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Overview of Kontrollbase

Monitoring, analytics, reporting, and historical analysis webapp for MySQL database administrators and advanced users of MySQL databases. It is an enterprise grade application that is built on the open-source software model and features advanced frameworks (CodeIgniter, ExtJS) to provide you with the tools to automate the administration of hundreds and even thousands of database servers.

Qbox.io Hosted Elasticsearch
  • · Powerful search and analytics on the bleeding edge
  • · Scalability at your fingertips whether 1 or 50 nodes
  • · On-demand around the globe
  • · Resizable multi-node clusters
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Qbox.io Hosted ElasticsearchData management
  • · Seamless integration with your inbox and calendar
  • · Automatic email and calendar logging so you don't have to
  • · Unified address book for your entire team
  • · Hundreds of supplementary data sources enrich your contacts
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RelateIQCustomer Management
Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • · Communities for sales
  • · Marketing and sales leads
  • · Email integration
  • · Opportunities and quotes
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Salesforce Sales CloudCustomer Management
  • · Connect to more than 35 on-premise and online data sources
  • · Mix data sources on the fly through the QueryBlender
  • · Understand your audience through Google & Facebook Analytics
  • · Dive into video data with Youtube & Dailymotion Analytics
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BIMEBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Drag-and-drop user interface
  • · Wide range of widgets such as gauges, charts and graphs
  • · Eye-grabbing visualization
  • · Complex business queries without programming or SQL writing
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SiSenseBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · 70+ turn-key integrations for data aggregation
  • · Clean graphs of StatsD and other integrations
  • · Slice and dice graphs and alerts by tags, roles, and more
  • · Easy-to-use search for hosts, metrics, and tags
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DatadogIT Management

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