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All-in-one accounting, invoicing, payroll, payments, and receipt management solution.
23 reviews


Wave makes it easy to be your own boss. Focus on what you love, and lean on Wave's intuitive online software to manage your financial and organizational needs.

Wave Apps makes your money-related tasks easy with:
• Unlimited invoicing, 100% free!
• Unlimited accounting, 100% free!
• Accept credit cards on your invoices with our "pay now" feature with a super-low, easy-to-understand flat fee
• Expense tracking with no manual entry, and connect with your bank account to never input another transaction again!
• Handle your business and personal finances in one place.
• Accountant-friendly. Wave is double-entry accounting with full reports. You can even add your accountant to view and edit as a 'guest collaborator'
• Easy and affordable payroll that's guaranteed. Deductions and tax calculations, plus direct deposit, for as little as $9 per month
• Kick the shoebox full of receipts with our receipt management tools.


Intended Users
Freelancers, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Supported Platforms
Google Apps, Open API
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Video Tutorials
TRUSTe, Verisign


Pricing model: Freemium

Accounting & Invoicing - Free
Receipt Management - Free
Payroll - starts as low as $9 per month, with a declining fee per employee
Accept All Major Credit Cards - $0.30 + 2.9%
Personal Financial Management - Free

Competitors Pricing

FinancialForce Accounting

Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Zoho Books

Starting from: $24.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $19.95/month
Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

  • · Online Accounting - Access Xero anytime, anywhere
  • · Bank Rec - Automatically import and code transactions
  • · Invoicing - Create and send invoices automatically
  • · Add-ons - Pick from a wide range of powerful add-ons
Visit WebsiteCompare with Wave
XeroFinance & Accounting
QuickBooks Online
  • · Create & manage invoices
  • · Track sales & expenses
  • · Multi-device document sharing
  • · Print checks
Visit WebsiteCompare with Wave
QuickBooks OnlineFinance & Accounting
  • · General Ledger
  • · Accounts Payable
  • · Purchasing
  • · Accounts Receivable
Visit WebsiteCompare with Wave
IntacctFinance & Accounting


Wave is a fully integrated solution designed for small businesses with 9 employees or less. With our total focus on small business owners, you’ll never have to navigate inflated or cluttered to find what you need, right now. With an easy to navigate interface and single login, it’s never been easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Use the 100% free accounting tools in Wave to gain the insights you need, without the legwork. With our automatic bank connections, your information flows seamlessly into Wave, without the manual entry. And even though it’s easy to navigate and understand, it’s still a real, double-entry application. Collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper in real-time, and save both of you time!

Use Wave’s invoicing tools to collect your money faster. Choose the template that best reflects your business, load your own logo, and choose a color for your invoices. Email invoices right from Wave, and collect credit card payments through our payment processing. Use Wave’s invoicing tools to stay professional, get paid faster, and keep track of where your money is.

Everyone loves getting paid, but no one likes running payroll. Now, use Wave’s Payroll tools in America and Canada to take the headaches out of running your payroll. With guaranteed accuracy, direct deposit and employee self-service all included, at $5 per employee per month or less it’s never been more affordable for your employees to get paid.

Use Wave’s personal finance tools to gain better insights into where your money goes. With simple budgeting tools, real time investment tracking, and more, Wave’s personal tools are the best way to master your personal finances.

Key Features

  • Real accounting, for non-accountants
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Real double entry accounting
  • Investment tracking
  • Financial reporting (Ledger, A/R, A/P, Income, Balance She
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Credit Card payment processing in America and Canada
  • Bank integrations to eliminate manual entry
  • Multi-currency
  • Professional reports
  • Seamless invoicing & payroll
  • Personal finance tracking
  • Fully integrated single login solution
  • Personal budgeting tools


Wave is 100% focused on the real small business owners, with nine employees or less. That means you’ll never see cluttered, complicated software that you can’t navigate, never mind understand.

What you will see is all the tools you need to gain better insights into your personal and business finances, all with one login. Whether it’s invoicing, payroll, or personal investment tracking, the days of multiple logins are in the past. And with free accounting and invoicing tools and totally affordable payroll, getting organized has never been more affordable.

Get paid faster, gain insights into your businesses financial health, know where your money goes and pay your employees, all with Wave.
FinancialForce Accounting
  • · Role and user based dashboards
  • · 1-click invoicing from Salesforce
  • · Flexible chart of accounts and multi-dimensional analysis
  • · Multicompany, multicurrency, global tax, multicultural
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FinancialForce AccountingFinance & Accounting
Zoho Books
  • · Online Invoicing
  • · Recurring Invoices
  • · Send Snail Mail
  • · Send Quotes or Estimates
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Zoho BooksFinance & Accounting
  • · Online Invoicing
  • · Time Tracking
  • · Recurring Invoices & Auto Payment
  • · Team Timesheets
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FreshBooksFinance & Accounting

User Reviews


Rave about Wave

Cathy Fanning, IT Consultant9th of October, 2014 00:58

To all you non believers and sceptics, just stop it. I have been the IT industry for a long, long time and consulting in accounting apps for the last ten years. I have worked with and made numerous comparisons. And guess what, Wave is fantastic... Great for business beginners and advanced users. Compared to all the other cloud accounting choices it holds it's own. Why make your business accounting difficult, isn't running a business difficult enough? Wave is growing in leaps and bounds and continuing to add on more and more features. Let's face it, anyone can bad mouth any software out there can't they? Just get on with it and use it.


Wave is fabulous!

Danetha Doe, Product Launch Strategist/Accountant/Blogger/Speaker/Professional Giggler8th of October, 2014 21:45

I first started recommending Wave to my clients when I first heard of them two years ago. I absolutely love the ease of use, simple design and fabulous customer service. The team is always answers my questions quickly. And as an accountant, their Pro Network is one of the most supportive communities for financial professionals. And it's FREE. Wave is leading the charge with software developers that are passionate about changing the antiquated accounting industry. For my clients, or prospects, who are new to business, Wave has been an absolute life saver.


Do yourself a favor, ignore the bad feedback on here.

Will Lopez, Innovator, Pioneer in Online Accounting Firms7th of October, 2014 14:09

Our cloud-based CPA firm has been with Wave since the beginning. We have hundreds of clients using Wave. Wave is absolutely EXCELLENT for small business owners and entrepreneurs. What a great platform to start and grow on as a business owner. Wave is also extremely accountant and CPA friendly; I would know, I am one. Shady accountants and consultants leaving bad reviews are doing so because they want you, the aspiring entrepreneur of the next generation, to roll into expensive software alternatives that the same accountant/consultant can up-charge on at the expense of the business owner; what a shame, I thought the world was a better place. There are some concerns about Cash vs. Accrual: Wave works strictly on the accrual basis of accounting which is THE best way to operate your business. Ask any true Accountant, cash basis is the quick and dirty way out. Accrual basis is THE best way to receive wonderful business intelligence from. Your are limited with Cash Basis reporting. Once again, I would know I'm a financial statement auditor for multi-billion dollar businesses. If you need a cash basis financials for tax reasons, well your Tax Accountant, if knowledgeable and half-way decent, can easily convert cash basis to accrual basis financials with a couple steps. Done! Let Wave do it's part, let your Pro do their part, and you can focus on growing an amazing business. So do yourself a favor, ignore the bad feedback on here, setup a Wave account for free, connect with a WavePro for free and start shaping the future.


Best Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Solution for Small Business Owners

Anthony Tropeano, CPA, Certified Public Accountant at TropezCPA7th of October, 2014 12:35

I have been using Wave for nearly 3 years now and recommend to every small business owner. Not only is it a free cloud based solution, but also due to the following: - Fantastic billing feature integrated with Stripe - Recurring invoice option - Numerous Reports - Reports are easy to understand for the non-accountant - Filtering categories and descriptions is very easy and allows the user to update their books very quickly - Seamless integration for bank and credit card accounts


Best Free Accounting Software

James Krener, Owner of Krener Bookkeeping & Tax7th of October, 2014 11:40

I came across Wave when I started my business almost 4 years ago now. Wave provided me with an accounting system to use for myself and to recommend to clients. My business has evolved over the years and Wave has too. I like Wave because of it's awesome support heroes and it's FREE!! How can you complain about free?? I will always use Wave and recommend it to clients.

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