Vivocha Review – Convert Online Visitors Faster

Stephanie Watson
Published on 25 April 2013

This product is essential for meeting and talking with your customers choosing between different communication media and, if your desire is to convert visitors to customers, it allows  you to proactively engage with them, based on their navigation behavior.

Easily meet with your customers and conduct a one on one conversation via this platform. Vivocha allows you interact right on your website, with chat, video-chat, VoIP, CallBack or WebLead.

Simply copy and paste a single line of code, and a widget will appear on your website or blog, allowing the customer to contact you from there via their favorite media. In this Vivocha review we will look at the possibilities with this software in terms of customer relations, help desk, eCommerce and customer support.

Solve your Customer´s Problems On the Spot

This platform allows you to solve the problem of communication with website visitors. Normally, the visitor goes to your site, clicks around and reads or not reads and you have no way of reaching out to them unless they sign up for a newsletter or something like that. Now you can offer live communication at the time of their visit and when they’re most interested or have the most questions.  You are able to log in and access all of your clients from one area. You can chat with them, request callbacks, and much more, knowing who they are, their navigation history and seeing what they are seeing in real time. This tool is bringing you closer to your customers, improving communication and fostering the creation of a stronger relationship with them.

Any Type of Business Owner with a Website Can Use This Software

Whether you provide a product, or a service, Vivocha can improve your customer service exponentially. As a freelance writer, I can use it and be available when visitors come to my website and be right there to answer questions. I could also hire sales/support staff to be there and use the product to push sales or offer an help desk service.

Stop Losing Customers With Vivocha

You have mere seconds to impress a website visitor. If they’re clicking on and clicking away fast, this is another way to figure out how you can best serve your website visitors and turn them into clients. You can do so much with Vivocha aside from chatting with clients. You can call them back, collaborate, help them find what they want on your website,  You can set automatic proactive rules that will engage customers (via any of the communication channels available) depending on their behavior on the website, to target the most promising ones. Many businesses need this, from real estate agents, to freelance writers, to just about anyone who sells any product or service and want to have a better relationship/understanding of their customers.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

The platform is very visual. You’ll see your stats as soon as you log in.  This is very useful information to see how you’ve done during the specified time period. It will show you graphs of the different number of people you have talked to and if you have improved or decreased in visitor numbers

The interface is easy to navigate on and is not cluttered with a lot of data that can confuse you.


The Dashboard is where you’ll start.


Then you can look at your stats Four

And you can always get the support you need.

Positives and Negatives

Let’s get to the many positives of this awesome and useful software.

The pros are:

  1. You can connect to many clients through one platform
  2. You do not need to worry about logging in to a bunch of different places
  3. Connecting virtually is more convenient for people
  4. Your stats are recorded
  5. Easy pricing options, starting at 19$/mo

The cons are:

  1. If your Internet is down for the day, you cannot connect to your customers
  2. Some clients prefer a traditional way of communicating
  3. Someone has to be there to chat live

Fits Almost Any Budget for Almost Any Business

This platform is designed to fit into anyone’s budget and is inexpensive. The best part about this product is that it does not cost a lot of money. A program like this, that connects you to so many different clients and allows you to communicate with them, would be expensive, right? No! This product is extremely affordable and you get free credits. For the price of a gym membership you can use this platform. But, honestly, what is the cost of losing a customer?

Is It For You?

It’s definitely a good bargain and a great opportunity. Business owners can definitely manage and market their business effectively through this tool. You can be up and running in no time with Vivocha, you may as well give it a try. Just remember, someone needs to be available to chat live for those features to work.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5

Try Vivocha for Free

Stephanie Watson

Overall rating: (4.5/5)

Pros: You can connect to many clients through one platform
Cons: You will need a live chat operator on duty

5 thoughts on “Vivocha Review – Convert Online Visitors Faster

  1. Christa Joe

    For me, the conventional way of communication a better way to communicate as it allows a company to study and analyze different queries they are about to answer and provide more accurate information.

    On the other hand, live chat most of the time delivers the very basic information which can be found on the website itself and if in-depth information is asked, more often fails to provide or have some discrepancies in it.

    1. davide rovera

      Hi Christa, why do you say that live chat provides information that’s not correct? It depends on who’s on the other side of the chat, a properly-trained agent is an invaluable source of information, comparable to talking to somebody in a brick-and-mortar shop.

      Maybe you had some bad experiences, but I assure you there are great implementation of live chat, and customers love it!

      1. Christa Joe

        Hi Davide, I’d not disagree with you and rather keep a sync with what you have to say about it. My point is in terms of the companies belonging to a SME category where the training of a chat executive is not up to the level to match the expectations of the customer. They are generally provided with a set of documents which they “read and reply” and when asked for a more detailed information, they re-directs the customer to use the contact form.
        As we all know, customers these days are more technically sophisticated about the subject of service they look for and in that case, if they still have to encounter the hierarchy then it’s better not to use the chat service for customer support. Moreover, it de-reputes an organization for deploying less knowledgeable executives for customer support.

        1. davide rovera

          You’re right about the SME often employing poorly-trained staff for customer support, but I would say it’s a management responsibility anyway. Also, I wouldn’t say it de-reputes the organization for deploying less knowledgeable executives, but rather it gives the company the tools to objectively evaluate both the Support Staff team and management’s performances: At Vivocha we’ve seen that companies (and managers) that make a smart and proactive use of the interaction insights we provide in our dashboard are actually improving their conversion rates and they customers’ satisfaction levels. Of course, if a company it’s poorly managed and no interest is given to customers’ happiness (or, at least, satisfaction), then what you’re saying it’s true. But I wouldn’t limit it to the live chat: that kind of attitude it’s usually reflected across the whole company thus they will, sooner or later, lose customers to somebody that’s able to provide a satisfying online experience.

          1. Christa Joe

            Yes, you’re right Davide. A poorly managed organization sooner or later experiences the loss in their clientele. Had a nice discussion with you.

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