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As technology advances and mobile devices become more and more prominent in the workplace, Mobile Device Management has become a major consideration for businesses of all sizes. With an increased demand for MDM solutions has come an influx of cloud-based SaaS applications, implementing an over-the-air method of connecting multiple mobile devices, moving away from the previously used but less comprehensive EAS (Emergency Alert System). With the increased popularity of corporate mobile devices as well as BYOD (bring your own device) being used by businesses of all sizes, companies need a way to connect, control and protect these devices. The main features most users are looking out for are security, protection and access control; mobile application enablement; data control and synchronization; common configuration settings and policy management; and monitoring and reporting functions. (more…)

Some SMB managers and entrepreneurs still think that business intelligence solutions are sophisticated and expensive tools needed only by large enterprises managing enormous amounts of data. But is it true? These are six reasons why I think it's not. 1. Business Intelligence Is for Everyone Business Intelligence, despite its sophisticated aura, is a very straightforward practice. It is all about collecting relevant data about your company performance and taking actionable conclusions from it so you can make informed decisions on how to improve different aspects of the business. (more…)

6 Learning Management Systems for Educational Institutions

By Jessica O' Loughlin, 10 April 2014

E-Learning software, otherwise known as learning management systems (LMS) are often associated with staff training and development. However, the core function of any learning management system is to make teaching and learning more efficient, and this applies to educational institutions as much as it does to other kinds of businesses. Learning management applications which are geared towards educational institutions are designed to enhance the experience of students along with those of teachers - improving communication, information and resource sharing. (more…)

Accounting Software to Meet Three Key Needs

By Jessica O' Loughlin, 3 April 2014

When choosing the right accounting software there will be a number of key accounting processes you will want to take into consideration. Three of the most important of which are billing and invoicing, expense management and bank reconciliation needs. However, not all accounting software solutions are capable of covering all three of these processes properly. That is why we have identified 5 popular applications that do a good job on all them. But before looking at these, let´s consider what accounting software can do to make these processes more efficient. (more…)

Talent management software is becoming an increasingly important tool for HR departments, employers and hiring managers alike for a plethora of good reasons. These benefits apply to companies of all sizes, from large enterprises to small start-ups. However, depending on the number of employees, the needs of your company and the type of software you are already using, different applications will be better suited to your business needs than others. (more…)

Property management companies are some of the most proactive in terms of adopting software. As it decreases in price, smaller businesses and even amateur property managers are able to function using some of the best practices and become as efficient as big companies in the sector. (more…)

Communications software is becoming an increasingly popular category on our marketplace and we realized that many SMBs do not really know much about the types of communication software available, and how they can use these in their business. (more…)

Is Personalized E-Commerce Worth the Investment?

By Giancarlo Cammarota, 27 February 2014

If you are running an online store or an e-commerce site, you have already heard how important it is to segment your customers and be able to personalize the items, contents and the experience you offer to them. Acting wisely on different sets of data, like users’ profile information, previous purchases, location or referrals, you can offer a tailored experience and achieve better user engagement, higher customer satisfaction and stronger purchase loyalty. (more…)

So you’ve decided that you want to get with the times and move your clunky booking system over to the cloud. Now it’s time to narrow down your vendor list. Here are the three things that you need to consider the help you lock down the best online booking system vendor for you. (more…)

More than 148 million travel bookings are made online each year, and over 76% of U.S. travelers are now using digital tools to plan their trips. Businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry that do not accept reservations through their existing websites may be missing out on a significant chunk of potential revenue. Speed, simplicity, and ease-of-use are three of the most important factors that consumers look at when making travel reservations, and hotels and tour operators that require customers to book via telephone or fax score low in all three of these metrics. Thirty-nine percent of online bookings are made outside of normal business hours, according to research from BRS Golf. Given that statistic, it’s clear that accepting reservations and bookings online is incredibly important for businesses in the tourism industry. Implementing an online booking and reservation software doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. A number of digital marketing vendors have introduced web-based tools that businesses can utilize to enable online reservations and bookings through their existing websites. Here are three tips for businesses that are willing to integrate an online booking and reservation system into their websites for the very first time. (more…)