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Powerful, flexible management software with database, configurable for...
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Powerful, flexible management software with database, configurable for any business type. Highly recommended.


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Non Profits, Public Administrations
Devices Supported
Web-based, Windows
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Supported Platforms
Google Apps
  • · Human Resource Software, HRMS, HRIS, Employee Database
  • · Online Time Off - Leave Tracking - Workflows and Calendar
  • · Ad-Hoc Reporting and Report Library
  • · Training and Benefit Tracking with Alerts
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  • · Vacation Calendar
  • · Goal Tracking
  • · Skills Tracking
  • · Employee Notes
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FinancialForce HCM (Human Capital Management)
  • · Award-winning, complete HR software
  • · Complete and Integrated Human Capital Management Suite
  • · Global HR, Benefits, Leave & Absence
  • · Workforce Collaboration
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FinancialForce HCM (Human Capital Management)HR & Employee Management


The STEPS Governance System is a database and item management tool that;

Tracks and manages items, data and processes to keep your finger on the pulse all the time.
Reports progress through 24/7 updated status reports on any aspect of your business.
Notifies stakeholders when milestones are reached or status of items change and action is required.
Empowers managers to make smart decisions that save cost and enhance productivity.
Get a holistic view of your business, for instance, know exactly:

The value of your business i.e. quantity and value of tracked items.
What progress is made, including status updates and milestones reached.
Turnaround times - when will it be done?
What the trends are over a period of time.
Which items are overdue and tasks have been completed.
What feedback is captured during the lifetime of a tracked item.

Key Features

  • Run your own database, configured with custom fields.
  • View custom reports, developed to YOUR specifications.
  • Add various types of governance items.
  • Create an unlimited number of contacts.
  • Create groups of contacts; notified when items change.
  • Link governance items hierarchically and drill down.
  • Create your own message templates.
  • Create actions and assign to users.
  • Upload and manage documents.
  • Send automated notifications to groups of people.


The system can be used to manage;
Municipal Users, Assets, personnel, contracts, deliveries, vehicles, management processes, stock items, appointments, franchises, documents, risks, incidents, recommendations and actions (to mitigate risks), suppliers, cemeteries, orders, support enquiries (call centers), …. AND almost any other item that you can think of. It is configured to meet the requirements of our customers.

STEPS aims to be one of the most user friendly governance systems on the market! The following steps are taken to make the system as user friendly as possible to end users;

• Every action follows a step-by-step approach to complete.
• Specific help instructions are provided for each page or form.
• Pop-up descriptions on buttons and links provide more information about their purpose and how to use them.
• Functions that are not required to complete certain tasks are not visible to the end user.
• Navigation dynamically displays only those functions to which a user should have access.
• Data entered into the system is validated so that invalid data will not compromise the database. The system stops the user from storing invalid data.
• Feedback messages keep the user informed while working.
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  • · EmpXtrack is completely integrated
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EmpXtrackHR & Employee Management
  • · Field Service Management
  • · Work Orders & Job Scheduling
  • · Scheduling Assistance Engine
  • · Map Dispatch and Tracking
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SynchroteamOperations Management
ZenDoc Quality Management Software
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  • · Document templates and automated document numbering
  • · Training management
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