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Key Features of Pinpointe

  • Save Money - 3 flexible pricing options
  • Create ‘Drip Marketing’ campaigns - Improved automation
  • Advanced Segmenting / Targeting - Better results
  • ‘Email Marketing in the Cloud‘ – No hardware
  • Enterprise Edition - Up to 200 users
  • SPAM Score Checker - Improve email delivery
  • Email Inbox Previewer - check before you send
  • HTML Email Templates - Professionally designed
  • RSS Archiving of All Campaigns
  • Bounce Processing
  • Import / Export Data Records
  • Send Emails ‘On-Behalf-Of’ Someone
  • Synchronize with Salesforce.com
  • De-duplicate, Fix Email List Errors
  • Segment Your Audience
  • Email Split /Multi-Variant Testing
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Campaign Statistics – Drill-Down
  • Drag & Drop Surveys

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Overview of Pinpointe

Pinpointe is the most feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing software system available for business to business communications. Pinpointe’s cloud-based email marketing helps business marketers in mid-sized enterprises get better marketing results.

Advanced features such as list segmentation, autoresponder drip marketing campaigns help marketers to nurture and deliver quality opportunities to the sales team.

Our new inbox previewer displays your email in 20 email clients - including a half dozen mobile clients, so you can see exactly how your email will look. And since email clients are chock-full of quirky nuances and HTML incompatibilities, our inbox preview gives you pointers and recommendations to fix your html code.

Pinpointe is backed by exceptional technical support and professional services to guide you through best practices and deliver better email marketing results.

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Intended Users: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported: iPhone-iPad, Mac, Mobile Web App, Web-based
Supported Countries: Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages: English
Support Options: FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials
Categories:· Online Survey Software · Campaign Management Software · Email Marketing Software · Marketing Automation Software · Online Marketing Software

Pinpointe Pricing

Starting from: $36.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Monthly - based on the number of active contacts stored in Pinpointe. Send up to 6 times per month to each contact. (Ideal for frequent senders)
Monthly - based on the number of emails sent each month. Ideal for customers who send about once a month.
Pay-as-you-go. Credits are good for up to 1 year - unused credits roll one each month. (Ideal for infrequent or seasonal senders.)


Better Email Marketing Results. Less Effort.

Pinpointe is powerful yet easy to use. Top features/benefits include:

Save Money. Flexible, Pay-as-you-Go pricing with credits that don’t expire each month!

Free Surveys. Create, send and collect data for unlimited surveys for free with your Pinpointe account.

Preserve your brand. We don’t insert our logo or branding into your email.

Drip Marketing Campaigns. Set up campaigns that automatically trigger based on recipient actions, like whether they opened an email or clicked on a specific link.

Easy Segmentation/targeting. Segment prospects across multiple lists, based on a combination of fields.

Behavioral Targeting: Select recipients based on past behavior.

Enterprise Edition – 5 – 250 users, up to 10 million emails per month.

User Reviews for Pinpointe

  Pinpointe's Email HTML Code Analysis Tool

I really appreciate Pinpointe’s Inbox Preview Tool. With it, I can now see what my email campaign looks like in up to 20 email clients, including mobile and I-Pad. It has a code analyzer that identifies three levels of code errors: Critical, Moderate, and Low. It then offers details on how to update the code to eliminate the errors/problems for the given email client. I also use Pinpointe’s spam checker and find it very useful in aiding the reduction of my spam score for every email campaign.

— Sandy Jones (20th of November, 2012 10:13)

  Pinpointe Inbox Preview Tool Delivers

We've been using Pinpointe for over a year and support has been superb. Pinpointe's newly added inbox previewer has really saved me lot of time and frustration. We can now get a live and accurate preview of our marketing campaigns in 20 email clients, including mobile clients. Since email clients have a plethora of quirky nuances, Pinpointe's code analyzer tells us which code might cause display issues and gives recommendations on how to modify the code to maximize compatibility. Pinpointe's spam checker also helps us keep our spam score low to help improve deliverability.

— Brian, A1 Number Crunchers (20th of August, 2012 09:10)

  Successful B2B email marketing

The Email Marketing Software from Pinpointe offers for B2B users like me more creation and monitoring features than we could find in ordinary B2C email marketing services. One very useful feature is for example the customizable From field. If you create an email marketing campaign with Pinpointe you can import contacts from an Excel, Outlook or CSF file without problems. The software enables you as well to add information about a client as a note. You can choose from different report options, all of them are easy to create.

— Wayne Bains (2nd of December, 2011 09:29)

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