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  • CloudSigma Cloud     7 reviews

    Freedom Through Technology
    CloudSigma is a pure-cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions enabling the digital industrial economy, offers highly-available, flexible, enterprise-class cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions both in Europe and the U.S. CloudSigma is the most customizable cloud provider on the market, giving customers full control over their cloud and eliminating restrictions on how users deploy their computing resources. With CloudSigma, customers can provision processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources as they please, as well as easily deploy any compatible operating system or application with full root/administrative access. The result is the highest-performing cloud at the most efficient price possible. Take control over your computing with our powerful platform.
  • Fastback DR     1 review

    Bare Metal Server Online Backup
    This is truly the Holy Grail of backup! A fully-automated online backup service that offers the following benefits: - Provides lightning-fast recovery speeds. (within minutes, or even seconds) - Perform full bare metal recovery. Even to virtual machines or dissimilar hardware. - Special recovery options for SQL and Exchange. - Incredibly easy to use, fully automated protection for small business servers.
  • NovaBACKUP     1 review

    Novastor provides a very complete set of workstation, server, network and cloud backup solutions. NovaBACKUP® is an easy to install online backup solution that can be used on Windows Server 2003 & 2008. It automatically backs up and protects your important Windows Server files with SQL 2008, Exchange 2010 Support. It also supports virtual machines. The software is advanced enough to handle even the most serious server environments, but remains user friendly.
  • Cloudfinder Backup for Google Apps     1 review

    Cloudfinder Backup: Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Calendars, Sites - Free Trial
    Designed for business use, Cloudfinder Backup for Google Apps provides automatic, reliable and secure backup of your Google Apps suite including Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Sites and Google Drive. What differentiates Cloudfinder is the ease of search and restore. In fact, if you can use a search engine, then you already know how to search and restore Cloudfinder data. Cloudfinder also offers you greater control and oversight of your company’s backup data. It visualizes your data with powerful drill-down capabilities to quickly uncover business insights found in the aggregate.
  • Backup and Recovery 11     1 review

    Acronis Backup & Recovery 11, is a solution that seamlessly integrates disaster recovery and data protection for your physical, virtual and cloud. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 is a leading solution in server consolidation and disaster recovery accelerating your virtualization initiatives using agent-less backup combined with patented disk imaging technology; and it does all of this in a very simple feature-rich solution. You can place as many virtual machines on a physical host as you need and, with a single license you can support an unlimited number of migrations to and from the host. You can place an agent into the virtual machine and manage it exactly as you would manage a physical machine. And / or use a single host-based agent for VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V to manage all virtual machines on a host at once to simplify administration and reduce overhead costs.
  • Business Continuity     1 review

    The ultimate in high-end cloud data protection. Our system continuously replicates your servers to our secure remote storage facility. Of your servers ever go down, operations will immediately switch over to our facilities... ensuring nearly uninterrupted system availability. Best of all, this cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is available without any capital investment, and can be quickly deployed throughout your organization without any major changes to your IT architecture.

    Database[dot]com is the world’s first enterprise database built for the cloud. It's open, proven and trusted. Database[dot]com is built to power the next generation of cloud 2 social and mobile enterprise apps. Database[dot]com makes it easy to build next generation business app. It comes with toolkits for connecting apps that run natively on mobile platforms. It also includes a social data model that makes it easy to build apps with profiles, status updates, news feeds and groups. Database[dot]com is a core component of the Force[dot]com platform. As such, a large number of tools and toolkits are already available for accessing the database from a variety of languages and platforms, from Java on a server to iOS on a phone.
  • Service Provider Platform  

    By joining Storagepipe's Partner program, you can create and launch your own white-label online backup service. Storagepipe's Service Provider Platform makes it easy to manage customer accounts, and also offers a self-service portal for your clients. This eliminates technical support calls and improves overall satisfaction. Service Provider Platform is highly customizable, and also integrates with 3rd-party billing and e-commerce systems through APIs and Web Services.
  • VMWare Practice Lab  

    The skills you have learned reading about VMWare can now be applied on real physical HP blade servers, loaded with VMWare ESX Server. You can skill practice things like VMWare Ha, vMotion, DRS, Cloning, Load Balancing, etc by simply signig up for our Practice Lab and remotely administering ESX servers from the comfort of your home or office. We give you access to your own physical dedicated VM WARE ESX SERVER, Free VMWare ESX 3.5 tutorials, real physical co-training Server.
  • SiteSubscribe  

    Managed WordPress Services - Maintenance & Support On Your Web Host or Use Our FREE Hosting
    SiteSubscribe provides Managed WordPress Services featuring "Maintenance & Support On Your Web Host or Use Our FREE Hosting" based on a monthly subscription. SiteSubscribe's Managed WordPress Services can benefit anyone with a WordPress website with ongoing website Maintenance & Support services for managing regular updates to WordPress Core/Plugins/Themes plus full website backups. Our Managed WordPress Services frees you up to focus on your business. Serving all of North America from the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado.
  • QMetry  

    QMetry is a SaaS based comprehensive test management platform that provides a tester friendly interface, and provides powerful capabilities that help QA teams to integrate, collaborate and co-ordinate the entire testing process to increase testing effectiveness and efficiencies. QMetry is a test management system that provides traceability from requirements to test cases to test execution to defects. QMetry’s vision is to be the next generation convergence platform for test technologies either commercial tools or open source tools. QMetry will provide a platform that integrates, summarizes operational data from test tools and represent it on a dashboard such that it forms a decision support system. QMetry has extensive import/export of data, extensive support for user defined fields, and elaborate access control management. QMetry can therefore be easily adopted to support the process of any QA organization.
  • Livedrive  

    Livedrive offers unlimited storage space, simple one click backup, and the ability to access files from anywhere - computer web and mobile. By installing the Livedrive software on every computer in your business, it’ll work automatically in the background to backup everything on that computer online. There is nothing to manage and the administrator can see all backed up files on all computers. It works on PC and Mac. Livedrive is also a shared network drive, where you can see the same files on all your office computers. Work on the same files as your colleagues. See who changed what. Hot desk easily. You can give every employee their own private space and you can create Team Folders that groups of employees work together on. Livedrive syncs files between all your computers . That means your employees can use multiple computers and work home or on the road. You can get Get full FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to everything on your Livedrive cloud storage.
  • Real Options Valuation  

    Black-Scholes, game theory and binomial models
    Real Options Valuation provides quantification of embedded value in potential business and investment strategies. Uncertainty surrounding potential cash flows from real options that exist from alternative strategic outcomes can be assessed for the valuation of those options. Real options can include multiple branch outcome possibilities competitive environment scenarios or options to abandon, expand or delay prosed projects.
  • Cloudfinder Backup for Salesforce  

    Back Up, Restore and Analyze your Salesforce data
    Cloudfinder for Salesforce automatically backs up Salesforce objects and documents every day. Cloudfinder make it possible to easily find, restore, export, migrate and analyze this data.
  • Computer Backup  

    MyPC Backup provides an automatic, online computer backup and sync service. It is a fully automated online computer backup service, also known as cloud storage, or remote backup. There is a small desktop application to manage backups and track what has been backed up. Files can be viewed online by logging into a control panel. There are extra services such as file syncing and file versioning. There is a remote access feature to all backed up files from any web browser or smart phone.
  • ConneXcloud™  

    ConneXcloud is a product that provides a way of connecting cloud-based applications such as Google's applications suite with existing infrastructures. These connections enable an organization to administer cloud-based application environments seamlessly across all platforms. In short, ConneXcloud provides a single point of management for user accounts sharing information across disparate applications.
  • Brian Brougham-Cook  

    Email Archiving, Business Continuity, Email Security and Filtering, Cloud Based SaaS. Unified Mail Communication Platform.
  • WinWeb Data Backup  

    Sync and Secure your Data
    Your business relies on being able to archive all important data, the Data Backup app is what you need to keep a secure backup of your files. All of your data is stored in the Cloud it makes it accessible from wherever in the world you login to your account.
  • WinWeb Online Disk  

    Share and secure your data
    If your business relies on being able to access important data, the Online Disk app is all you need to start being able to keep a secure backup of your files or start sharing them with others. Because all of your data is stored in the Cloud it makes it accessible from wherever in the world you login to your account.
  • Double-Take Cloud  

    Double-Take Cloud provides real-time server replication that captures all changes to your data and applications and securely stores them in the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) infrastructure. Businesses of any size can create a highly efficient and effective disaster recovery plan by leveraging the cloud computing Recovery as a Service (RaaS) model, eliminating the need for costly dedicated DR data centers and the associated hardware, software, real estate, power, cooling and management overhead. When needed, you can recover to the cloud servers, paying only for the space and capacity used, and only for the time you use them. Key Benefits Real-time replication protects all of the data, and full-server protection includes everything you need, including the data, programs, and the system configuration.
  • Electronic Archiving  

    Storagepipe's Electronic Archiving Service helps you optimize server performance by automatically taking older and inactive data off-site to our secure remote storage facility. This improves server performance and IT resource usage by taking inactive data off of production equipment and more expensive storage. The system is fully-automated, and sends data off-site based on your own archiving policies.
  • Flexiscale  

    Flexiscale is a public cloud - a flexible, scalable, automated computing and hosting infrastructure that allows you to flex your requirements up and down on demand and only pay for the service that you actually use.
  • Cloudserve hosted Desktop  

    Cloudserve Hosted Desktops are fully-functioning remote workstations. Instead of being held on local hardware the operating system. application software and data is housed in our state-of-the-art data centres. Hosted desktops remove the need for 'traditional' desktop PCs in the office environment, and reduce the cost of providing the IT services that your business needs.
  • Private Cloud Application Hosting  

    Private Cloud hosting platform to deliver enterprise class, 100% uptime applications. We host CRM, Desktops, Virtual Servers and a variety of hosting packages for software developers. We are a leading hosting business with our own cloud hosting platform - SVi. SVi is a no single point of failure platform audited by the largest of UK companies to meet security and resilience requirements. If you have an application to host or are looking to outsource your IT. We might be worth having a chat with.
  • Mircrosoft Dynamic Hosting  

    The GoIWx organization helps companies improve enterprise software performance, information availability and data security associated with their business application solutions. We have been providing advanced software infrastructures to clients by implementing mission critical applications and system topologies for over 15 years. Armed with depth of experience in a variety of industries our teams are able to help derive the maximum value out of IT investments.

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