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Solve is a modern CRM application that integrates features to manage client projects. It's ideal for small teams in service based companies that need a flexible solution.

- Renowned Google Apps and Xero integration
- Your team will actually use it
- A Google Staff pick, see why
- We have your back, 14 year track record of success


Intended Users
Freelancers, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Web-based, Windows
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Swedish
Supported Platforms
Google Apps, Open API
Support Options
FAQs, Knowledge Base


Starting from: $39.00
Pricing model: One-time Licence, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

FREE no-hassle trial. Our most popular plan is only $39 a month.

Competitors Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Starting from: $5.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $12.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $99.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription

  • · Powerful email integration with Google Apps
  • · Free up to 3 users
  • · Fast Search of Everything You've Stored
  • · Automatic Address Book
Visit WebsiteCompare with Solve CRM
InsightlyCustomer Management
Zoho CRM
  • · Sales Force Automation
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · Customer Support & Service
  • · Inventory Management
Visit WebsiteCompare with Solve CRM
Zoho CRMCustomer Management
  • · CRM
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · E-Commerce
  • · Built-in metadata and keyword fields
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InfusionsoftCustomer Management


A modern CRM with features to manage projects.

We help you manage your client interactions and keep everyone coordinated If you work with people you manage a lot of information. This work a lot of your daily time and creates little value for your customers. Coordinated teams spend far less time “communicating” and more time planning and doing the right things. Imagine the benefits you'll realize supported by a simple, client-focused system. Discover how our Solve360 will make a huge impact to your bottom line. Oh, and the best part is your team will actually use it.

Key Features

  • Renowned Google Apps integration
  • Customizable fields
  • iPad, touch/tablet application
  • iPhone, mobile application
  • Link emails to shared contact records like you've never seen
  • Dynamic duplication detection
  • Client portal
  • Email campaigns
  • Activity templates
  • Customize databases
  • SSL Encryption
  • Full Data Export
  • Xero Integration


It’s not uncommon to hear...

“We haven’t seen anything like this before! It’s fast and our staff actually use it.”

“It doesn’t impose a rigid way to work, it handles whatever the real-world throws at us.”

“Our clients LOVE the sharing project blog feature.”

“The templates and scheduled emails save time and help automate high-value processes such as automatic lead-nurturing campaigns.”

Solve360 includes many features at no additional cost, such as the Android/iPhone/iPad interface, capturing leads directly from web-forms and many advanced features when you’re ready for them

Includes French, German, Dutch, Russian and Polish language options.

Solve360 for Google Apps provides:

- Sign in once and use everything in Solve360's CRM and Google Apps
- Manage your clients and workflow directly from within your email
- Attach important emails to shared contact records

- Automatically sync Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar -- including mobile devices
- Generate custom Solve360 reports in a Google Docs Spreadsheet
- Use Solve360's free Google Apps scripts for Mail Merge and Web to CRM lead forms
Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • · Communities for sales
  • · Marketing and sales leads
  • · Email integration
  • · Opportunities and quotes
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Salesforce Sales CloudCustomer Management
  • · CRM
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • · Email Marketing
Visit WebsiteCompare with Solve CRM
HatchbuckCustomer Management
  • · Sales Pipeline View - great overview of sales
  • · Contact History
  • · Full Customization
  • · Email integration
Visit WebsiteCompare with Solve CRM
PipedriveCustomer Management

User Reviews

No solution is perfect but Solve360 impressed me

Chriss Bliss9th of February, 2012 15:44

Solve360 is aimed at small businesses and teams of under 20 people, particularly those with project-heavy, collaboration-based workflows. If you fit that description then Solve360 is probably the best CRM you’ll find. No solution is perfect but Solve360 impresses, and it’s heads above most of the competition. Well done! The software sports both the features you’d expect from a CRM, as well as innovative, intelligent features you won’t find elsewhere. Additionally, it delivers some delightfully unique features like a near-seamless integration between contacts and “project blogs”. Solve360 is an intelligent software that blends innovative design with well-constructed features, and it deserves its place among the elite of small business CRM.

Use google apps and want CRM? Search ends here!

Dubailand8th of February, 2012 16:40

As the other reviewers mention many people who are searching for the right CRM will have evaluated many of the offerings on the market today. If you have not tried out Solve360 yet then you should get right on it. We loved the way it can be shaped to match your business and the integration with google apps is top class. Easily a TOP 3 CRM product for SME's.

A great fit for all types of business

Robert Wiebe4th of February, 2012 06:28

We use this tool every day in our business to manage our sales process and project work. The longer I use it, the more I like it. This tool has several integration points into Google Apps (contacts, calendar, tasks) but the most impressive one is this contextual gadget that lets you see information about a client right from the Gmail window.

Solve360 is the perfect fit for small business

Jim Pappas2nd of February, 2012 19:27

Solve360 is the perfect solution for running our firm and managing our systems and processes. We have been able to quickly and easily link contacts, companies and projects in ways that make sense for managing a variety of projects. We can share the data with the right people in and out of our work group! We can manage simple tasks and develop step-by-step systems for work group performance and management. Solve360 works seamlessly with Google apps. Google Apps with Solve360 is tough to beat and an exceptional value at about $10-$13/month per user. Bottom line is that this product will give you less brain damage and it works!

Awesome CRM and Project Management Solution deeply integrated to Google Apps

Blair Collins2nd of February, 2012 02:43

Have used Act, Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, Siebel on-demand, and even started our business up on Salesforce.com. Started looking for better task/project management beyond what Google Apps provided and fell in love with the fresh well integrated approach to CRM that Solve360 provides.

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