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Overview of Kontrollbase

Monitoring, analytics, reporting, and historical analysis webapp for MySQL database administrators and advanced users of MySQL databases. It is an enterprise grade application that is built on the open-source software model and features advanced frameworks (CodeIgniter, ExtJS) to provide you with the tools to automate the administration of hundreds and even thousands of database servers.

Zoho Reports
  • · No downloads/installs. Web-based access from anywhere
  • · Upload data from spreadsheets, databases & Google Docs
  • · Easy to Adopt 'Spreadsheet-like' Interface
  • · Drag-and-drop based report and dashboard creation
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Zoho ReportsBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
Decibel Insight
  • · Customer Insight
  • · Visitor Session Playback
  • · Heatmaps
  • · Form Analysis
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Decibel InsightInternet & Online
  • · Unlimited Custom Dashboards
  • · Unlimited Custom Reporting
  • · Hashtag Analytics
  • · Facebook Ad Analytics
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LocowiseBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
SimilarWeb PRO
  • · Complete competitor website traffic analysis
  • · Website data: visits, geography, keywords, referrals etc.
  • · Engagement metrics: time on site, bounce rate, popular pages
  • · See traffic share by channel (search, direct, display, etc.)
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SimilarWeb PROWebsite & app traffic data analysis
  • · Competitive Business Intelligence
  • · Competitive Price Analysis and Monitoring
  • · Monitor Competitor Pricing Structure
  • · Monitor Competitor Websites and Patents
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  • · Alerts
  • · Targeting
  • · Countdown
  • · CSV Import
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DatanyzeBusiness Intelligence & Analytics

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