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Who is Wintac For?

Wintac Software was designed for small to medium size field service and contracting businesses. Wintac offers three editions of its product: Wintac Green, Wintac Pro and Wintac Fuel. These three editions cover the needs of virtually any type of field service operation.

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Key Features

  • Manage your scheduling and dispatching
  • Work Order Management
  • Track recurring service
  • Manage your inventory and equipment
  • Provide mobile access for technicians
  • Manage and create proposals
  • Job cost transparently
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Full integrated Accounting
  • Instantly access customer records and work history
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Marketing
  • Tom Tom Integration
  • Real-time business reporting


Wintac is the best-selling all-in-one business management software from Intac International Inc. Over 8,000 companies and 60,000 end users automate their field service businesses with Wintac. Wintac combines all of the following capabilities into one software program: scheduling and dispatching, customer relationship management, work history tracking, equipment installation and service tracking, inventory management, estimating and proposal writing, job costing, task building and flat rate pricing, purchasing, bill paying, and accounts payable, financial reporting and graphing, employee and payroll management, vehicle service and maintenance, marketing and lead management.

An all-in-one business management software that will allow you to run your entire business in one place. Over 8,000 companies and more than 60,000 business have chosen Wintac to run their business making it the best selling field service software available.



Intended Users
Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Online Support, Phone Support


Starting from: $1495.00
Pricing model: One-time Licence

You pay once for Wintac and it is yours to use forever. No monthly charges. No hidden costs. Best Price Guarentee


Run a more efficient, organized and profitable business

User Reviews


Could be better with updates to existing customers

Shawn Montroy, Owner at S.D.R. Electric & Plumbing11th of January 11:40

Have been using the software and portal for a little over a year. Never hear from intac about minor updates or changes until they release their year update. Technical support has been ok. Although required after every update.


Dont Buy it

Florin Thaqi, --3rd of August, 2014 10:19

Complicated expansive technical support cant give you help with what i need it to do ,cant set customer number the way you want ,you have to use there way i called many time and asked how we can we change the this ,and the told me no , Second thing is every time i open the software keeps telling you license is for one user and i have one user no mater how you close every time keeps showing over and over again ,i called them for this problem and they told me that yes it does that happens and no solution for this problem and they told me we will get back to you ,never did I think that for that money it cost need to have a lot of help witch they want to charge you after first year . now here is my big problem with wintac cant sync invoices with quick books completely half of information is missing payments are missing work info and i called they told me i was doing something wrong and the tried and could not fix this problem . I am sorry i bought the software it cost me a ton of money with no help . I bought alternative to wintac ,ESC software and i,m very happy with it support is fantastic and i wanted some changes on software ,they even made custom changes to fits my needs and no charge,

Response from Intac International

Dear Florin,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Since speaking with you last week, I was shocked to hear that your experience with Wintac has been less than excellent. Our employees strive to provide the best service and support in the industry.

You and I spoke before you purchased Wintac in 2012. With the purchase of the software, we provide a full year of unlimited technical support. Within that time period, I only see a couple calls to our support department that were mutually resolved. After 1 year, you have the option to renew your support and maintenance contract or continue using the software you own. Our significantly reduced upgrade prices are the lowest in the industry.

We were not aware that you were experiencing difficulties and apologize that we really didn't get a chance to help you. I hope you will consider giving Wintac a second chance. Based upon your review and our conversation, I truly believe that the concerns you had could have been effectively resolved.

I am troubled to hear that a Wintac technician was not able to get back to you. We are very sorry and can assure that this was not intentional. Since this is a rare occurrence, we take this very seriously and I escalated this matter to my manager.

If you decide to reconsider, we are always here to help. Please feel free to contact Customer Care at 800-724-7899 and ask for me, Naomi.

Vital to our business

Rodenhiser Excavating1st of April, 2014 14:29

Wintac is a fantastic product that keeps our company running smoothly. It's easy to use, incredibly useful, and absolutely vital to our business.

Fantastic Software

Elite Service Co.31st of December, 2013 13:48

We are a small HVAC company, and we've been using Wintac for over 10 years. The interface is user-friendly and easy to learn. It does everything we need it to do. We are looking forward to our upgrade!

Customer service is fast and competent

downeast31st of December, 2013 07:56

Customer service is fast and competent. We have been using the program for over a year now and its working great!

Great Job

Tom Corio27th of December, 2013 10:50

Great company very easy to use

We have found Wintac to be the most complete

Advanced Air Conditioning & Appliance24th of December, 2013 08:28

We have found Wintac to be the most complete and user friendly of any programs we have reviewed for the service industry. We have compared Wintac to several high dollar professional written and still find Wintac at the top of its class. Keep it up.

Wintac Service Management System

Kelly's Stump Removal18th of December, 2013 19:52

Wintac's single input tying quotes thru ordering, scheduling, completion and invoicing (integrated or via QuickBooks interface) fulfills all the needs of our service business

Great software

Shane Moore18th of December, 2013 19:50

We've been using Wintac software since 2010 and it is a great all in one software for my plumbing business. Saves time and is simple to use.

Great Software!

Lafayette Heating & Cooling18th of December, 2013 13:23

We've been using Wintac for a year. I find the accounting portion to be very easy to use & the number of reports that is available is great! I've also found the technical support staff to be very friendly & helpful.

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GetApp Analysis

Most field service technicians spend more time out of the office than in, and rely on mobile tools to complete daily tasks at remote locations. Wintac is an all-in-one business management solution that provides service contractors with the ability to run more organized, efficient, and profitable businesses.

Developed by Intac International, Wintac helps small to medium-size field service and contracting businesses deliver better customer service and eliminate waste. Through the Wintac Web Portal and app, service professionals are able to utilize the types of scheduling, dispatching, service tracking, inventory management, and equipment installation tools that are necessary to become more independent, productive, and informed while working in the field.

Dashboard View

What is Wintac?

Focusing on the end-user experience, Wintac was designed to help service contractors deliver better customer service and increase operational efficiencies. The Wintac Web Portal and app helps accomplish this goal by providing field technicians with tools to be more independent and informed while working in the field.

The Wintac Web Portal and app provide field service technicians with the ability to improve communications, reduce on-site repeat visits, and streamline daily tasks and operations. The Wintac app allows business users to view, edit and update their own daily schedules in real-time. Technicians can add customers, jobs and notes on the fly, and they can drill down to review prior service history information for individual customers. Technicians can also create proposals and convert them into work orders that can be saved and emailed to customers on the spot or turned into invoices.

The Wintac app has offline capabilities, as well as online, which enable technicians to complete almost any task, anytime or anywhere. When a service network becomes available, the data entered offline updates and syncs back to the office, which eliminates the need for double entries.


Main Features

Access to Customer Information

Field service technicians have 24/7 access to vital customer information with Wintac. This includes job histories and installed equipment. With customer and lead management tools, Wintac users may enter unlimited amounts of searchable notes for each customer, job site, and job.

Take better care of your current customers and prospects by adopting Wintac’s tools. You can instantly view complete job and billing histories for any customer, and attach things like photos, documents, and spreadsheets to any record. Automatic pop-up notices can be setup to remind you of critical information, as well. Site History

Update Schedules From the Field

Service contractors who work offsite can view their daily schedules and update those schedules remotely while working in the field. Wintac’s scheduling, dispatching, and work order management tools feature daily, weekly, and monthly dispatch views, along with drag-and-drop, color-coded dispatching.

Get your schedule in order by adding the details of each day’s assignments to Wintac. Through the Job Control Center, you can schedule, dispatch, route, search, and sort jobs. Re-assign field technicians by dragging-and-dropping various jobs into place on the virtual schedule. Wintac’s boards come with modifiable layouts and color-coded statuses.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Complete Jobs Remotely

Using Wintac’s mobile tools, field technicians are able to select items from price lists, capture signatures, and attach photos and documents to customer histories while they work in the field.

Once you arrive on a jobsite, you can use a tablet computer to electronically capture the signatures you need on work orders, proposals, and invoices. Using a tablet, you also have the ability to generate job schedules, site directions, and routing sheets at any time.

Job Details

Email Invoices & Apply Payments

Using Wintac, field technicians are able to create invoices for clients, email those invoices, and even apply payments all while working outside the office. Wintac’s software includes credit card processing integration.

Create professional proposals, quotes, and estimates using Wintac’s tools, and then convert those accepted documents into invoices with just one click. You also have the option to use task lists to generate invoices, work orders, and proposals.

Generating Work Orders & Invoices

Online/Offline Functionality

Offline capabilities allow technicians to work in areas with no or limited service, without needing to call their offices for information or updates. With the Wintac Web Portal and app, service techs have the information they need to enter and complete emergency jobs after hours, including viewing the customer history including any installed equipment with warranty information.

In the event that your service network becomes unavailable during the workday, you can continue using the Wintac app without an Internet connection. When your service network is re-connected, the data you entered offline will update and sync back to the office to eliminate double entries.

Offline Capabilities


The Wintac Web Portal supports email integration, popular flat rate pricing programs, barcoding integration and credit card processing integration. XCharge (Wintac’s integrated credit card processing partner) allows technicians to swipe and process credit cards safely and securely from the field.


The Wintac app is available for free download with installment of the latest Wintac Web Portal. Package pricing starts at $2,495 for Wintac Pro, the company's most popular edition. All Wintac packages come with step-by-step onboarding programs, one-year of unlimited live technical support, and membership to the Wintac Online Users Group.

Bottom Line

  • All-in-one provider for service technicians
  • Contractors can view, edit, and update schedules in real-time
  • Allows users to automate and manage their businesses from one program
  • Proposals are quickly converted into work orders and invoices
  • Reduces on-site repeat visits

FAQs for Wintac

Below are some frequently asked questions for Wintac.

Q. What are the main features of Wintac?

Wintac offers the following features:

  • Manage your scheduling and dispatching
  • Work Order Management
  • Track recurring service
  • Manage your inventory and equipment
  • Provide mobile access for technicians
  • Manage and create proposals
  • Job cost transparently
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Full integrated Accounting
  • Instantly access customer records and work history
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Marketing
  • Tom Tom Integration
  • Real-time business reporting
Q. How much does Wintac cost?

We have the following pricing information for Wintac:

Starting from: $1495.00
Pricing model: One-time Licence

You pay once for Wintac and it is yours to use forever. No monthly charges. No hidden costs. Best Price Guarentee

Q. Who are the typical users of Wintac?

Wintac has the following typical customers:

Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does Wintac support?

Wintac supports the following languages:


Q. What type of pricing plans does Wintac offer?

Wintac has the following pricing plans:

One-time Licence

Q. Does Wintac support mobile devices?

Wintac supports the following devices:

We do not have any information about what devices Wintac supports

Q. Does Wintac offer an API?

No, Wintac does not have an API available.

Q. What other apps does Wintac integrate with?

Wintac integrates with the following applications:

No information available.

Q. What level of support does Wintac offer?

Wintac offers the following support options:

FAQs, Forum, Online Support, Phone Support

Q. What are the main benefits of using Wintac?

Wintac offers the following benefits:

Run a more efficient, organized and profitable business

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