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Gartner Acquires GetApp

By Christophe Primault, 1 July 2015

Today, we are delighted to announce that Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, has acquired GetApp. (more…)

Is Twitter set to be the biggest eCommerce Platform in the World?

By Diana Berryman, 10 October 2014

Twitter is testing its buy now button in the U.S., what does this mean for eCommerce as we know it? Retailers can embed a Twitter buy now button on individual tweets so consumers can purchase directly from Twitter. Clicking the button takes you to a different screen to learn more about the product and give you more options.  You will also be able to use this function on the Android and iOs apps too, good news for shoppers! (more…)

Are Start-Ups Looking for Alternatives to Amazon Web Services? Maybe.

By Todd Spear, 3 October 2014

A report from Explore B2B stated that a handful of recent start-ups, including MemSQL, Uber, Mixpanel, and Tradesy, have left the cloud behind in favor of hardware IT systems. While those companies initially started out using cloud-based servers (mainly from Amazon), they've all made the switch to dedicated servers. So what gives? (more…)

Vive la France! The French-Speaking World Saves Time and Money with SaaS

By Jennifer Riggins, 2 October 2014

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is just as its name sounds -- a service that automates and offers a solution to your business needs -- usually saving time, saving money, providing a better customer or user experience, or a mix of it all. Over the last five years, SaaS has grown from a reason for skepticism -- of security, of value -- to the de facto choice to make small businesses and enterprises alike securely efficient on the go.  (more…)

Apple’s New Products and Apple Pay features Are About to Change How You Use Apps Forever

By Todd Spear, 9 September 2014

Apple has rolled out its newest iPhone lineup and its long-awaited, much rumored Watch (which does not, thankfully, bear the now tired "i" prefix as had been suspected), alongside the intriguing Apple Pay mobile payment technology. As media pundits and Apple fanatics alike are taking to the Web to extoll or lament the features of Apple's new products and services, we here at GetApp are seeing the writing on the wall: Apple, today, gave the future of apps an upgrade, plain and simple. (more…)

How to Find a Project Management App for Your WorkFlow

By Jennifer Riggins, 11 August 2014

There are a LOT of project management apps out there. We know it. And while we'd love that you give them all a test drive and write fantastically insightful user reviews for us, we know you're busy. That's why we work to help you find the right project management software for your business' needs. (more…)

Tips for Building and Marketing your eCommerce Business

By Diana Berryman, 8 August 2014

  eCommerce is BIG business. The high street is still alive and kicking (but for how long?). eCommerce is becoming huge and no wonder. Selling from home with fewer overheads to pay is a win-win for the seller. Browsing your fave shops in the comfort of your own home, wearing your PJs is just perfect for consumers. (more…)

Is Minnesota the Next Start-up Mecca?

By Jennifer Riggins, 7 August 2014

You hear Minnesota and you shiver or picture Target department stores. It's not exactly the place you imagine entrepreneurs and investors flock to, when there are warmer options that come equipped with surfing and THE tech reputation. But at least for fantastic workforce management and scheduling apps company ThisClicks, investors are bearing 20-below temps to throw money toward growing these real solutions for small businesses. (more…)

Big Data Makes the World Spin

By Jennifer Riggins, 2 July 2014

There are those of us who like guesstimates and making up as we go along. Usually we are not the ones calling the shots. Those big shots are data-aholics. The Gordon Gecko archetype in a three-piece suit isn't the one running the world anymore. It's much more Revenge of the Nerds than Wall Street. These movers and shakers are the big data moguls of the world. If you aren't measuring it, anymore, it doesn't matter -- knowledge is power now more than ever. And it's official, your business intelligence software has become the most important tool your company can have. (more…)

Social Media Greats on Twitter

By Diana Berryman, 23 June 2014

So who to follow on Twitter? There are just so many great Social Media greats out there but who are the current top dogs? Following the people who have cracked the social media code can only help you, right? These guys are the best of the best. They give insightful advice and share great hints and tips. Keeping a close eye on what they do and emulating their style is a tremendous way to improve your social media marketing efforts. If you own a business and you don’t already follow some, if not all, of these guys then I suggest you get on it! (more…)