Impact Engine

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Overview of Impact Engine

Platform that measurably improves the ROI of any Onlinedisplay Ad campaign and the profitability of a publisher?s business operation. Approved 3rd party vendor with Google, Yahoo APT and hundreds of Ad networks and publishers. All display formats are supported including Video on Demand on Demand, floating, expandables, site peel and standard animation Ads. Use our Ad templates or upload your own creative.


Categories· Analytics Software
  • · Drag-and-drop user interface
  • · Wide range of widgets such as gauges, charts and graphs
  • · Eye-grabbing visualization
  • · Complex business queries without programming or SQL writing
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SisenseBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
Zoho Reports
  • · No downloads/installs. Web-based access from anywhere
  • · Upload data from spreadsheets, databases & Google Docs
  • · Easy to Adopt 'Spreadsheet-like' Interface
  • · Drag-and-drop based report and dashboard creation
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Zoho ReportsBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Powerful tools for realtime data exploration & collaboration
  • · Browser-based interface & customizable dashboards
  • · Easy to build dashboards that work on any device.
  • · Live connection to any SQL database, on any infrastructure
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LookerBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
Decibel Insight
  • · Customer Insight
  • · Visitor Session Playback
  • · Heatmaps
  • · Form Analysis
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Decibel InsightInternet & Online
  • · Unlimited Custom Dashboards
  • · Unlimited Custom Reporting
  • · Hashtag Analytics
  • · Facebook Ad Analytics
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LocowiseBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Competitive Business Intelligence
  • · Competitive Price Analysis and Monitoring
  • · Monitor Competitor Pricing Structure
  • · Monitor Competitor Websites and Patents
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