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  • Freightview  

    Compare your LTL rates faster
    Does your company have accounts with multiple LTL carriers and brokers? Does your shipping department run quotes on their websites to figure out which one to use each time? (Or should they be doing that to make sure you're always getting the best deal?) Then Freightview is for you. Freightview pulls all of your own negotiated LTL rates into one place. When you can see all of your pricing on one page, it's easy to compare your options and pick the best one. Then you can schedule pickups, prepare bills of lading, print shipping labels and track your shipments from pickup to delivery. Your unified address book means you never have to type an address twice. Plus you can visualize all of your shipping data as charts, graphs, reports and spreadsheet download. Freightview is free to try for a month — with no credit card or commitment —. Try it out today!
  • ShippingEasy    20 reviews

    Powerful, Yet Simple Shipping Software
    ShippingEasy is easy-to-use, cloud based software that makes it easy for online retailers to print labels fast and save up to 46% off USPS postage.
  • ShipStation    9 reviews

    Welcome to Shipping Nirvana.
    ShipStation helps eCommerce sellers easily aggregate orders from multiple sales channels (like eBay, Amazon, Magento, and more!) and fulfill their orders through a variety of shipping carriers and fulfillment providers. Paired with advanced automation features like custom rules, shipping presets, and much more, ShipStation saves online retailers hours each day on shipping and fulfillment.
  • Shipwire    1 review

    Enterprise logistics for everyone
    Shipwire provides ecommerce order fulfillment services through a powerful SaaS platform from warehouses around the world. Our industry-leading service helps you grow sales, expand into new markets, and delight customers by eliminating the hassles of shipping and storage.
  • Fleetmatics  

    Fleet tracking intelligence
    Power a smarter fleet and run a stronger business with our vehicle tracking solutions.
  • vWorkApp  

    job dispatching software
    vWorkApp is an award-winning software as a service (SaaS) application and tool for the transport and services industries. It's an online dispatch and scheduling product for small and medium-sized businesses. The product is sold and distributed over the Internet with Cloud Computing. vWorkApp works in real-time and doesn't require any contracts. vWorkApp has two parts. One part is for a dispatcher. A dispatcher signs into his account on vWorkApp to dispatch jobs to his mobile workers. The second part is for mobile workers. Mobile workers download the vWorkApp application (for iOS or Android mobile devices). They then receive dispatched jobs on their mobile application from the dispatcher. vWorkApp is designed for industries that utilize dispatching. These industries include taxis and limousines, HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, truckers, towing companies, food delivery companies, mobile pet groomers, couriers, and more.
  • eRoutingGuide  

    eRoutingGuide offers simple Transportation Management Software solutions for shippers of all sizes. The system provides tools for managing all parts of a company's logistics supply chain processes; automating carrier communication, route optimization, truckload rate calculator, Bill of Lading generator, ShipAssist, and Routing Guide.
  • OkiTracki  

    OkiTracki is dedicated to Logistics and Transportation Industry, allowing tracking & tracing of distribution activities along with field force automation and localization and more (it is mudular). It is suits Air/Sea/Rail/Intermodal freight real time monitoring, as well as mail, parcel and courier tracking. Strenghts include: - unique in term of specialization and flexibility of usage - suitable to companies of any dimension and geographical organization - ideal for usage within distributive networks - friendly and supportive to the operational team thanks to helpful field force automation features - easily integrates with other Industry tools, such as : RFID labelling, load - trip - itinerary planning, road navigation, vertical traceability and other supply-chain control procedures - requires no changes to the organizational structures (rather, it adjusts to it) - normallly compatible with the existing processes - almost plug-and-play (FIRST RESULTS WITHIN ONE WEEK).
  • Logivations  

    logistics & innovations
    Logivations helps companies of all industries improve their competitiveness and efficiency in logistics by means of innovative concepts and solu­tions. W2MO® is the market leading WMS-modeling, 3D-simulation and optimization tool.
  • Intermodal Trucking Software  

    We provide customized software for Intermodal Trucking Companies. Our product comprises of Order entry, Container tracking, Billing, Driver Pay, Accounting integration, Fuel Tax reporting, EDI, CRM, Management reports modules
  • On-Demand TMS  

    LeanLogistics On-Demand TMS® utilizes true SaaS technology to provide robust functionality, efficient infrastructure and the best collaborative platform to better manage your transportation process. Customers enjoy the quickest and most comprehensive benefits with easy and effective implementation, resulting in better performance and faster ROI. On-Demand TMS gives users access to the LeanLogistics Transportation Network, the industry's largest transportation network empowering shippers, carriers and other participating members to reduce costs, improve services and gain complete visibility.
  • SphereWMS  

    SphereWMS was built for the unique needs of the small to mid-size multi-client warehouse that provides 3PL services. We get you setup in just a few days, not weeks or months. Because it's SaaS, it's highly affordable with no big outlays of cash or capital investment. SphereWMS offers TRUE EDI, a web based real time reporting engine, and all of the features you'd expect from a WMS 10 times the cost. SphereWMS comes with a 30 day no risk trial using your data and your operations. We invite you to give SphereWMS a try.

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