Featured Business Intelligence Apps
  • Sisense 

    Software by Sisense

    The BI & Dashboard Software to handle multiple, large data sets.

  • Behind Sisense's drag-and-drop user interface and eye-grabbing visualization options lies a technology that forever changes the world of business analytics software. By removing limitations to data size and performance imposed by in-memory and relational databases, Sisense enables any business to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics to thousands of users within hours

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  • BIME 

    Software by BIME Analytics

    Explore, understand and communicate data with style!

  • BIME delivers a simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis and dashboarding cloud platform accessible everywhere that enables modern organizations to explore, understand and communicate data with style. Its UI combines the visual simplicity and elegance of the best consumer apps with powerful features to connect to all major data sources, on-premise or online - from spreadsheets and traditional relational databases to Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Salesforce and Zendesk and up to Big Data sources such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA. No other BI service is as flexible and powerful, as beautiful and enjoyable and as affordable as BIME. In the mobile first, cloud first world, maximizing ease of use is the name of the game for any business application. BIME is setting a new industry standard for business intelligence UI.

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  • Zoho Reports 

    Software by Zoho Corp

    Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you get new insights on your business information. It allows you to easily create and share powerful reports in minutes with no IT help. Upload or synchronize data from spreadsheets, web or traditional applications Build powerful reports and dashboards in minutes with our easy drag-and-drop interface Share reports and dashboards with key performance indicators Zoho Reports can be used across various functional areas and by a wide range of users for their reporting and analytics needs. Read more about who can benefit from Zoho Reports.

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  • Roambi Analytics 

    Software by Roambi

    The Worlds Leading Mobile Reporting and Analytics App

  • Roambi re-designs the way you interact with, share, and present data from a completely mobile perspective. Easily transform data from any source into stunning, interactive, mobile-first visualizations that provide information to everyone in the moments they need it, on the devices they use the most.

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  • BI Office 

    Software by Pyramid Analytics

    One Business Intelligence Platform

  • Pyramid Analytics delivers a self-service Governed Data Discovery platform that bridges the gap between the business user and the IT department in the enterprise world. We deliver one suite, one complete solution, for advanced analytics on data from any source in a highly intuitive and easy to use interface accessible from your browser or through dedicated apps on any device. The latest version of BI Office adds the ability for business users to integrate more data sources (Hadoop Hive, Windows Azure Hive and IBM DB2) as well as provide IT improved data access security for mobile or desktop devices. Recently recognized as a Big Data 100 winner from CIOReview as well as being added to the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant for the first time this in 2014, BI Office is leading the industry as a Governed Data Discovery platform that business users love and IT approves anywhere, anytime.

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  • Looker 

    Software by LOOKER

    Re-inventing data analytics.

  • Looker is a business intelligence platform with an analytics-oriented application server that sits on top of relational data stores. The Looker platform includes an end-user interface for exploring data, a reusable development paradigm for creating data discovery experiences, and an extensible API set so the data can exist in other systems. Looker enables anyone to search and explore data, build dashboards and reports, and share everything easily and quickly.

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  • Decibel Insight 

    Software by Decibel Insight

    Powerful Visual Web Analytics

  • Introducing the most advanced, innovative and complete heatmapping tools in the world, Decibel Insight is designed to help businesses of all types and sizes generate better results from their websites. Unlike traditional analytics, which use statistics and charts to monitor how a website has performed, Decibel Insight’s powerful tools provide visual intelligence and guidance on how to improve it. In just a few clicks, Decibel Insight’s patent protected technology identifies the content that works best, where to position it and how to optimise the user experience for desktop and mobile to maximise conversion. Applicable to B2B and B2C websites and delivered as SaaS, its intuitive interface makes it accessible to novice and seasoned marketers and analysts. Decibel Insight is priced according to your sites' traffic and the features that you require - starting at £0 per month. There are no set up charges, users subscribe online, and integration is straightforward with full support.

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  • PriceGrid 

    Software by PriceGrid, LLC

    Price Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence

  • Any business that sells products and has competition can benefit from PriceGrid's suite of competitive business tools. Ecommerce businesses benefit from competitive price analysis and monitoring. Software and Service businesses benefit in knowing the moment competitors change pricing structure, introduce new products, and file for patents. In a changing business landscape, there's plenty to think about. Let PriceGrid take the competitive burden off your plate.

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  • AT Internet Web Analytics 

    Software by AT INTERNET

    Enterprise Web and Mobile Analytics

  • AT Internet’s premium Web Analytics solution is designed to help companies to measure, analyse and segment their web data in real time. Drive your digital performance and presence on web, mobile and social platforms thanks to an integral analysis of your websites, mobile sites and applications. Build tailored and eye-catching web analytics dashboards to share your data with your co-workers in a matter of minutes.

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Business Intelligence App Directory
  • Trackerbird Software Analytics 

    Software by Trackerbird

    Software Analytics and Business Intelligence for .NET & C++

  • Track installations, software usage and conversion trends for desktop applications. An SDK offering Business Intelligence analytics with a direct-to-desktop marketing framework. FREE for startups.

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  • Birst 

    Software by Birst

    Business intelligence and analytics software for all industries

  • Birst is one of the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) business intelligence and analytics tools. Birst is easy, affordable, and powerful business intelligence. It's easy enough for business users to create their own dashboards and reports, and powerful enough for complex IT demands, with a TCO only 1/3rd that of traditional BI solutions. Birst customers range from SMBs to large enterprises, and is used by companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, Securian Financial, Citrix, Key Technology, and the Metro Atlanta YMCA, which serves thousands of families. Birst has won the Red Herring Global 2010 award, the TDWI Best Practices Award for Dashboards and Scorecards, and the Web Award for Software Standard of Excellence.

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  • Transera 

    Software by

    Engaging customer analytics

  • Transera is a business analytics and predictive analytics software that gives you real-time engaging customer insights and demographics. Transera maps your customer engagement data and presents the most relevant information in manageable spreadsheets and graphs. These Transera findings can be displayed in customized view and exported to Excel or downloaded. Transera keeps a full historic view of all clients to help you manage success over long periods of time and tracks all steps of their purchase process. Transera is fully controlled via one centralized dashboard, that can be shared amongst staff, and is web based and subject to regular backups.

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  • Yellowfin 

    Software by Yellowfin


  • Yellowfin is a leading Business intelligence Software vendor. With more than 1,000,000 users globally - Yellowfin is the number one Business Intelligence choice for organizations of all sizes.

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  • SumAll 

    Software by Sumall

    Connect data. Get insights.

  • SumAll is committed to bringing you the full power of your data by connecting it. Democratize your information by making it engrossing, affordable, and accessible so business operators can start turning their data into dollars.

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  • salesPRISM by Lattice 

    Software by Lattice engines

    Big Data analytics platform

  • With salesPRISM you can literally revolutionize your sales and marketing with BIG DATA and develop the most informed professionals who can engage the most receptive customers in the most compelling ways. salesPRISM allows you to generate more pipeline opportunities and close more deals.

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  • Centius Qi™ 

    Software by Centius

    Complete enterprise Business Intelligence platform on the Cloud

  • Looking for a BI software with advanced analytics features that’s intuitive, easy to use and does not require massive resources to deploy or a major hardware investment? Centius offers an unrivaled solution, full-featured Business Intelligence (BI) platform that can be deployed on a local server or a cloud framework. The single web-based application provides a streamlined, intuitive interface for all users, business executives and data analysts. Centius Qi™ is the first “all-in-browser” BI solution that requires no software installation on the client side and is designed to be fully owned by the business user.

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  • Tableau Software 

    Software by Tableau

    Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Tableau Software is a business intelligence and analytics solution that offers a range of integrated products to help you visualize and understand your data. The software comprises three core products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online. There are also two recently added, additional products: Tableau Reader and Tableau Public. Furthermore, under the title of Tableau 8.2, the company has released a whole range of new features. Tableau handles all data sizes, is accessible for technical and non-technical users, and the customizable dashboards are updated in real-time.

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  • Pentaho 

    Software by Pentaho

    Powerful Analytics Made Easy

  • Pentaho tightly couples data integration with business analytics in a modern platform that brings together IT and business users to easily access, visualize and explore all data that impacts business results.

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  • Jaspersoft 

    Software by JasperSoft

    The Intelligence Inside

  • Built for Cloud, Mobile and Big Data, Jaspersoft delivers truly cost-effective, self-service BI at scale. Our product, unlike traditional BI tools, allows anyone to easily self-serve and get the answers they need inside their preferred app or on their favorite device. Our platform, unlike desktop visualization tools, scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone.

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  • InsightSquared 

    Software by InsightSquared

    Salesforce business analytics app

  • InsightSquared offers a range of business analytics tools to understand data from all areas of your business. The cloud software integrates with Salesforce, providing key sales forecasting, pipeline management, retrospective pipeline trend analysis, rep performance analysis and more. Along with sales analytics tools, InsightSquared also offers marketing, financial, staffing and support analysis. The analytics software gives an all round overview of your entire business operations as well as a granular view of individual activities, such as employee performance. The software allows you to create financial reports for CEOs and stakeholders, integrating with Quickbooks. It also provides case management and customer support analysis.

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  • DOMO 

    Software by DOMO


  • To do your job well, you need the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases and applications. Domo solves that problem by bringing your business and its data together in one intuitive platform. With Domo, it’s easy to see all the information you care about in one place and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions.

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  • QlikView OnDemand 

    Software by Rosslyn Analytics

    Simply build, design and publish in minutes today.

  • QlikView OnDemand makes it easier to collaboratively tap into deeper levels of information than ever before. It provides you with a real-time data discovery platform to search for, analyze and uncover insights previously hidden away within volumes of unconnected data sources.

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  • BIRT onDemand 

    Software by Birt

    The Smart SaaS Solution for Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • BIRT onDemand is the smart SaaS solution for business intelligence and reporting and is based on Actuate's industry standard BIRT application server architecture on the Cloud. It allows you to host, deliver, and access critical information in minutes.

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  • Datameer 

    Software by Datameer

    Big Data Analytics

  • Datameer is the only analytics application that scales with your needs. Empower users to work independently, in a group, or across the company. Develop on your laptop, test with your work group, deploy to your company and scale with your needs: on your laptop, server or cluster.

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  • EdgeSpring 

    Software by Edgespring

    Business Insight at the Speed-of-Thought

  • The EdgeSpring Platform is a disruptive technology that dramatically accelerates and simplifies the building of analytic applications to gain insights across vast amounts of data of any type or structure. Edgespring can help you make better decisions with your data in all lines of business.

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