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  • NueMD Medical Billing Software    1 review

    Medical billing, scheduling and electronic health record (EHR) software. Your complete practice management solution.
    NueMD helps medical practices streamline their administrative operations, plain and simple. Spend more time with your patients and less time on paperwork. With an ever expanding range of features, NueMD keeps you efficient, profitable, and compliant. With support for multiple locations, providers and resources, you have the flexibility you need when scheduling patient appointments. Quickly create patient records, scan and attach insurance and ID cards and instantly verify insurance eligibility. Prepare and file medical insurance claims with ease. Automatically fetch billing information from your EHR to easily begin your claim. Batch claims together for fast electronic filing. Flexible patient statements let you choose to send to the patient or the responsible party. Transmit statements electronically and let us mail them for you. Automatically print letters to patients with outstanding balances using customizable letter templates.
  • Brightree LLC    2 reviews

    Brightree is the #1 leading billing and business management software solution for Home Medical Equipment (HME), Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P) and Sleep Therapy providers.
  • Kinnser Software  

    Solution for home health agencies
    Kinnser Agency Manager™ is a solution for home health agencies that helps to increase profit, improve communication, and coordinate care for patients.
  • PointClickCare  

    EHR platform for long-term care
    PointClickCare EHR platform is uniquely designed to help long-term care providers of all sizes manage the complete life-cycle of resident care. PointClickCare seamlessly integrates clinical, billing and administrative processes to maximize reimbursements and enhance quality of care.
  • WebPT  

    Physical Therapy EMR
    WebPT is a web-based physical therapy EMR and documentation software. that help to run therapy clinics more effectively and efficiently. WebPT is intuitive and easy, allowing for a painless transition from paper to the digital office.
  • Avankia  

    Physician Relationship & Referral Management
    The software helps you track activities with your physicians network, understand referral statistics and increase referrals.
  • athenaCollector  

    athenaCollector is a cloud-based practice management system that shortens your path to payment, maximizes collections, and boosts the financial health of your practice.
  • Doximity  

    The Professional Network for Physicians
    Online professional network for U.S. physicians.
  • athenaClinicals  

    athenaClinicals is a low-up-front-investment, high-return, web-based EHR designed to address the limitations of traditional EHRs.
  • Navicure  

    Navicure is a Web-based medical claims clearinghouse that manages every aspect of the revenue cycle including claims management, eligibility and electronic remittance advice (ERA).
  • EatherWay  

    EatherWay is 24/7 medical appointment scheduling system which integrates three communication media - Mobile Text Messages (sms), Internet and normal Telephony. It is at the same time a website, a platform to receive and send text messages and an automated system to receive and respond to voice calls. It is to enable doctors and patients to communicate with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to efficiently manage their most precious resource – TIME.
  • Denticon  

    Web-Based Dental Practice Management Software
    Denticon is a powerful, web-based dental practice management software application, which can be configured to the needs of any type of dental practice. Sometimes known as web-based or ASP dental practice management software, Denticon's use of internet technology opens the door to 21st century tools and services that are unavailable with traditional dental practice management software. Explore and see how Denticon, and other dental software from Planet DDS, will fit your individual situation.
  • QSIDental Web  

    Dental Practice Management and Clinical Charting
    QSIDental Web provides access to information you need to increase revenue, decrease costs and maximize efficiency. Taking advantage of cloud-based technology, QSIDental Web provides the "anytime, anywhere" connectivity to efficiently manage a group practice.

    Schedule SMS Reminders to your patients, clients, and customers! Save yourself time and money whilst giving your customers the convenience of SMS Appointment Reminder messages. Receive SMS replies from your customers for FREE directly into your email mailbox, or to your mobile phone via SMS. AppointmentSMS is the affordable and easy SMS Reminder Service. Visit our website to see how AppointmentSMS can benefit your business and your customers.
  • MakePlans  

    MakePlans is a simple and flexible scheduling and appointment booking system which lets your customers book online quick and easy.
  • Curve Dental  

    Cloud Based Software for Dentistry
    Curve is a dental practice management software company that delivers office management via the web. How cool is that? Dental software for your office on the web means you can access your patient data from anywhere at any time; from home, work or play. And your data is more secure with our dental office practice management software. Let us worry about data backup and security. You stay focused on your dentist office and your patients. You'll also save oodles of money because our dentist software doesn't require expensive computers, servers or IT services.
  • Eyefinity OfficeMate  

    Practice management software
    OfficeMate is one of the industry's most trusted and widely used practice management software (PMS). Workflow efficiency is critical to a successful, growing practice. By automating everyday tasks in your practice, you and your staff can save time, and ultimately money.
  • Dovetail  

    Mobile Cloud-Based Dental Software
    Dovetail's enables your clinic to literally go paperless - from the moment patients enter their medical history to the moment you get paid. Scheduling, exams, treatment planning, progress notes, all is efficiently done using your mobile tablet. Dovetail is designed specifically for the mobile tablet but accessible through any platform. You and your staff have access to the most up–to-date information wherever and whenever you need it. Dovetail is made for collaborating. Whether within your own clinic or with referring dentists, Dovetail makes it easy to share files and collaborate on treatment plans without ever having to manage emails and faxes.
  • Caretime  

    Employee Management System For Home Health
    Caretime provides a simple and affordable integrated suite of homecare software applications that include telephone timekeeping, a webclock, scheduling, 2 way voice mail, random voice verification, payroll and billing, Quickbooks interface and SMS text messaging for employee no shows. This robust web application uses a standard telephone or cell phone and a computer to provide timekeeping, employee location verification, activities, schedules and communication with anywhere, anytime access. With 20 years experience, 3 redundant call centers across the US, reliability and excellent customer service we are simply the best choice for your agency!
  • CareCloud Central  

    CareCloud Central is the most practical, intuitive, and robust practice management solution for healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes, available at an incredible price. Scheduling, cancelling, and even moving appointments is a breeze with CareCloud’s medical scheduling software. We constantly monitor payment statistics and claim denial trends, and when a denial pattern rears its ugly head, we generate rules to quash it. When you file claims electronically through CareCloud’s medical billing software, you don’t have to worry about making any of those tiny errors that might delay payment by weeks or even months. Forget the IT guy; CareCloud makes it easy to generate custom, intuitive reports and export them to variety of formats. Central is a web-based platform, meaning there are no servers to set up and no software to install and maintain – just log in from any computer, any browser, any time and anywhere for instant access to your practice’s inner workings.
  • athenaClarity  

    athenaClaritySM: Actionable insight for healthcare data analytics Helping health networks thrive under any payment scenario
  • athenaCoordinator  

    athenaCoordinator® is a breakthrough approach to care coordination.
  • MyCaseRecords  

    Web-Based Case Management Software for Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health and Behavioral Health facilities. Offers online automated reports and forms including client profiles, assessment, treatment plan, progress notes, group notes and discharge summary.
  • NCPA-PDS Marketing Solution Center  

    From helping your patients remember to take the right medication at the right time with automated dose reminders, to engaging them with a monthly newsletter, to transforming your pharmacy into the medical information hub in your community, the Marketing Solution Center is powering pharmacy growth with the tools that today's pharmacy needs. At only $1 to try and no long-term contracts, shouldn't you check out the tools? Developed by: Pharmacy Development Services (partnered with NCPA)
  • Foresight Intelligence Center  

    The Foresight Intelligence Center combines data residing in many different places into a highly-interactive dashboard that can be personalized to suit virtually any team member. Because the dashboard updates automatically and pings users when there is an exception, everyone has the most timely, accurate and relevant information so all can focus on running the business. In addition to what any traditional business intelligence solution has, Intelligence Center empowers the enterprise to uncover information not easily found such as correlations between Help Desk volumes and the weather, the price of raw materials and operation schedules, or work-in-progress and employee performance.

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