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  • Front Desk    5 reviews

    Mobile Client Management Software
    Front Desk powers your business so you can spend more time doing what you love. Personal services businesses and franchises can manage scheduling, attendance, billing, digital waivers, and payment processing through their Front Desk. A few personal service industries we’ve been successful for include gyms, dance, yoga, music studios, tutoring centers, dog trainers, and more. Front Desk gives you and your staff the right tools to manage your classes, clients, and payments on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your clients will also be able to check in on their schedules, membership, and bills. Anywhere, and at anytime. Front Desk helps you save time and money.
  • Booker    26 reviews

    Online booking management software
    Booker is an all-in-one business management platform that gives you the power to run your business anytime, anywhere. We make it easy to access your business 24/7 from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We also make it easy for your customers to book appointments and classes—even after business hours—from your website, social accounts, or mobile app. Our expertise in cloud-based business management makes us the safe, reliable choice.
  • Acuity Scheduling    9 reviews

    Appointment scheduling software
    Easily offer appointment booking directly through your website with Acuity online appointment scheduling software. Clients worldwide or local can schedule their appointment online, complete custom forms, and pay with a credit card, online 24/7. Whether it's a regular schedule, or irregular you can manage any availability easily. Eliminate no-show appointments with automatic text message and e-mail reminders to clients. A responsive scheduling page means that clients can book appointments from their desktop, tablet, or phone. You can also manage appointments directly from your desktop, tablet, or phone too. Join the thousands of businesses who have booked millions of appointments already through Acuity Scheduling!
  • Visitor Management    5 reviews

    Web based visitor management software
    Proxyclick visitor management is a web application and kiosk application for managing the welcoming of visitors to your office.
  • Agendize Online Scheduling    2 reviews

    Get more bookings!
    A scheduling solution that brings a real impact to your business. Agendize Appointment Scheduling Software is an online scheduling application that lets your visitors make bookings and lets you manage bookings online 24/7.
  • vCita    31 reviews

    The Online Gateway to Your Business
    vCita LiveSite is the online gateway to your business. LiveSite is where clients communicate, share documents, schedule appointments and pay for services anytime, on any device. vCita LiveSite optimizes websites, mobile, social and email, driving more opportunities and providing clients of small businesses a personalized, self-service experience. vCita LiveSite includes messaging and contact forms, online scheduling, client billing and online payments, document sharing, and a CRM—all seamlessly integrated with your website, social and email. • Offer convenient online "pay now" buttons to webpages. • Provide 24/7 online appointment booking through your website. • Maximize email campaign response rates by adding online scheduling links/buttons. • Eliminate no-shows with automated reminders and notifications. • Share and track files with clients. Plus, all interactions are automatically recorded in the vCita Contact Management/CRM.
  • Xola    14 reviews

    Xola is a booking, marketing and distribution platform for businesses offering activities and experiences.
    Xola is a booking, marketing, and distribution platform that powers tour operators, activity providers, and other businesses offering lifestyle experiences. Our software helps businesses manage their back-office and online reservations, payment processing, calendaring, inventory and guide management, and customer relationship management. Xola software replaces credit card terminals, Excel spreadsheets, paper calendars and white boards.
  • BookSteam    9 reviews

    Easy to use Online Appointment Scheduler
    BookSteam is an all-in-one, easy to use online appointment management platform. Get your clients to schedule (and manage) their appointments, classes, workshops, groups online 24+7+365. We offer a wide range of premium features such as multiple locations, multiple staff members, client payments, client reviews, email/SMS notifications, separate staff logins, multi-currency, color coded time slots, schedule synchronization, automatic backups, business statistics, business listing page, Facebook integration, custom linking codes and many more. BookSteam software was designed to benefit thousands of businesses/organizations around the world in different industries such as colleges, universities, beauty salons, waxing salons, fitness studios, personal trainers, pet groomers, auto services, photographers, life coaches, massage therapists, yoga studios, law firms, gyms, even planners and more. Try our FREE 30 day trial (no credit card required) @
  • BookedIN    3 reviews

    Online Booking, Appointment Scheduling and Payment System
    BookedIN is an online booking, appointment scheduling, and payments system for small businesses and self-employed people in the service industry. Our software provides you with a booking webpage so your clients can book appointments for your services online. You can easily schedule your day, manage your staff, and collect online payments too.
  • Moonicorn    2 reviews

    Free web reservation booking engine for bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostel, cabin, condo, vacation rental, etc. Take reservations directly from your website.
  • Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management    3 reviews

    You must know WhosOnLocation in the event of an emergency
    Visitor Management - tracks Visitors into and out of your building allowing you to know WhosOnLocation at any time. You can also track employees, contractors and couriers, assets like keys, access cards. Manage car park spaces. Contractor Management - tracks contractors, licence expiry dates, Insurance dates, Induction expiry dates and more, Create denial of access rules for expired inductions, insurance policies and more. Includes optional Induction Module for online Inductions. Track assets like tools, radios and other expensive equipment used on your project by employees or contractors. Include mobile contractor management where you can with a smart phone engage or challenge contractors on the spot confirming identity and permission to be on site with photo ID. Induction Module - perfect for managing contractors to your company, push invites out to contracting company to upload all contractor information through contractor portal before your project commences..
  • BookerLooker    2 reviews

    Online Appointments Easy Way
    Appointment management software for small businesses of all sorts: Hair Salons, Consulting, Wellness, Massage, Therapy, Medical, Acupuncture, Spas, Law Firms, Personal Trainers. Easy to use customer appointments, online booking and text reminders. Great and affordable salon software
  • Bookeo Appointments    1 review

    Online Appointments Scheduling & Payments
    Bookeo Appointments lets your customers schedule appointments with you online, 24x7. Bookeo offers advanced features such as online payments and deposits, gift vouchers, promotions, memberships, integrated CRM, and much more. Bookeo Appointments can be embedded directly in your web site or your Facebook page, can sync your calendar to iPhone, Outlook, Google Calendar and other popular apps. You can send sms reminders to your customers to avoid no-shows, and even collect feedback from them after the visit. Bookeo is also fully integrated in the social space, with one-click Facebook signin, GroupOn/LivingSocial voucher validation, and viral marketing via Facebook or Twitter. Stop manning the phone, and take your business to the next level! The basic plan is free for solo users. Bookeo Appointments is popular with beauty therapists, salons, consultants, photographers, dentists, mobile providers and anyone who needs a easy to use and flexible online scheduling solution.
  • Doodle    1 review

    easy scheduling
    Doodle’s online services radically simplify the process of scheduling group events. The company initially became popular because of its group scheduling service on that’s used by millions of people. Today, it also provides a personal scheduling profile (MeetMe) and a professional booking service for local service providers (BookMe). The business is based on online advertising and premium subscriptions.
  • FareHarbor    1 review

    Mobile-Ready Reservation Software
    FareHarbor is a free, modern, and mobile friendly reservation software built for the activity and tour industry. FareHarbor’s ease of use has revolutionized the industry - activity operators can manage phone, in-store, and affiliate bookings with just a few clicks, all while accepting online orders with live availability. Even better, owners can customize bookings to collect the information they need. Our industry cutting credit card rate of 2.25% + 30 cents saves tour companies money from the start and with our unlimited custom reports, they always have a finger on their business’s pulse.
  • semScheduler    1 review

    Cloud Scheduler
    Web Cloud Scheduler Online Scheduler for your resource management. Profit from easy and centralized management of your conference rooms, resources or other objects in the Cloud. Appointments & resources easily organized sem.Scheduler is a Cloud application in semYOU-Cloud-Office which provides easy and central management of your utilized resource capacities. Whether it be meeting rooms, the car pool or staff, sem.Scheduler allows you to create calendars quickly and easily. These can be made available to your employees for inspection or editing.
  • Remotia Calendar    1 review

    Be on top of every important date, milestones and events! With Remotia’s intuitive Calendar feature, users can effectively manage tasks, send emails and share schedules online. Remotia’s easy-to-use Calendar module lets users keep abreast of important dates and tasks. Not only will users be able to manage their own set of activities, they will also have the power to sync joint events with colleagues. This way, group initiatives nothing will be left unattended since important dates will be flagged as needed, with an option to append supporting documents so that no one and nothings gets left out.
  • SuperSchedule    1 review

    Online scheduling made easy & affordable
    Add online appointment scheduling to your site with SuperSaaS. Fits many different online scheduling needs, is easy to set up and very affordable. It can be used as a simple online calendar or as a complete reservation system for your site. An abundance of features ensures that you can make your online business work the way you want it, not the other way around.
  • TimeCenter    1 review

    Online Appointment and Scheduling Software
    The easiest way to create your online appointment scheduler in 60 seconds. Works great for massage therapists, beauty salons and hairdressers, but any business that depend on making appointments with clients can use the benefits of TimeCenter Scheduling Software. The easy to use event registration for conferences, classes and also health & fitness centers lets you set up your events in a few clicks. Setting up your scheduler is as simple as choosing your business hours and services and you're done. Thanks to our automatic email and text message reminders, your clients will never miss an appointment again. Try our Demo or signup for a free 30-Day Trial. Accept appointments online. Get a supercharged appointment book with TimeCenter.
  • MINDBODY    3 reviews

    Business Management Software
    MINDBODY’s management software helps to manage all business needs. MINDBODY offers tailored solutions for health and wellness businesses including: Yoga, Fitness, Salon, Pilates, Wellness, Dance Studio, MMA, Physical Therapy and many more.
  • Setster    2 reviews

    Online appointment application
    Setster is a simple and intuitive scheduling solution that empowers you to accept appointments online. Embed on your website, blog -- even email -- and increase conversions by allowing potential customers to book your time, 24/7. No matter the size of your team, Setster's scalable solution allows for complete control of any schedule, on the go.
  • Schedulicity  

    End Appointment Scheduling Hassles
    Schedulicity is a leading online appointment booking software for small businesses and service professionals. With this solution, your customers can book appointments, services and classes online. The service caters to any appointment-based professionals including lawyers, personal trainers, chiropractors, music teachers, and more. Every subscription comes with unlimited use of included E-mail marketing, SMS text messaging, and much more. Schedulicity combines powerful search, web-based scheduling and business tools such as online calendar, client database and personalized marketing all in one easy-to-use web service for both service professionals and their clients.
  • Smart Service  

    QuickBooks scheduling
    Smart Service is a scheduling and task management integration software for QuickBooks that allows you to manage your workflows in the office and on the go. Smart Service lets you schedule jobs and tasks for groups and individual employees which in turn can be assessed based on success and time management. Smart Service comes with drag and drop functionalities and the entire platform is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • TrekkSoft  

    Booking Solution for Tour and Activity Providers
    The TrekkSoft website builder with an integrated booking engine makes it easy for tour and activity companies to start selling online today.
  • Bookeo Online Scheduling and Reservations  

    For Tours, Activities, Classes, Courses, Events and Appointments
    Bookeo is a commission free Online Scheduling and Reservations system for: - CLASSES, EVENTS, COURSES: teachers and schools that want to manage their class scheduling and enrolments. Language schools, cooking classes, art courses, etc. - TOURS and ACTIVITIES: guided tour companies and providers of outdoor activities. - APPOINTMENTS: consultants and service providers such as lawyers, psychologists, babysitters, beauty therapists and anyone that takes individual appointments. Embed Bookeo widget into your website and Facebook page to accept online bookings and payments 24/7, with real time availability. Add pictures, videos and custom options to the multilingual booking form. Define special prices for seasons or groups. Customers can receive automatic email/txt confirmations, reminders and review requests. We do not charge commissions on payments!

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