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Join the SaaS Marketing Revolution at Maximize 2014

By Manuel Jaffrin, 2 April 2014

GetApp is pleased to support the upcoming SIIA Maximize 2014 conference, taking place May 20 – 22, 2014 in San Francisco, CA. Maximize is the premier SaaS gathering focusing on specific growth opportunities for SaaS marketers.  (more…)

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Free Photos For Social Media Thanks To Getty Images

By Mila Nikolova, 10 March 2014

Free photos are the Holy Grail for social media marketers, especially for the ones working in small and medium businesses that cannot afford to pay for expensive stock photos on a daily basis. As reported by TechCrunch last Wednesday, Getty Images announced an important twist in their business strategy and will be making freely available 35 million photographs from their stock imagery. (more…)

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Recently we have been receiving many questions about document management systems (DMS). And we are super happy about it. Document management software allow you to go paperless, increase efficiency and boost security in environment-friendly and cost-effective way. That is way we searched through the web to deliver you the best resources on document management software and similar topics. Hope you will enjoy it! (more…)

Guest Post Business Apps and SaaS on GetApp

By Christophe Primault, 2 July 2013

GetApp is the leading marketplace that helps businesses discover and chose business applications. The site was established in 2010 and has been used by millions of businesses searching for business apps that are right for their needs. As part of our efforts to provide valuable resources to business app buyers, we are running a popular blog (in Top 3 blogs for SaaS in Alltop) where we share insights, tips and opinions about business apps. We consider guest post business submissions to the GetApp blog from anyone willing to share unique expertise related to business apps usage, and we really love it when it derived from your own personal experiences (more…)

There is a new buzz word in town: Content Marketing. The idea itself has been around for many years but recently this phrase is on everyone's lips. If we search for it in Google Trends, it is clear that in the last months it has really gained in popularity. What's the Buzz All About? Firstly, let’s explain what Content Marketing is... (more…)

SMB Mobile Solutions Adoption On The Fast Track

By Julia Rozwens, 26 April 2013

Small businesses from all over the world are embracing mobile solutions at the core of their business. Whether we refer to tablets, smart phones or laptops, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is gaining traction at small businesses as revealed from a recent survey from the SMB Group. (more…)

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Moving Towards the Paper-Free Office

By MatthewStibbe, 18 January 2013

The 25th October marked World Paper Free Day: if you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that. An entirely paper-free office isn’t a realistic goal, and for a lot of people, like Forbes contributor Douglas Merrill, it’s a rather dystopian concept. That said, a less-paper office improves efficiency, reduces stress, saves money and helps the environment. These are benefits that cannot be ignored, so below are some of the best ways to strike a beneficial balance between hard copy and digital. (more…)

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These Are People’s Top Cloud Business Apps For 2013

By Christophe Primault, 17 January 2013

We were keen to know at GetApp which  apps are very useful for your business in terms of increasing productivity, cost cutting, obtaining more clients, creating a happier team and so on. Therefore, we have asked the folks on Quora, what they believe are going to be the people´s top cloud business apps for 2013. We would like to share a summary of the most mentioned apps organized by key categories with you. (more…)

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Dell World 2012: An Update on Dell’s Journey

By LaurieMcCabe, 4 January 2013

Original article Just before the holidays, I had the opportunity to attend Dell’s second annual Dell World user conference. Here's my take on Dell’s progress towards becoming an end-to-end solutions company, and its directions in the small and medium business (SMB) market. To put things in context, Dell has been on a journey for a couple of years to transform from a hardware company provide businesses with open, flexible and easier to use IT solutions that can scale up or down as needed. Dell is leveraging cloud computing, open standards, and a blend of hardware, service and software offerings to build more comprehensive solutions. And, Dell has pegged midmarket business requirements as its design focal point to ensure scalability for organizations of all sizes. As I discussed in The New Dell and What it Means for SMBs: Takeaways from Dell’s 2011 Solutions for a Virtual Era Event, Dell has also made many acquisitions to turn this vision into reality, including KACE, Boomi, Wyse, SonicWall, Quest and AppAssure and others. (more…)

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How To Increase Knowledge Sharing In Your Company

By Stephanie Watson, 10 December 2012

Workers in the cubicle culture tend to agree that face-to-face get-togethers are the single best way to share knowledge in a company. Some like the idea of weekly lunch meetings centered around a single idea as long as they are informal. One way is having a facilitator keep the topic gently in view by introducing the idea under consideration for the first five or ten minutes. Others feel that just getting together for a brown bag lunch with no agenda works better because the topic always returns to the job and current issues affecting the group automatically. The important thing is to keep it casual, friendly, a time for socializing. Co-workers get to know each other at the same time they are throwing out nuggets of inspiration about the problem under discussion. But, today with our ever increasing telecommuting culture, what do you do if the group is spread out over the country or even on different continents? Email seems to get a thumbs down in many companies. It is good for individual communication but off-putting for many. It's very easy for emails to  get lost in translation. The big blocks of type usually needed to explain ideas tends to prompt people to hit the delete key. It works well one on one, but poorly for a group. (more…)

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