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  • Litmos LMS 

    Software by CallidusCloud

    Love Your Learners

  • Litmos LMS is a SCORM certified online training system that enables the rapid creation of web based courses and easy distribution to learners on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android. Online course are created using a mix of video, PowerPoint, SCORM, surveys, quizzes and more. Learners can self signup and optionally pay for the course using the integrated online course shopping cart. Real-time activity feeds and reporting make it Litmos a delight to use. Start your FREE Trial Today!

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  • Firmwater LMS 

    Software by Firmwater Inc.

    Learning Management built specifically for Training Companies

  • The Firmwater LMS is specifically engineered to enable commercial training companies and e-Learning content developers to manage delivery of their content to all of their clients. Once content providers have uploaded their e-Learning content, they can create branded client portals within minutes providing their clients with access to all or part of the e-Learning library. Each client has their own private LMS, with unique branding, its own user community and content library. You have complete visibility on all of your clients through a single user interface. The Firmwater LMS is provided on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis as a fully hosted, and supported web-based learning management system. The Firmwater LMS is SCORM compliant, so you can choose the best authoring tools to meet your training needs. Whether you are selling through traditional channels, an affiliate network, or selling your courses online, you need to consider Firmwater as your LMS partner.

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  • DigitalChalk 

    Software by DigitalChalk

    Online Training Software and Learning Management System (LMS)

  • A Learning Management System (LMS) shouldn't hold you back. It should empower you to move forward. Fulfill your training vision and accomplish goals - your way. Do More with DigitalChalk! ● Deliver online training to your enterprise without going over budget. ● Be more productive with an LMS that grows with your business. ● Track employees progress, set goals, and measure training impact. ● Save on the cost of training materials, NO additional software needed. ● Access our winning support whenever you need it.

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  • TalentLMS 

    Software by Epignosis

    The Fastest Path to Awesome Learning

  • A super-easy, cloud-based learning platform to train your people and customers

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  • SkyPrep 

    Software by SkyPrep LMS

    Online Training Done Right

  • We offer an online training software that is simple and intuitive. Developing, and training your employees or clients will never get any easier or more affordable. Just upload existing content, create exams, and track employee progress with easy-to-use reporting tools. Don't let building courses intimidate you. Create online courses and tests with ease.

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  • Administrate 

    Software by Administrate

    Training Management, Learning Management, and Online Course Booking Software

  • Administrate is an affordable online training administration and LMS solution built to save training providers time and money. Training departments and training companies use our products to increase course bookings, manage their operations, and deliver exceptional eLearning. Our training management software includes three products: CORE: Training Management System – our training management system designed to handle all your admin tasks and save you tons of time. Our customers use our core system to run their entire business or internal training department. LMS: Learning Management System – our highly ranked, mobile friendly and SCORM compliant E-Learning system. WEB: Website Integration – turn any website into a course booking machine. Accept payments, make your website SEO friendly, and automatically update your course listings! Organisations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller “one man bands”, use Administrate around the world. Try us for free today!

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  • WizIQ Virtual Classroom 

    Software by WizIQ Inc

    Virtual Classroom software for live online classes

  • WizIQ Virtual Classroom is live instructor-led online learning and teaching software for conducting high impact and engaging live instructor-led classes from anywhere, anytime. It is a SaaS based platform and is hosted on a cloud. WizIQ’s simple yet effective tools help you create a comprehensive online learning environment, and our Virtual Classroom platform lets you engage with and teach your students face-to-face, just as you would in a physical classroom. Deliver synchronous online courses through the Virtual Classroom using our easy plug-ins for Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard Learn™, and even your own website.

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  • Blackboard Learn 

    Software by Blackboard

    Online learning, learning management system, lms, course management

  • Blackboard works with our clients to develop and implement a learning management system that impacts every aspect of education. We also enable clients to engage students in exciting new ways, reaching them on their terms and devices - and connecting more effectively, keeping students informed, involved, and collaborating together. Through our course management systems, services, and expertise, we work with clients to build a better education experience.

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  • LearnUpon 

    Software by LearnUpon

    The LMS of Choice for Training Companies and Small to Medium Enterprises

  • LearnUpon is a cloud based learning management system (LMS) designed specifically to meet the needs of professional training companies and SMEs. Designed by a team of experienced eLearning professionals we have removed all the frustrations normally associated with traditional clunky, expensive LMSes. With LearnUpon you can be up and running - selling, delivering and reporting on your courses in less than an hour of sign-up. Our pricing starts at $99 per month for up to 100 users. Sign-up for a free 30 day trial today and see why so many businesses are moving to LearnUpon for their online course delivery.

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  • BrainCert 

    Software by BrainCert, Inc.

    Cloud-based E-Learning Platform, Virtual Classroom, and LMS

  • BrainCert is a cloud-based e-learning platform, virtual classroom, and enterprise-ready online learning management system (LMS). A soup-to-nuts solution for students and instructors, BrainCert offers powerful tools to create (and take) online courses, tests, tutorials, and live & recorded classes. Instructors and organizations can host live seminars and conferences online using BrainCert Virtual Classroom, engaging with students located halfway around the world. Content and media publishing tools also allow instructors to publish content publicly or privately without dealing with the headaches associated with converting basic files into online courseware. Instructors can charge for their courses and tests, and collect funds via PayPal and Stripe. Recruiters use BrainCert Testing Platform to accurately pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate thus saving time and make faster hiring decisions. BrainCert is the easiest way to learn, teach, and collaborate Online.

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  • Docebo E-Learning 

    Software by Docebo

    Cloud eLearning

  • Easy to use, one-page Web App to manage, deliver and track E-learning activities. Docebo allows organizations of all sizes to implement a cost-effective and features-rich tablet ready Learning Management System. Docebo is made available to global clients in 30 languages. It currently manages over 300,000 users in distance learning projects. It fully integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, SAP HR, Lotus, Sharepoint, WebEx, Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, Vivocha, TeleSkill, GoToMeeting, E-Commerce and more.

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  • Forms on the Fly 

    Software by Forms on the Fly


  • Using Forms on the Fly's WYSIWYG tools anyone can create interactive quizzes, tests, questionnaires & diagnostics that deliver feedback, including comment, scores and graphs, based on answers given. No programming knowledge is needed. Forms on the Fly can be used to build branded mini-apps for lead generation, e-learning, support, sales and training to publish on your website or blog. Examples of uses include: - business, health and legal diagnostics - quizzes - e-learning tools - feedback forms - proposals - personality tests

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  • Mindflash 

    Software by Mindflash

    Easy Online Training

  • Mindflash is an easy-to-use online training tool that allows you to create courses, invite trainees, and track the results. Just upload your PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or videos and we'll automatically convert them into a Flash-based course; you can even build quizzes and include certificates. You can easily invite trainees with our automated email tools; and tracking the results is simple with our reporting tools. All of our plans come with a FREE trial for unlimited use. No risk. No obligation. No credit card required.

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  • Desire2Learn Product Suite 

    Software by Desire2Learm


  • Complete and adaptable suite of applications, services, and support to power your learning infrastructure.

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  • Ziiva 

    Software by Ziiva


  • Whether your goal is to train employees at a small business, maintain regulatory compliance at a multi-million dollar corporation, or streamline the fundraising strategies of a non-profit organization, Ziiva's customizable learning management system has the cost-effective, tailored solution you require.

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  • Online Campus 

    Software by Sclipo


  • Sclipo provides an Online Campus solution with e-Learning, Social Network, Classifieds and Administration apps, including a course manager and virtual classroom web conferencing system. Our Online Campus helps both to attract new students and to provide a better learning experience to current ones.

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  • eFront 

    Software by Epignosis

    LMS with rich social & enterprise functionality

  • eFront is a robust learning platform, bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from branch management to tailor-made reports. We have worked with hundreds of organizations to shape a product that meet the training needs of modern enterprises.

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  • Skillmeter 

    Software by Skillmeter

    Skills Testing Done Right

  • Stop guessing skills. Measure them. Skillmeter is a cloud testing platform that is simple, fast and intuitive. Create tests, assign them to your candidates and receive the results instantly. The tests can be timed, scored, and with a wide variety of question types. Measuring skills has never been this easy!

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  • Sycamore Education 

    Software by Sycamore Education


  • Sycamore Education does it all! Sycamore Education offers a completely integrated, comprehensive online school school management system and student information system specifically designed for PreK-12 schools. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful and completely secure database. Sycamore Education is completely web-based. You don't need any special equipment, you don't need to maintain a server, and there is absolutely nothing to download.

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  • Elucidat 

    Software by Elucidat

    Mobile E-learning delivered in minutes. Now anyone can deliver incredible E-learning. Fast.

  • Elucidat allows you to deliver brilliant Mobile E-learning. Adapt your content for different screens - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. Encourage your learners with Gamification, scorecards and incredible interactive lesson types. Deliver your course with the power of the cloud, online or as an App, through your LMS or just invite your learners by email..

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  • Inquisiq R3 Learning Management System (LMS) 

    Software by ICS Learning Group

    Simple, Affordable, Powerful.

  • Inquisiq R3 is a web-based learning management system (LMS) allowing you to easily deliver, manage, and track training of all types. It is a straightforward, robust solution with an easy-to-use interface that lets you easily upload and manage your SCORM-compliant content, organize catalogs, manage users and groups, generate customized reports, award certificates and even collect course fees. Inquisiq R3 is ideal for both corporate training initiatives, and selling courses online. The system is offered at a price that is far below others, and is available in both SaaS (cloud based) or installed solutions. Never before has so much power been available at such a low price point. Try Inquisiq for free today - you won't be disappointed!

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  • BiGgyan Cloud eLearning 

    Software by iSilkRoute Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd


  • BigGyan, product from iSilkRoute Software Technologies Pvt Ltd is the first cloud eLearning platform in the world. BigGyan enables education institutes and enterprises to provide eLearning to their students and employees. Some of the features of this platform include multimedia course content, forums, video conference, mobile learning, online Gradebook, attendance, parent portal. What sets BigGyan apart from other eLearning providers is that it is a complete eLearning solution.

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  • KeyStone OnDemand 

    Software by KeyStone OnDemand


  • KeyStone OnDemand is a training platform that merges the best Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Base and Self-Service features into a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to increase user adoption, loyalty and retention of custom applications through training. KeyStone OnDemand is specifically designed for SaaS vendors and app owners to quickly develop training for their end-users. We provide the tools and platform to develop, deliver and track your app training, along with branding and an authentication API to pass users transparently from your app to ours.

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  • Training Software  

    Software by

    Build and Test Knowledge

  • ProProfs Training Software is an integrated online tool which allows you to create and deliver online training and educational programs. It is easy-to-use and requires no download and can be accessed from any platform, browser or mobile device. Whether you are an educator associated with a school/university or a corporate trainer in a company, you can easily create online courses, assessments, surveys, polls and flashcards using ProProfs Training Software. You can create an online course by simply uploading your training materials such as files, documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos or even online content such as wikis, blogs to a central location. Since, ProProfs Training Software comes integrated with a powerful quiz maker; you can easily add online assessments, surveys, polls and even flashcards to your course. This includes powerful course and learner management features such as online classrooms, advanced reports, custom certificates and more.

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  • Zodiac.NET 

    Software by MentorLogic

    Survey / Questionnaire Engine Toolkit for ASP.NET

  • Zodiac.NET is a web based survey engine and form builder toolkit for Microsoft .NET written in pure managed .NET C#. Zodiac.NET combines XML and ASP.NET in one customized, easy to use and integrated component for .NET web solutions.

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"Cool LMS !!!"

  19th of June 23:49

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"Amazing Learning Management System"

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