Four Reasons Apple Pay Might Not Live Up to the Hype

By Todd Spear, 10 September 2014

Amid all the fanfare surrounding the September 9, 2014 announcement of the latest generation of the iPhone (6) and Apple's newest product, the Apple Watch, the real story for many (including us!), Apple Pay, was sandwiched in the middle of the more glamorous revelations. But Apple Pay may be the most audacious new revenue stream to come from Apple Inc. since the death of founder and visionary CEO, Steve Jobs. Apple Pay comes on the heels of an iPhone-related security breach that attracted plenty of negative press for the company. (more…)

Understanding Marketing Analytics: Best Tools for the Job

By Diana Berryman, 22 July 2014

                I have a confession! For all my social media bravado, when it comes down to numbers and analytics I am as terrified as the next girl (or boy)! I know that if I sit down and concentrate for long enough, I can learn about and adapt to anything. The problem is I kind of glaze over and get easily distracted if I look at them for too long…..oooo shiny! This very reason makes me want to kiss the people who have finally made that side of marketing easier and more interesting with solid marketing software for me to analyze the fruits of my creative labor! (more…)

Top 20 Twitter Influencers for Project Management – NEW LIST!

By Hadley Jones, 18 July 2014

Where would you look for or find out about the people that have the most influence on project management professionals? Word of mouth is one option, but it’s subjective. Search engine results are more impartial, but are they relevant? After all, you won’t influence people unless they read what you write. Does a social network like Twitter have the answer? (more…)

Best Marketing Influencers on Twitter

By Diana Berryman, 10 July 2014

Marketing in general, and particularly social media marketing, is taking over the world! Ok so I am slightly biased, being a social media marketer myself, but it is an exciting, ever-changing world of new and inspirational ways to make a success of your business. The very best thing about marketing your business on Twitter is that absolutely anyone can do it! There is so much information out there, millions of blog posts to read. Thousands of great people to mentor you. A billion ideas for you to adapt to suit your own business and to inspire you to imagine brand new ideas. If you are new to marketing and social media it won’t do you any harm at all to learn from the best. I started writing this list with people in mind. The more research I did the more amazing, influential, marketers I came across. This may have to be the first of a series of articles about the people who know their marketing stuff on Twitter. Watch, read and learn folks! (more…)

App Guinea Pig: Five Email Marketing Apps to Help You Stay Connected

By Todd Spear, 24 June 2014

Welcome to the first in a series of articles in which I play the role of “App Guinea Pig” by testing out some of the apps found here at GetApp. The full disclosure: I’m starting a website of my own and I’m paying my own money for these apps (or, more often, opting in on the free trials). I’m no more “techie” than you probably are – I’m just trying out different solutions in the hopes of finding the right tools for my site. Since email marketing is such an essential part of business, I’ve decided that’s where I’ll start. GetApp offers a listing of many of the most popular email marketing apps around. Having never used an email marketing app, I really don’t know what to expect. But I do know what I need. (more…)

Investors Continue to Show Faith in the ‘Age of the Customer’

By Jennifer Riggins, 12 June 2014

We've already talked about the continued increasing urgency to provide fantastic customer support now. There's no excuse. It's not something extra you offer to premium clients. No matter your business, if you don't offer top-notch customer support at every stage of interaction, your business is doomed to fail. We're convinced that trend will only continue. And we're not the only ones. More and more investors and stockholders are investing more and more money on their bets on the future of customer service. That's why it came to no surprise when TeamSupport customer support software announced this Wednesday that it had raised $1.25 million in funding to help grow its sales, marketing and own internal customer support team. (more…)

Best Video Marketing Apps for SMBs

By Diana Berryman, 11 June 2014

All businesses can use a great video marketing strategy, they aren’t just for pretty products or how to… Whatever you're offering can be promoted by video and made infinitely more share-able by immortalizing it on film! Any business not implementing a Video Marketing campaign is missing out on a chance to stand out from your competition. If you think it is too difficult, expensive or time consuming then think again, times have changed! (more…)

What Zendesk’s Public Success Means for Your Customer Service

By Jennifer Riggins, 27 May 2014

Last week, Zendesk help desk gurus went public in a big way, closing its first day in the U.S. Stock Market with a solid 50 percent growth. Since the last quarter and especially the last month has seen the deflating of the most recent dot-com bubble, with giants like Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo! enduring a 15 percent drop, Zendesk's big first day seems like the silver lining in the tech world. Maybe it's an even bigger sign that cloud-based business tools are the direction the industry is blowing. At GetApp, we actually see it as an optimistic sign of another trend: We as a society are prioritizing customer service more than ever. And that's a good thing! (more…)

[Interview] Groove Uses Human Touch to Grow Help Desk Biz

By Mila Nikolova, 18 May 2014

We had the pleasure of talking to Alex Turnbull, Founder and CEO of Groove, about the evolution of the company, the benefits of cloud based helpdesk software, and the future of the product. (more…)

Join the SaaS Marketing Revolution at Maximize 2014

By Manuel Jaffrin, 2 April 2014

GetApp is pleased to support the upcoming SIIA Maximize 2014 conference, taking place May 20 – 22, 2014 in San Francisco, CA. Maximize is the premier SaaS gathering focusing on specific growth opportunities for SaaS marketers.  (more…)