The Best Apps To Track Time At Work

Rakesh Sharma
Published on 14 August 2014

Employee-Time-TrackingThe difference between a good time-tracking software and a bad one is like the difference between profitability and loss. Good time-tracking software always makes it simpler and easier for you to track functionality developed, being developed, and estimate future changes. In many ways, time tracking software is a snapshot of project performance at any given point of time. It helps you to calculate project vitals including time logged, activities involved and maximize billable and non-billable hours. In addition, you can analyze past performance and time estimates to prepare more informed ones for the future using apps to track time.

Without further ado, then, here are some time tracking apps from our ecosystem that exhibit all these qualities and more.

zoho projects logo

Zoho Projects

With Zoho Projects users can post their working status and project members can chat with each other. The Project Stream helps all the team members get immediate updates about the current status of their project. Users easily can keep all content organized and accessible by centrally posting files and easily creating a project web page or documentation. Pricing: Free for one project; $99/year for unlimited.


When I Work

If you’ve ever been on the sending or receiving line of shuffling schedules, you will find the When I Work scheduling and time clock app for iPhone, iPad and Android a breathe of fresh air. Know immediately who hasn’t shown up for work, who is available, who wants to trade shifts, and how long each is on duty, managing multiple sites from your pocket.  Pricing: Free for up to five employees; month-to-month subscription for as low as $1 per employee per month.

WorkFlowmax logo


WorkFlowmax has time tracking as a part of a complete workflow maximizing project management system. Your staff members can tracking time from anywhere, along with time sheets, collaboration, sales quotes, client management, job management, invoicing and more.  Pricing: Free Trial, then starting from $15 a month. Most popular plan is $99 a month for ten users.


Project time tracking is as simple or as powerful as you need it to be. (Tenrox Time Tracking) allows you to track projects for multiple customers and tasks via several convenient data entry methods, all with real-time mobility updates. Project timesheets are independent from hourly timesheets, so you can give access to only the necessary features on a per-employee basis. Then, you can creating compare forecasting versus the true results. Integrating with Tenrox, it offers you a complete project management tool with analytics. Pricing: Single-user accounts are free; then starting at $9.00/month for two users.

deputy app


Deputy is an easy, on-the-go, all-in-one workforce machines with scheduling, attendance and time clocking, with a simple-to-learn user experience that allows you to create and assign tasks with ease. Pricing: Starts freemium, but to get the full time-tracking and payroll integrations, it’s $4 per person per month.



Proworkflow is an excellent time tracking software that helps you do several things at the same time. For example, you can use the solution to optimize business processes, manage staff resources, and track projects at the same time. It is an end-to-end solution that helps you create quotes using the solution and synchronizing them with your accounting software. Pricing: Starting at $10.00/month per staffer.

Yamono logo


Yanomo is a time, expense and invoice & tracking tool. It helps you track employee time, relate it to expense and invoice your customers. An added incentive to try this solution is the extended free trial period. Instead of the regular 30 days, the solution offers 47 free days. According to their website, the solution extends time tracking to solve project management and task management problems. Pricing: $5.00 a month per person.



Mavenlink is an online project management app that is focused on collaboration. It has modules relating to time and expense management, budgeting, and file sharing to simplify workflow and increase productivity. The app also integrates with third-party solutions such as Quickbooks and Google Apps to increase efficiency and simplify operations. Pricing: Free Trial, followed by $49.99 a month, but with 25 percent off if you mention GetApp!

Are you ready to track all you and your team do?

Now it’s time to compare user reviews, pricing and more to know the right time-tracking app for you.

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