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These Twitter Influencers Explain Why API Will Connect Your Future

By Christophe Primault, 5 November 2014

Wait, I'm a small business. Why would I care about APIs? That sounds super technical... that doesn't really interest me, should it? Probably. An API or application programming interface is what shifts your cloud-based business software productivity into overdrive. An API is how one SaaS you are using can integrate with another. Instead of relying on boring, boxy Excel spreadsheets to transfer data from one app to another, you can have a continuous workflow, say, the contact info from your customer relationship manager (CRM) can turn into an opportunity in your sales automation tool which can upon closure can turn into an invoice in your accounting software. (more…)

Are Start-Ups Looking for Alternatives to Amazon Web Services? Maybe.

By Todd Spear, 3 October 2014

A report from Explore B2B stated that a handful of recent start-ups, including MemSQL, Uber, Mixpanel, and Tradesy, have left the cloud behind in favor of hardware IT systems. While those companies initially started out using cloud-based servers (mainly from Amazon), they've all made the switch to dedicated servers. So what gives? (more…)

Alternatives to iCloud Following the Jennifer Lawrence Stolen Photos Scandal

By Jennifer Riggins, 2 September 2014

With the Jennifer Lawrence Apple iCloud Security Breach, everybody's giving his iPad the evil eye today. Really, is cloud computing safe? Is cloud storage secure? Are there alternatives to iCloud? Or are our whims and poor decisions destined to be the next Google trend? Today we attempt to answer your iCloud security questions and talk about how you can learn from Jennifer Lawrence's nude awakening to make sure both your personal and professional cloud computing is kept secure. (more…)

Seven Enterprise-Grade File Sharing Apps to Revolutionize Your Business

By Todd Spear, 25 August 2014

As a consumer, you are surely familiar with file sharing applications like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive by now. And, like many business people, you may have tried those tools for your business, only to find that for sharing sensitive internal documents, none of them is ideal. So what we're talking about here might be something new to you: enterprise-level file sharing software. (more…)

Five Secure Backup and Archival App Alternatives to Dropbox

By Todd Spear, 14 July 2014

As you may have noticed, we're big-time cloud lovers around here, and we are loving the transition away from fixed media and physical processors to cloud-based, scalable solutions. But security is a common – and totally understandable – concern when considering whether or not to move your files and other digital assets to the computing cloud. (more…)

How Secure is Your Small Business Accounting App?

By Jennifer Riggins, 9 July 2014

We spend a lot of time talking about why you should ditch spreadsheets in favor of an accounting app -- automating, error-proofing, scalable, saves you time and money -- but we don't touch on enough on the topic of security. Which is more secure -- book-based bookkeeping, Microsoft Excel, downloaded accounting software like Quickbooks, or the trendy cloud-based accounting? They each have different pros and cons Today we look to weigh the risks versus the benefits of using an accounting app to manage the day-to-day of your small business in the cloud. (more…)

ERP for Head of Class Businesses

By Jennifer Riggins, 23 June 2014

We help you guys find the right enterprise resource planning system (ERP), but we don’t always follow up to see how it’s going. The fact is, many people pay for an ERP that’s essentially useless. If you don’t put the time in upfront and implement it the right way for your team, an ERP can be a total waste of time and money. That’s why it’s essential that you take advantage of free demos and free trials to test out if an ERP is right for your business and, especially, to test if an ERP software company has the right customer service for your business. (more…)

Mobile IT Risk Management

By Jennifer Riggins, 18 June 2014

Whether you provide a service or build a product, every new development you make should be made with the end user in mind. The ongoing trend is always toward simplicity and mobility. And this day and age, it's all assumed that you are going to do this very quickly. This is the principle behind Samanage Service Desk Software's continued growth and development, focused solely in the cloud, all in response to the workforce trend of BYOD -- bring your own device. These are principles that frankly we at GetApp just adore. (more…)

Game-changers: Five ways Apple’s newest updates will revolutionize business apps

By Todd Spear, 10 June 2014

If you watched Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) on June 2, 2014 you surely heard presenters Tim Cook and Craig Federighi repeat the word “Continuity” several times. Continuity is a feature set that Apple has developed. (more…)

The Benefits of Mobile Device Management for All Company Sizes

By Jessica O' Loughlin, 17 April 2014

As technology advances and mobile devices become more and more prominent in the workplace, Mobile Device Management has become a major consideration for businesses of all sizes. With an increased demand for MDM solutions has come an influx of cloud-based SaaS applications, implementing an over-the-air method of connecting multiple mobile devices, moving away from the previously used but less comprehensive EAS (Emergency Alert System). With the increased popularity of corporate mobile devices as well as BYOD (bring your own device) being used by businesses of all sizes, companies need a way to connect, control and protect these devices. The main features most users are looking out for are security, protection and access control; mobile application enablement; data control and synchronization; common configuration settings and policy management; and monitoring and reporting functions. (more…)