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Accounting Software For Small Businesses
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Who is KashFlow For?

Specifically created for small to medium-sized businesses with up to 20 employees, KashFlow is a key tool used by a growing number of accountant practices in the UK, mostly members of the IRIS KashFlow Connect Partner Programme, to manage their clients’ financial and accounting needs. KashFlow also works well within larger companies and is aimed at job functions such as solopreneurs, business owners, accounting professionals, bookkeepers, finance managers, payroll personnel, and other finance-related positions.

KashFlow’s customer pool includes the likes of Celtic Tuning, I.R. Marketing Consultancy, and CODE Public Relation.

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Key Features

  • #1 UK Focussed, UK Hosted & UK Supported Accounting Software
  • Quotes (that can be automatically converted to invoices)
  • Invoicing (Send via post or Email direct from KashFlow)
  • Payment Processing (include pay now button on your invoices)
  • Automated Credit Control - Chases your payments for you!
  • Bank Reconcilliation (CSV)
  • 100+ Add ons to integrate seamlessly with other software
  • KashFlow Payroll - our OWN award winning Payroll Product
  • Integrates with Payroll, Dropbox, Google Contacts and more
  • Paypal integration - Auto-imports all PayPal transactions
  • 50+ Business Reports to keep you in control of your business
  • Restricted User options
  • Expense Recording
  • CIS Accounting Options
  • Banking-style level of account security
  • Business Finance Dashboard
  • Works on Phones, Pads, PCs & Laptops, no software to install
  • Stock Management - manage your stock from within KashFlow
  • Attach Receipts (PDF or Image)
  • Free unlimited 24/7 online support


KashFlow is an incredibly easy to understand financial accounting software for small businesses with focus on the UK. No accounting knowledge required. And the free trial really is free - no credit card needed. With our web-based accounting software, you can save time, be better organised and have a better insight into your financial position by using KashFlow Online Accounting.

The software has been built with the small business in mind. We know that you want to spend your time on what you do, not struggling with complicated accounting tools trying to understand how it works.

That's why this online accounting software gives you everything you need: from quotes to invoicing, cashflow management to VAT reports and everything else you need at your fingertips to keep your business running smoothly and you focused on doing what you do best - running your business.

KashFlow is the leader in UK web-based accounting software.

Belonging to the best accounting apps on the market it is an incredibly easy-to-use application designed for busy owners-managers who do not have the time or inclination to learn all of the ins and outs of accounting.

There's no accounting jargon, just language that makes sense.

As well as all of the basics you would expect such as invoicing and recording expenditure, it has a whole raft of other features that make running your business easier.

As well as reminder emails about overdue invoices there is also the PayPal Importer service for automated accounting of PayPal transactions.

Every feature in the software is there only as a result of actual users of the software requesting it. Over 8 years of developing the software in this way has resulted in a very powerful yet affordable accounting application



Intended Users
Freelancers, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Open-source, RIM-BlackBerry, Web-based, Windows, Windows Phone
Supported Countries
United Kingdom
Supported Languages
Supported Platforms
Open API, Salesforce
Support Options
FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials


Starting from: £5.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Get TWO MONTHS FREE, then Normal price from - £5.00.


UK Accounting Software for UK Businesses.
Hosted in the UK
KashFlow is part of IRIS Software that is trusted by and powers over 50% of all UK accountants.
- Easy to use:
Accessible from anywhere in the world
Multiple concurrent users
Intuitive interface
No accounting jargon
Free and fast support

- Improves Cash Flow:
Totally free for two months - no obligation to buy
Low monthly payments
No annual contract - cancel at anytime

- Saves Time:
Reminders by email when an invoice becomes overdue
Peace of mind knowing you will never overlook an invoice
Save time and never forget to repeat invoice a customer
Quickly and easily generate VAT returns
Saves you time and money
The freedom to respond quickly to queries regardless of if you are at home or in the office
Ability to send invoices by email
Stay on top of unpaid invoices
Easily store and retrieve information on all of your customers and suppliers
Record how and when payments have been made and received
Accurate record keeping

- Increases productivity:
Create customised, tailored invoice templates
Simplified credit control and chasing payments
Greater control of the cash flowing into your business
Automatic creation of invoices on a monthly or annual basis
Statistics on customer values, average time to pay, etc.
Identify good and bad customers
Easily deal with any accounting queries
Statement of account for customers and suppliers.
Insightful graphical reports on all aspects of your business
Visually see how your business is growing
You and your colleagues can all access information at the same time
Get invoices to customers quicker and receive payment quicker

- Increase Customer Service Levels:
Present a professional and organised image to your customers
Track where each of your customers come from
See how effective your marketing spend has been
Three pre-written reminder letters of increasing severity
Maintain a list of your suppliers and customers

All data stored securely online and backed up every day.
No longer spend time backing up your data or fretting because you still haven't done it.
Levels of security comparable with internet banking
Peace of mind knowing your financial information is much more secure than it is stored on your own computer

User Reviews



Dr Nicola Davies, Psychology Consultant and Journalist30th of December, 2014 16:44

So badly written I could cry. The amount of times I have to switch screens to do simple job involving the same customer account is incredible. As someone else has said you waste so much time. I wish I'd bought another package. Also, there are very few software updates so I don't see these problems being sorted any time soon. Avoid, for your own sake avoid!


Bank Feeds not supported

Chris Davies, Application Support at JDA Software9th of December, 2014 09:22

Kashflow lauched bank feeds and I thought great. I signed up on my Barclaycard and imported using the steps highlighted in software. The system amended all my transaction for 7 months to negative. I sent details to Kashflow who advised the bank feeds is not support, issues are with yodal so there his nothing they can do. Its there service they are offering. I would avoid using bank feeds as well as Kashflow as the support on this new enhancement they have offered is shocking.


KashFlow may waist a lot of your time.

A verified reviewer3rd of August, 2014 06:56

Their support is only by e-mail. The problem is when they don't know the solution. They simply cut and paste the same standard reply back. Even though it's incorrect. They will not admit if they don't know. So it waists so much time. I’m 4 days into a simply request and still not solution. So it may be cheap, but it’s false economy as it’s waists so much time. Data also take more time to enter than any other package we’ve used. You can’t steam in bank data etiher.

Response from KashFlow Software

Hi there! So sorry you didn't have a good support experience. The team is definitely not only email based, and if this has been your experience then we'd love a chance to rectify it. Some goods news for you is that we are in the advanced stage of developing a bank feed service, which will save a lot of time in data entry and much more!


Brilliant kit!

Peter Dean, Partner and Web Design Consultant at Debayne Web Design - Connections - Networking - Public Speaking16th of July, 2014 08:10

We have used Kashflow for our business for many years and will continue to do so, simply because there is nothing that touches it for ease of use, stability and reliability.


Accounting software for dummies

Tony Gray, Director at Words by Design Ltd15th of July, 2014 01:00

Kashflow has helped me enormously in my business... I'm not an expert on book-keeping, but the day to day interface is so easy. I used to struggle to keep on top of accounts, panicking at the end of each quarter, but now all the information is easily at hand.

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GetApp Analysis

Designed to take the hassle out of bookkeeping and accounting for small business owners so they can focus on running and growing their businesses, KashFlow is a cloud-hosted accounting software that’s intuitive, easy to use, and devoid of the accounting jargon that generally leave non-accountants scratching their heads in frustration. Invoice templates can be used right out of the box, and recurring monthly invoicing can be automated. Online bank accounts can be linked for automatic transaction inputs, as well as payment gateways like PayPal and GoCardless.

KashFlow’s dashboard provides an at-a-glance real-time view of how a business is doing financially, and the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen allows for quick and easy navigation and account management. Some of KashFlow’s core features include quotes, invoicing, automatic bank feeds, online payments and automatic payment chasing, and dedicated UK-based support.

KashFlow's dashboard provides an immediate overview of the company's financial status, as well as a gateway to various features like Quotes, Invoices, and Reports.

What is KashFlow?

KashFlow is a simple yet effective cloud-based small business accounting software built for both accounting professionals and those without any accounting experience, allowing them to easily manage their tax and accounts, business payroll, and invoicing. KashFlow lets users save huge amounts of time usually spent balancing the books, invoicing, managing payroll, and others, which then affords them more time to focus on the more value-adding aspects of their businesses. Optimized for mobile use, KashFlow can be used to issue invoices and create quotes even when on the go.

Aside from recurring invoices, recurring purchases can be automated, and suppliers are informed through email when payment is made. Email alerts are likewise automatically pushed for overdue invoices. Some of the financial and accounting reports built into the system and can be used right out of the box are balance sheets, customer history reports, lists of receivables and payables, monthly P&L (profit and loss), transaction reports by supplier or customer, trial balance, and more. Custom reports can be created.

Reports show the overall financial health of a business. Reports based on industry best practices can be used right out of the box.

Main Features


Estimates, quotes, pro forma invoices – however they’re called, they’re important financial documents small business owners and accounting professionals create, send to their customers, and keep track of. With KashFlow, quotes creation can be done within minutes, and there’s no limit to the number of quotes users are allowed to create. Quotes can be printed and sent to customers via email or snail mail from within the application, and if the client decides to pursue the transaction, quotes can be converted into invoices with just a click of a button.

In the KashFlow Quotes tab, categories, which can also be customized to suit your business needs, are set up and managed by clicking on the Add button. Once done, depending on the circumstance, you’re ready to create, send, print, or convert your quotes into sales invoices.

KashFlow quotes can be created by clicking on Quotes on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Quotes that proceed to transactions can be converted into invoices with just a click.


KashFlow’s invoicing capability is as robust as it is versatile. Invoices can be customized and edited, even sent automatically (in the case of recurring invoices), with email push notifications telling you if they’ve already been paid or when they become overdue. You can create as many invoices as your business warrants; there are no hidden charges to worry about. Created as PDFs, invoices can be sent by email or printed from within the app. In case you need them sent to customers via standard snail mail, KashFlow’s ready integration with ViaPost automatically prints out and mails the invoice to the recipient.

Product/service lists can be pre-entered into the system. Come invoice creation time, items are auto-filled with the price, description, and VAT rate, among other data, preserving users' finite time, plus the effort needed to check through various spreadsheets, stacks of folders, or software systems to ensure accuracy. Created and managed through the KashFlow dashboard, invoices can include discounts, custom fields such as project name or purchase order number, and a “Pay Online” button that links to a page where customers pay you via PayPal, credit card or other payment channels.

Recurring invoices or repeat billing statements, such as rent, can be created and automatically scheduled depending on the frequency you specify.

Automatic Bank Feeds

Bank accounts can be linked with KashFlow for faster, easier and more accurate financial transaction monitoring and processing. To import and view your banks’ balances directly on the KashFlow dashboard, you need to set up a feature called Automatic Bank Feeds, which lets users connect their KashFlow bank accounts with their online accounts. Previously, for bank transactions to be imported into KashFlow, users manually input transaction data through the bank transactions CSV importer. While this is no doubt a nifty tool to have, for it to properly work, users will need to create or download their banks’ spreadsheets and format the spreadsheets accordingly, an undertaking that may warrant a considerable amount of time, depending on the user's familiarity with the tool.

With Automatic Bank Feeds, users no longer need to worry about the intricacies associated with the bank transactions CSV converter. Instead, their bank accounts, whose transactions are viewable on the KashFlow screen, are directly linked to KashFlow via a secure service. Once assigned, transaction details (amount, date, and comment) can be directly imported to your KashFlow account.

When Automatic Bank Feeds is set up, online transaction details are automatically imported into KashFlow.

Online Payments and Automatic Payment Chasing

KashFlow comes with built-in integration with various credit card processing services, which enable virtual terminals within KashFlow. Once connected, customer credit or debit card payments can already be accepted, and your accounts are automatically updated with the corresponding payment information. KashFlow’s card processor pool includes GoCardless, Sage Pay, CardSave, Realex Payments, WorldPay, PayPal, Barclaycard, and others. A handful of these services also provide add-ons like payment buttons on invoices, e.g., PayPal.

While making more sales is definitely a positive, for a business to continually thrive and grow, cash flow monitoring is equally important. Because KashFlow is equipped with automatic push notifications when invoices are due or about to go overdue, chasing customers for payments doesn’t necessarily have to be a headache-inducing proposition.

KashFlow's ready integration with third-party card processing providers enhances its various native capabilities by adding the ability to readily accept debit or credit card payments. The API client allows seamless data sharing between KashFlow and other business solutions.

Dedicated UK-Based Support

Aside from client data being stored securely in the UK and a tool library that allows easy data import from other programs, even weekly or monthly data backups that are automatically emailed to users, KashFlow’s Help tab gives you easy access to the KashFlow self-service knowledge base/help center that contains how-to articles and other information about KashFlow’s features and functions.

The support team can also be contacted 24 hours a day, every day, free of charge. Support channels are email, online form, social media, community forums, webinars, user guides, and live trainings. Although phone support isn’t offered at this time, KashFlow representatives can be reached via phone for additional queries.

KashFlow's support system is available 24/7/365. For self-help solutions, the knowledge base/online help center can be used. Other helpdesk support channels include email, social media, forums, and webinars.


KashFlow readily integrates with third-party software like PayPal, GoCardless, MailChimp, Receipt Bank, eBay, Salesforce, Shopify, among others. The solution also has a full-featured API (application programming interface) that allows KashFlow customers to develop bespoke add-ons for their businesses, to be integrated with their KashFlow accounts.


When the free 14-day trial expires, customers can choose from three pricing packages: Basic, priced at £5 per month; Business, the most popular, which costs a monthly £10; and the “all you can eat” Business + Payroll package pegged at £15 per month.

All subscription packages include customer support, quotes, invoicing, and bank feeds. Both the £10 and £15 packages come with unlimited invoicing and the option to use multiple currencies. The £15 package that includes Payroll is recognized by the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) in the UK. There are no contracts, and subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled any time.

Bottom Line

  • Cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting solution for small businesses
  • Allows quote creation and invoice issuance straight from tablets or smartphones
  • Accounting software for non-accountants
  • Provides dedicated helpdesk support and a comprehensive knowledge base for self-help troubleshooting
  • Links with online bank accounts for automatic bank transaction inputs

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