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ERP for Head of Class Businesses

By Jennifer Riggins, 23 June 2014

We help you guys find the right enterprise resource planning system (ERP), but we don’t always follow up to see how it’s going. The fact is, many people pay for an ERP that’s essentially useless. If you don’t put the time in upfront and implement it the right way for your team, an ERP can be a total waste of time and money. That’s why it’s essential that you take advantage of free demos and free trials to test out if an ERP is right for your business and, especially, to test if an ERP software company has the right customer service for your business. (more…)

What do cars and bugs have in common? We aren't just talking about the squished ones cluttering your windshield. The 85-year-old Japanese car-making tradition of Kanban is a fantastic way to manage resources and projects, turning the epic fail of multitasking into feasible efficiency. It's such a proven method that more and more bug tracking software are choosing Kanban issue tracking as their manageable way of issue tracking. (more…)

As small businesses begin to grow in revenue they are often faced with issues such as tackling larger work loads, managing expanding customer databases, keeping new hires up-to-date on customer information and tracking vital sales and marketing processes. While Excel spreadsheets and even paper-based methods of storing customer data may have been sufficient in the past, these small businesses now need a more effective method of keeping track of their sales activities. (more…)

In the past couple of years project management software has become key for the vast majority of businesses. Users range from freelance consultants to project managers in big corporations. As a marketer myself, I have been involved in a number of projects and have been testing quite a few applications for different purposes. This is why I decided to share my experience in a series of infographics. (more…)

Project Management Case Studies to Learn From

By Giancarlo Cammarota, 21 February 2014

If you are in the process of choosing a project management solution to improve your business and stop wasting resources, customers’ success stories can help you understand which software might be better for you. As we cannot cover project management case studies of all the major applications in a single post, we are starting with three of them: AtTask, Clarizen and Easy Projects. In subsequent posts we will publish customer success stories from other top vendors in this field. (more…)

Social media marketing budgets increase year after year and in 2013 social media lead conversion rates were 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate. Given the growing number of software solutions, many wonder what the best social media marketing apps are. Over the past few years I have had the chance to test a number of apps for spreading content on social media, working with both B2C and B2B companies. In the end, I narrowed my choice to two applications: Hootsuite for B2C and Oktopost for B2B. Even though I sometimes mix both, I wanted to share an insight on why Hootsuite is better suited for B2C and Oktopost clearly thought for a B2B marketer. (more…)

Professional services organizations are facing a lot of competitive pressure. The right Professional Services Automation software might help you with avoiding common mistakes and get ahead of your competition. According to the Aberdeen Group report "Professional Services Automation: The Secret to Successful Projects and a Profitable Services Group", top challenges in the field of Professional Services include: Lack of available skilled resources Increased competition for customers Shrinking timeframe to complete projects Market volatility makes it difficult to predict the demand. came up with some handy tips to help you meet these challenges. (more…)

Best Infographics on Finance and Accounting Software

By Julia Rozwens, 13 September 2013

We combed through the net to find these awesome Infographics on Finance & Accounting Software. Conclusions? Accounting can be fun, when it is done in the cloud. In this article you will find the following Infographics: Cloud Accounting – What It Is And How It Can Benefit Your Business Financial Management: Finding Comfort in the Cloud How to Evaluate Cloud Accounting Software Comparison Of The Top Financial & Accounting Apps (more…)

Recently we have been receiving many questions about document management systems (DMS). And we are super happy about it. Document management software allow you to go paperless, increase efficiency and boost security in environment-friendly and cost-effective way. That is way we searched through the web to deliver you the best resources on document management software and similar topics. Hope you will enjoy it! (more…)

"We have so much data but we don´t know how to interpret it!" This is a situation that managers often complain about. The fact is that now IT can collect nearly every single bit of data you can imagine, which can bring to light very powerful realizations about your business, but if you don´t have the right tools to convert this data into information that drives decision making, you´re still left with a bunch of numbers. Excel has been the standard solution, but we have evolved way beyond the spreadsheet, and on the market there are now numerous tools with analytical and visualization functions that allows users to play with their data in a meaningful way. Business Intelligence Software is today an umbrella term for the processes, methods and measurements businesses use to easily analyze and understand information relevant to the past and current performance of the enterprise, and enable more informed decision making for the future. This business intelligence software infographic seeks to compare the most important business intelligence and analytical cloud applications in an attempt to ease the decision making process small businesses need to go through when deciding upon a solution. (more…)