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Simple Order & Inventory Management
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Key Features of Lettuce Apps

  • Free 14 Day Trial. No Contract Required
  • Unlimited SKU's and Customers
  • Free Setup & Customer Support
  • Robust & intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Shopify, Authorize.net and Stripe
  • Integrate with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Google CloudPrint
  • iPad App
  • Auto-sync your online and offline sales channels
  • Add multiple users & sales reps
  • Analytics dashboard for each specific store
  • Automatically generate packing slips and shipping lables
  • Comment on orders & collaborate with the rest of your team
  • Feed with real-time updates on orders, reps and inventory

Screenshots of Lettuce Apps

Screenshot #1 of Lettuce Apps ()
Screenshot #2 of Lettuce Apps (Access your products & take orders via the iPad app.)
Screenshot #3 of Lettuce Apps (Process orders effortlessly - from any page on the Hub.)
Screenshot #4 of Lettuce Apps (Gain key insights into your business & best selling products by tracking real-time analytics on your sales, orders and inventory.)
Screenshot #5 of Lettuce Apps (Communicate with your entire team & keep a pulse on your business with our news feed. Get real-time updates on orders, inventory, sales rep activity and more.)
Screenshot #6 of Lettuce Apps (Review wholesale order information with your customers in minutes & email them a receipt. You'll never have to capture orders with pen & paper again.)
Screenshot #7 of Lettuce Apps (Access individual product details while browsing.)

Overview of Lettuce Apps

Lettuce is the #1 order & inventory solution for small businesses. Keep all your orders, inventory, invoices, contacts, and more in one place! Beautifully designed to help you take an order anywhere, process it in seconds, and reduce repetitive data entry.

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Intended UsersMid Size Business, Small Business
Devices SupportediPhone-iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish
Support OptionsFAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials
Categories· ERP Software · Inventory Management Software · Order Management Software

Lettuce Apps Pricing

Starting from: $39.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available

$39/mo. Try now with a FREE 14 day trial!


Lettuce has many benefits that will help you:

* Keep all your order & inventory data in a single, secure place

* Collaborate with everyone on your team by leaving comments on orders. Never use admin notes again.

* Capture orders on an iPad app. Perfect for B2B sales and sales reps on the road.

* Visualize your sales, orders & inventory better with a feed of real-time data

* Make smart business decisions with our intuitive analytics dashboard to see highest performing customers & products

* Quickly collect customer & payment information at events and trade shows using our iPad app. No wi-fi necessary and never use pen and paper again.

* Automatically generate/print packing slips and shipping "lables" typo -labels


Poor Customer Focus

A verified reviewer11th of June 02:10

Beware of hidden costs! As an online merchant ourselves we understand the importance of transparency in our costs, in fact it is required for online vendors to allow customers to review and approve costs - before billing them. Lettuce did not do this. They charge $29 per additional user (This is only in the fine print - so beware) and then claim to add users you can only do this under 'Billing' but in fact you can also add users under the 'User Tab', this means you can be adding users without any indication this is changing your costs or plan. Additionally, they billed for users who had NEVER activated their account. As a small and growing company we were charged 10x what we thought we would pay and when asked if they could credit us for the inactive accounts it was difficult to eventually get a 'NO'. I will be working to get my company off of their system, you can download PDFs of any transactions for your records.

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We are obsessed!

Michelle Mohilef, Founder4th of April, 2013 12:07

Lettuce has helped us save over $2300 a month and without it, we would be wasting time doing data entry. Created by people who understand running a wholesale and e-commerce business, Lettuce is the solution I am recommending to everyone...we are obsessed.

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The Dream App

Todd Moffett, COO, Earth Tu Face28th of March, 2013 14:00

Ultimately it started out that we were looking for a good/easy way to sync all of our shopify orders into QuickBooks. Everything that I looked into was cumbersome and or ugly. Lettuce has done a great job at building UI that does so much. We're now a full on Lettuce team. Sales uses lettuce with a custom user permissions to enter orders and customers. Shipping uses it to print out the packing slips and labels and send customer tracking emails. And our accounting team never has to do anything but QB now. The Ipad app is great for trade shows and special sales events. A mini version app. You can create custom price variants as well as lead source labels for any type of event. In my own opinion the Ipad app is reason enough to have Lettuce. The support has been great too. Assistance was available right away to help with all the right answers. Lettuce has definitely made our whole teams life much easier.

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