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  Online Marketing Software is the hub of any business from WAHM’s (Work At Home Mom's) and crafters to large corporations. There are just too many social networks and online marketing avenues for man (or woman) to manage alone. To establish your presence across the multitude of networks it is important to create a strong brand and continuity of communication. (more…)

Welcome to the first in a series of articles in which I play the role of “App Guinea Pig” by testing out some of the apps found here at GetApp. The full disclosure: I’m starting a website of my own and I’m paying my own money for these apps (or, more often, opting in on the free trials). I’m no more “techie” than you probably are – I’m just trying out different solutions in the hopes of finding the right tools for my site. Since email marketing is such an essential part of business, I’ve decided that’s where I’ll start. GetApp offers a listing of many of the most popular email marketing apps around. Having never used an email marketing app, I really don’t know what to expect. But I do know what I need. (more…)

Best Video Marketing Apps for SMBs

By Diana Berryman, 11 June 2014

All businesses can use a great video marketing strategy, they aren’t just for pretty products or how to… Whatever you're offering can be promoted by video and made infinitely more share-able by immortalizing it on film! Any business not implementing a Video Marketing campaign is missing out on a chance to stand out from your competition. If you think it is too difficult, expensive or time consuming then think again, times have changed! (more…)

Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one recruitment and applicant tracking system that caters to the needs of both recruiting agencies and in-house corporate recruiters by simplifying the entire hiring process, from sourcing to hiring. (more…)

Zoho Projects is a feature-rich and easy-to-use cloud-based collaborative project management platform for small to medium-sized businesses as well as teams and departments in larger companies. Its flexible pricing model and add-ons give businesses the freedom they need to quickly scale up or down paying for the features they need when they need them. (more…)

Zoho Reports is a powerful, easy-to-use  and highly scalable cloud-based reporting and business intelligence platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Its flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model and scope for customisation allow businesses to tailor it to their unique demands. (more…)

Bright Pattern’s Service Pattern is a powerful, flexible and cost-effective next-generation cloud-based contact center platform for effective customer service management. It is an integrated, multi-channel platform that empowers frontline agents and supervisors and helps companies manage the complete cycle of customer experience. (more…)

Avalara AvaTax – Sales Tax Automation Product Evaluation

By Matthew Stibbe, 12 September 2013

Avalara AvaTax streamlines sales tax compliance for companies, reducing the risk of mistakes, fines and penalties and, at the same time, cutting down on laborious and expensive manual processing. (more…)

"Projector is a powerful, flexible and pragmatic tool for professional services automation. Built on real-world experience in the industry, it gives firms a cost-effective approach for project management, resource scheduling and project accounting without the upfront cost of on-premise hardware and software."   Download Full Evaluation in PDF  - Try Projector PSA Now     (more…)

Review Methodology This review constitutes an analysis based on a product demonstration and software review conducted by the qualified system software experts at Eval-Source. The demonstration Eval-Source received from the vendor was based on a custom vendor script, designed to validate and/or disprove vendor claims. The script was specifically prepared to identify functionalities and provide an impartial analysis and software review for TribeHR. This review examines the business problems addressed, as well as the target market, pricing model, solution analysis and key differentiators of the TribeHR software solution. (more…)