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Key Features of Clarizen

  • Project Scheduling, Gantt Chart
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Time Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Budget Tracking
  • Issue Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Mobile App for iPhone and Android
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Personal Calendars
  • Role & Assignment Per Project
  • Billable & Non Billable Work Items
  • Templates
  • Project Percentage Completion Reporting
  • Document Sharing
  • Real Time Team Updates
  • Financial Indicators
  • Expenses

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Screenshot #1 of Clarizen (Document Management)
Screenshot #2 of Clarizen (Ticket Management)
Screenshot #3 of Clarizen (Project Planning)
Screenshot #4 of Clarizen (Resource Management)
Screenshot #5 of Clarizen (Task Management )
Screenshot #6 of Clarizen (Social Engagement )
Screenshot #7 of Clarizen ()
Screenshot #8 of Clarizen ()

Overview of Clarizen

Clarizen uniquely combines true social collaboration with powerful project management to align your team and drive increased productivity and profitability. Fast to deploy and easy to use, Clarizen harnesses the power of the cloud to help you get work done on time, on budget and with better results. The leader in enterprise work collaboration and project management, Clarizen is shaping the future of work by redefining enterprise collaboration – it empowers high-performance teams by connecting conversations, tasks and projects in a single solution. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Clarizen’s award-winning solutions to get the job done.

Clarizen is also available for your iPhone on the Apple Store and as an Android App!

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Intended Users: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported: Android, iPhone-iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows
Supported Countries: Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Support Options: FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials
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Clarizen Pricing

Starting from: $29.95/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Clarizen licenses are per user per month starting from $29.95/user/month. Email only users are free.


Clarizen is a leading global provider of collaborative online work and project management software that allows businesses to easily manage all of their work, projects and resources in a single, simple to use environment.
Clarizen’s work management tools facilitate true team collaboration and project execution, ensuring data is always up-to-date and aligned with business objectives.
No complex software or hardware installations are required due to Clarizen’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture, resulting in immediate business impact as teams and projects get up and running instantly.
Clarizen’s intuitive user interface and innovative e-mail and SOA integration capabilities ensure quick and smooth adoption by users, keeping everyone on track with up-to-date project data.

User Reviews for Clarizen

  All in one place

Clarizen brings all of our previously disparate levers and knobs into one package. Since deploying, they have constantly upgraded and innovated to allow for more capability and smoother operation. The API has proven strong for us, and the customization means we can use it exactly how we like. Mobile and Outlook integration have proven valuable as well. We can present our users with multiple ways to use the technology so that they can pick the method they feel most comfortable with. My remark to our VP: "We're going to put success right out in front of you, where you can grab it." Our support has been excellent. Multiple people from Clarizen have supported us not only through the transition and rollout, but well beyond. When I need support, I get it, fast.

— Jeff Driscoll (5th of February 08:10)

  Great Project Management tool

Clarizen is the most versatile saas solution for all kinds of project managers. It's highly collaborative and communication solution.

— Andrzej Lechowicz (27th of December, 2013 15:56)

  Terrific Product with Outstanding Customer Service

I highly recommend Clarizen for my clients. The ability to start running out of the box, or customize the product to your exact specifications provides the ultimate flexibility. The product can evolve with your company, allowing you to maintain one product as your company grows. The customer service is unparalleled. Webinars, forums, and online resource tools prove to be invaluable resources when customizing this product.

— Ashley Hoyt (13th of December, 2013 06:49)

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