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Modern, Intuitive HRIS!

HR Specialist (Facilities Services company, 51-200 employees)5th of June, 2014 14:25

I love BambooHR! We moved from a very clunky, outdated system and the ability to figure things out on my own because the tool is so well made makes a huge difference! The tool is intuitive, modern, easy-to-use and employees and managers love the mobile features. From implementation, to support, to feature improvement, BambooHR has been a breath of fresh air for our company!

Pros: PTO management on the web or the mobile app work great! Customer support is awesome is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Reports are a lifesaver and I can quickly send PDF or Excel reports with the click of a button!

Cons: The tool works great for small businesses as it is now but I look forward to further improvements (which they are constantly working on to make it even better).

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It's great!

Patricia Dempsey, MBOM HR, Human Resources at Procore Technologies5th of June, 2014 13:56

BambooHR is a great tool. Plus, the customer service is fantastic.

Pros: Ease of use. Customer Service.

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Great and flexible HRIS with great customer service

Human Resources Coordinator (Internet company, 51-200 employees)21st of May, 2014 03:57

We started using BambooHR about two months ago. We used their API in order to import all our existing data, so it didn't take us more than a month to set up the entire system. Our employees have been really happy with the new system, which is easy to use and contains all the information, they (and we) need.

Pros: The personal contact with the BambooHR team has been extraordinary good right from the start. Their customer service is great and BambooHR has proven to be a very flexible solution, with custom tables and permissions, which meet our requirements.

Cons: It would be great, to be able to host BambooHR on our own servers, but beside of that there's nothing to dislike.

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Our Company LOVES BambooHR!

Brandie Lamprou, Executive Assistant Corporate Development at DentalMarketing.Net | 123 Postcards - Owner / Designer at EMarketID20th of May, 2014 14:41

BambooHr was a real "game changer" for our company! It is easy to set up and get implemented across all levels of users. It has changed the way our company hires, tracks training and reviews, and best of all, the way employees request time off and are able to see their vacation time. We use the Company Announcements on the dashboard several times a week and also LOVE the calendar. its a winner!

Pros: Customer Service, Some Customization Available, Ease of Use, Cost

Cons: Dashboard cannot be customized by adding modules. Some menus also cannot be customized.

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Best HR system I have evaluated

Bal Cheema, CPA & Quickbooks Proadvisor19th of May, 2014 19:42

Easiest system to implement and start using.

Pros: Ease of use and flexibility of reports

Cons: does not sync to the intuit full service payroll

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BambooHR is the only HRIS for us

Joe Humphries, People Team at Stack Exchange19th of May, 2014 13:21

When I decided we needed to implement an HRIS, I was afraid the only systems to choose from would be clunky, ugly, and expensive. Then, a handful of my peers suggested BambooHR. After looking at a number of systems, it became clear that BambooHR was the winner.

Pros: - Customization: they can implement almost any custom field or table - Ease of use - "Personality": the system doesn't feel stuffy/corporate. Great for tech startups that are reluctant to admit that they need HR. - Their client service is great!

Cons: At first we were concerned about their data security, but the reps at Bamboo were able to calm our nerves by showing us proof that they were safe and compliant with sensitive data.

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No more excel spreadsheets

Megan17th of July, 2013 18:15

I am in love with BambooHR. Seriously, I've told our whole company that I love it, that it makes my day at work so much more fun (I know! I said FUN!) + I love telling anyone else in the HR profession that will listen how much I love BambooHR. So why am I in love? Simply put, BambooHR has completely transformed the way I work. No more excel spreadsheets or thinking 'mmm, when did Tom + Sarah start?' no more thinking 'when did we do that?' or 'where am I up to with on-boarding our newbie?'… because all I need to do is login and find out. From the user-friendly interface, the customisable options, the reporting (you have to check out the reporting!) + the permissions capability (just to name are few) has made working in the world of 'people' a really enjoyable experience (& as the Employee Experience Manager at RedBalloon – I know what a good experience at work is all about!) Also the customer experience I have received from BambooHR has been world class. The team has been amazing, always finding solutions, keeping me posted, the quickest response email turnaround times and the addition of smiley faces in their emails (I like this!) has definitely made me a BambooHR fan for many many years to come. Oohh + the integration with Small Improvements – added bonus! Thanks BambooHR – love your work!

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Great Software at great Price

Kate17th of July, 2013 13:59

BambooHR has been great to work with from the start. Every member of the team has been super responsive and they are constantly expanding services and functionality based on customer feedback. The system is user friendly and the price blew every other HRIS vendor we looked at out of the water. I definitely recommend working with BambooHR for your HRIS needs.

Pros: User friendly, Affordable, Great staff support, Constant improvements

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Compelling HRIS solution

Ewen Fortune16th of July, 2013 10:14

BambooHR is a compelling HRIS solution - With a simple and fast setup, intuitive and smart design, any organization can take control of all its human resources information. All this packaged with what I can only describe as the best application support team I've worked with - Highly recommended.

Pros: Elegant design Ease of use Solid functionality Simplicity Incredible support

Cons: Limited functionality

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Best in Class!

Sabrina Herring10th of July, 2013 15:53

The value of BambooHR is so exceptional that I am implementing it at my current organization, after having done so at prior organizations. From the sales and demo process, through implementation and on-going support, the BambooHR team is relentlessly passionate, positive, supportive and always making feedback count. I can't thank the BambooHR team enough for their consistent excellence and legendary service. Yes, I said legendary - BambooHR is one of very few to truly earn that designation.

Pros: Cost Customer Service Software Flexibility Reporting

Cons: None

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Robustly Integrated HR Management Software

Warren7th of January, 2013 22:34

We are a small company with less than 100 employees and, honestly, had no hope of finding a fully integrated HRIS program. BambooHR not only provided the solution, but they have consistently amended their options and API extensions to our business partners to integrate our systems into one central point. I have yet to hear the words: "...that's just not possiblle..." Their technical team is one of the most capable I have ever worked with in my career. Secondly, their customer service is not rivaled by any in the world!!! As a small business, we often commit our administrative work to the evening. Some times as late as 10:00 pm we send in a request for an additional option. The request is filled with a happy return message. AMAZING!!! Bottom line, you will not find a more committed team and solid HRIS anywhere else. We are sold through and through!!!

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A Satisfied Customer!

Carolyn Hennessey6th of December, 2011 19:14

I recently transitioned our Company to BambooHR and I have never looked back to my previous HRIS provider. From the first meeting with Ben to my most recent customer service call , I have received impeccable service. I am impressed with the options of the technology, the flexiblitiy of personalizing the software to meet our company's needs and the "easy to use" application for administrators and employees. Last week, we completed our first online benefit open enrollment with TRAXPayroll. The interface between BambooHR and TRAX was seamless. The online enrollment process was new to me also, but I felt supported the entire way. The feedback from our employees was all positive and they were so happy to get rid of the paper! The staff at BambooHR are professionals. They are friendly and they find solutions for the real life HR questions/processes that inevitably come up everyday.

Pros: Flexible technology Customer Service Innovative, fun options User friendly Our employees like the software!

Cons: I don't use the software to it's fullest capacity (yet) and I would like to see examples of how other customers are using it.

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Good HR solution for SMBs

Nancy Herrera14th of November, 2011 09:25

BambooHR is a SaaS that offers solutions for HR and organizes tasks that HR departments need to do on a regular basis. With your user account you can keep detailed employee records which can be customized to suit your needs. The software allows a self-serve option for their employees and time off requests can also be managed through BambooHR. From a usability point of view I can recommend the software as well because of its streamlined and intuitive design.

Pros: Clean interface, you can customize reports easily

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