The Best Field Service Management Apps to Improve Offsite Operations

Stephanie Miles
Published on 23 July 2014

field-service-appsDo you know what your field technician is doing right now, or why he’s been late to his past three scheduled appointments? Managing offsite employees is notoriously difficult, especially for companies in the service industry that rely on customer referrals to generate new business.

Field service management apps are one of the ways that service and repair-based businesses are improving the efficiency and reliability of their offsite technicians. Although specific features vary from app to app, most field service management apps offer tools that managers can use to track the location of their employees, shorten billing cycles, cut down on unnecessary paperwork, and deliver better service overall.

As a result, businesses that use field service management apps are able to improve on-time records, deliver better service and generate more referrals from satisfied customers.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top five field service management apps on the marketplace today.

Fieldlocate field service management logoFieldLocate

FieldLocate field service management software, as its name suggests, helps you keep track of your team in the field. If you are a smaller residential service company, FieldLocate’s unique features, like being able to process and receive payments in the field and GPS tracking can help you manage, are perfect if you run a small plumbing, painting, or catering company that has a series of workers on different sites. Try the free iPhone or iPad app. Price: Starting from $70/month

Kickserv CRM for field services logoKickserv

Kickserv is the CRM for field service industry. A mix of a customer relationship management software and a field service management solution, it blends the best of both worlds with it’s client content management, scheduling, credit card payments, QuickBooks Online sync, and so much more. It’s perfect for any freelancer or team that makes housecalls in sectors like HVAC, plumbing, construction, lawncare, maid services, and pest control. Price: $49 per month for up to five employees.


FieldAware field service management software is of the same company as FieldLocate but caters to larger commercial service companies. From FieldAware’s native iPhone, iPad and tablet app, you can build quotes and estimates, manage work, staff and assets, and invoice all in the field. They even have an API so you can integrate FieldAware with your already existing workflow. Price: Starting from $70/month


Jobber scheduling, invoicing and more for field management gives you instant access to your customer information from any computer or mobile device. Quotes, Scheduling, Job tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Electronic Payments, QuickBooks integration and a growing list of other great features! We guarantee Jobber will improve your business. Price: Starting from $29/month


Mhelpdesk field service software application gives every small business advanced field service technology in an easy-to-use and affordable package. It is the easiest way to manage, track, and schedule field technicians for virtually any business in the service industry. And it integrates with Quickbooks. Price: Month-to-month pricing


Synchroteam field service management (FSM) helps businesses in many industries efficiently manage their mobile workers, simplify their processes and optimize their costs per revenue. It is a complete and intuitive field service management solution (FSM) with Scheduling, Dispatching, Tracking and Reporting capabilities. It shows you in real-time the location of your offices, workers, customers and displays them on a map. It is very easy to drag and drop a job onto the right worker based on his availability, competencies and location. Price: Starting from €28/month

Are you ready to synchronize your team on and offsite?

Now it’s time to compare your field service operations software options, including independent user reviews of each app, in order to decide who you want to enroll into a free trial with.

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