfolio of on-demand applications.  If you want, or need, to be "ultralight",  you won´t need that many employees either. Well chosen web apps will perform many tasks usually done by accounting, marketing and HR staff. Some of the immediate benefits of on-demand applications: No up-front Capex Flexible Opex aligned to your exact business needs Free trials to test suitability Ease of use and maintenance Immediate availability Unlimited scalability Things you have to worry about: Data integration between different applications, legacy and other web-based apps Vendor quality Performance Security, although in most instances your information will be safer with the vendor than on your own premises Choosing best of breed vs integrated suites Check the most important categories of business applications you need to consider when you start looking at improving your productivity and profitability: CRM to organize all your business information, customer contacts and communication -> make sure it is integrated with your invoicing app Billing and invoicing to leverage existing templates that help you build the right invoices in the right way from day one Project management to plan your  projects, have an efficient team collaboration and monitor with tracking metrics Tax management eases the tax calculation and other tax related matters Accounting applications to maintain account balances, and prepare financial statements and reports for your accoutant Email management to send newsletters or promotional materials to opt-in lists of subscribers When you start growing your company you will want to look at: Human resource applications may become interesting as you start hiring a higher number of employees. Applicant tracking and training being excellent candidates for web based sofwtare Asset management if you need to manage tangible and intangible physical assets If you are a Start-up business you may be better off starting with an  all in a box application suite where most basic applications are integrated in one single platform, these includes WORKetc or Zoho. It is not always easy to decide which product is the best fit with your specific needs, so take some time to search the right app and check which ones are the most popular with your peers.