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“I used Podio to automate workflow processes for different project teams. A great way to set up ad hoc collaboration for disparate teams and organize work for people who work around the same desk. Ideal for managing CMS content flow or CRM funnels. ”

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Sicko van Dijk12th of September, 2014 07:18
Most critical review

“We were over the moon with Podio for almost 2 years. Raving fans: loved it and then things changed. We're a service business, and maybe that makes us ultra picky about good service. I love the customize-able concept. I don't love the service or the dismissive attitude they take toward their customers. And our parting was just plain awful. They were really awful to us. Very sad.”

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Alice Errett24th of February 20:04

21 User Reviews


Great - so long as you accept the quirks

A verified reviewer3rd of March 00:32

Our company has been using Podio for a couple of years. A brief summary: - the concept is brilliant in its flexibility and ease of customisation - Podio team has their own view of the way things should be done, and if you dare to challenge their (somewhat quirky) logic, they'll politely reply "this feature is not in our plans for the moment". Conclusion: if you're prepared to accept lack of archiving, inability to manage access rights to items, not being able to set task reminders after completion date etc., you'll love Podio; if your aim is to adapt Podio to your current business process rather than adopt THEIR vision - you may find yourself rather frustrated, so don't start.

Pros: - Flexibility - Ease of customisation (so long as you stick to Podio's view of workflow) - Quick support response

Cons: - Some major quirks Podio are not willing to change - A general "stuck up" attitude by the vendor

Response from Podio

Hi Ilya,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. I truly understand the challenges you've come up against, and really appreciate your frustration.

It's great that you have taken the time to share your inputs with the Podio team – this does indeed have a great impact and helps us to prioritise our future plans. We have a set vision for Podio, and with that we have to prioritise a certain baseline of features. While the requests you have made may very well be developed in the future, we cannot make any promises we cannot keep, but I can assure that we read and take into account all inputs, and are hard at work here to ensure that Podio gets better and more powerful. We will continue to work away at achieving this vision to provide you and other Podio users the best solution for your work.

Kind regards,
Julia / Team Podio


It used to work...and now it doesn't

Alice Errett, Sunflower Businness Consulting, Inc24th of February 20:04

We were over the moon with Podio for almost 2 years. Raving fans: loved it and then things changed. We're a service business, and maybe that makes us ultra picky about good service. I love the customize-able concept. I don't love the service or the dismissive attitude they take toward their customers. And our parting was just plain awful. They were really awful to us. Very sad.

Pros: customizable functional platform.

Cons: awful service. used to be good. we aren't raving fans anymore.

Response from Podio

Hello Alice,

Thanks for providing your feedback. We are glad to hear that you have been using Podio for over 2 years, and enjoyed the product.

If you would like to share any further details on your experience with us, we will be happy to listen and help. You can contact us at support@podio.com at any time. We are sorry to hear that you are very frustrated, and we hope to hear from you soon so that we can help you further.

Best regards,
Julia / Team Podio

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Happy with Podio

Sicko van Dijk, Creative Consultant at Lateral Support12th of September, 2014 07:18

I used Podio to automate workflow processes for different project teams. A great way to set up ad hoc collaboration for disparate teams and organize work for people who work around the same desk. Ideal for managing CMS content flow or CRM funnels.

Pros: Builds as easy as lego-bricks and set up a workflow in minutes. It helps you get work done that would otherwise be overwhelming and makes it a breeze to switch between different project teams.

Cons: I am missing a Windows Phone app that lives up to the quality level of the iPhone app.

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Do it all system!

Lasse Lumiaho, Product manager at Etuma11th of September, 2014 08:42

Podio's flexiblity and ease of use is unparalleled. We are running bug tracking, CRM, management, marketing and one time projects on Podio. Customizing the apps is simple and fast. No coding skills required! The best part is that all discussions happen in the correct context in the app items. No need to find discussions from email anymore. Also, tasks can be assigned to app items which gives them the correct context.

Pros: - Infinitely flexible and expandable - No coding skills needed to customize - Can bring in external people for free - Annual pricing gives 20% discount

Cons: - can be built too big and complicated but the person guilty of such actions is staring back from the mirror - notification flood can be overwhelming but it is easy to adjust

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Happy !

Brian Oldenborg, Systemkonsulent11th of September, 2014 08:33

As a MS reseller we have access to all tools like Project, CRM, Sharepoint and so forth. Never the less none of the tools suited us very well with the way we work. We had to find a tool that could be built from scratch to our needs without programming skills. It should be easy to customize on the go and easy to access on mobile devices. Besides being extremely easy to setup, it also makes it easy to find customer related conversations instead of trawling through several mailboxes. The application API is relatively easy to build upon to make data even more visible from Podio. The time it takes to build an app when we need one is a matter of hours and not weeks or months. Extremely intuitive. Downsides are the mobile versions that arent as usable as the browser-version. The tasks system arent flexible enough when it comes to search filtering. Podio doesnt fit a small monitor.

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Disappointed :-(

Susanne Coates, Multimedia Specialist & Web Developer3rd of September, 2014 12:19

I originally set up my Podio account to try out the service and see if it would fit my needs (filmmaking and video production). The price is a bit higher that other solutions I evaluated, but it seemed to be much more customizable than something like Basecamp. To try it out I did a detailed setup of a tentative project, and populated my "Employee" network (you can have 5 employees in the free version) with some initial volunteers who were interested in the project and willing to help me test things (not knowing that they couldn't be removed later without upgrading to the premium version), now that the project is moving forward, I'm trying to remove those initial people to put in actual volunteers to take this test to the next level, but I can't do that without paying $$. This is a real aggravation as I have expended a fair amount of effort to setup a real project in Podio for an actual test, but it's still too early to commit to paying for the premium service. This frustration has me now looking at other options since (from what I've read in Podio's help site) Podio has no desire to create a fix for this issue in the free version of their service. It really makes me concerned how helpful they will be with fixing other problems even after paying for their service. This issue has not only impaired my ability to try out the service for my application, but has significantly tarnished my opinion of a service I was initially very excited about.

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Podio Love

Joanna Motylewska, Graphic Design : Print, Web, eLearning and Photography30th of July, 2014 23:01

This is a really good highly customizable project management app which includes a custom apps maker, team collaboration, calendar and tasks apps. Web based and smartphone versions with free and premium options.

Pros: The most customizable tool I have come across. The custom app maker is awesome!

Cons: Personally, I would like better task management features for Android, but I'm sure they'll get there.

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Working as Consulting with varied group

Marcus Davidson23rd of February, 2013 17:47

Exactly what i was looking for when collaborating on projects with up to 5 different companies in different locations and time zones with varying degrees of responsibility. Use it to track approvals, discuss issues and track progress etc...

Pros: Love the ability to add different apps to different workspaces as not all projects require the same structure.

Cons: Clarity of restricting information to certain people could be better. Real-time IM is required for this to take off. I'd suggest PODIO just acquires hall.com or something equivalent.

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really good at some things

harrison6th of February, 2013 06:46

Sometimes I really dig Podio. It does the simple things well. But there are some obvious things that have been missing for 18 months now (comment editing, flexible user permissions within a workspace, emailing files into an app), and the Podio team refuses to ever tell you what's being worked on or give a timeline for anything. Support is good when the request is easy, but if it's something they cannot easily answer, no one gets back to you, and they close the support case before it's resolved. Plus there's no phone number or live chat or skype call possible even for premium accounts, so help requests move very slowly.

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WebTorontoDesign.ca6th of February, 2013 05:44

We've fully integrated this software with our company and created a really engaging experience with our clientele & creative production. We've seamlessly connected out clients through Podio on the web/mobile app, to our production team, while keeping our internal business information secure. We were considering making a similar customized CRM until we found Podio. The best part is the custom relationship database! There are still some growing pains. One option we've noticed is limited app control over sharing information. But all in all we're excited about this software and will be covering its application in depth in our Online Marketing Blog. Cheers!

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Great Collaboration tool, but fails at just about everything else.

Artamon7th of January, 2013 13:05

I fed into the hype and imposed my team on Podio earlier this month. I could see it working well for software developers, designers, marketers to exchange ideas or assign tasks. But you will pull your hair out trying to use it for your sales team, support team, or just about anything else that many great CRMs achieve out there.

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loaded with great features

Timmothy17th of December, 2012 11:46

Really good app loaded with great features. Unfortunately for us Google Calendar integration is not yet bi-directional. Once Podio developers improve gmail calendar integration, they'll be really hard to beat!

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Slow start - AMAZING when you get it

Rick J.8th of November, 2012 16:35

It's hard to start using Podio. But once you get it, it's almost impossible to use any other management platform. Love it!

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Almost, But Not Quite

Bacchus26th of October, 2012 20:12

We've been evaluating Podio for several months, and while they have a truly groundbreaking concept (create your own apps without programming), somebody wasn't really thinking it all through while they created it. The most appalling oversight is the lack of support for real "contacts" (customers). While Podio makes it super-easy (perhaps too easy) to link collaborators with the apps you create to work with clients, clients themselves are a nightmare. Instinctively, your gut will tell you, "Wow - This is easy... I'm pulling in my contacts with just a few clicks," BE CAREFUL... Those are being treated as collaborators & staff, not as real customers, and you'll rip your hair out trying various workarounds before realizing they just blew it, and there is no workaround. To their credit, Podio seems to be taking an interest in the gripes about this fatal design flaw in their user forums, and hopefully, will step up to the plate to get it fixed, but until then, it's just a nifty idea.

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Not for users

drekka10th of September, 2012 20:28

I've been playing with Podio for a couple of hours and I struggle to see why I would want to continue. The main problem seems to be the interface which emphasises the wrong information, making it easy to get lost and difficult to quickly get the information you are interested in. It takes way too much data entry to achieve anything and the whole feel is that I would be spending a lot of time for little or no real value. I tried adding some apps related to software development as well and ran into bugs where apps where being added multiple times. The only way to remove the duplicates was to archive them one at a time, which necessitated a trip back to the home page every time. I don't think I'll be recommending it to anyone.

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Too much work

Danny12th of August, 2012 13:39

A week ago I tried Podio for my team at Xerox. Getting started takes to much work and it made me feel like a developer.

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Too much info

ororuben24th of July, 2012 08:18

I like the drag and drop feature for uploading docs, but the activity stream just stresses me out. It would be nice to turn off certain notifications, like I don't necessarily want to know if anyone updated their profile pic. Also, if it had intergrated document viewer would be nice.

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@cazoomi teams run on Podio

Cazoomi13th of February, 2012 04:15

@Cazoomi our team leads, across 12 countries, run on Podio to structure our software work as well as interact with 100's of clients & partners alike. Podio works the way we do @cazoomi for our members, fast.

Pros: Grab an app from the Podio App Store, configure it in minutes for a project or the entire business.

Cons: Very few cons:)

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Good collaboration tool

Louis30th of January, 2012 10:02

Podio offers anything you would expect from a Project management tool. The interface is clean and very lisible. Its ability to define workspace with its own set of collaborators and functionalities is particularly valuable to get things done. Podio is also a great tool to share ideas with your teams and collect feedback.

Pros: Worth mentioning that an impressive amount of apps is available on the Podio app store, that makes Podio even more useful and collaborative.

Cons: Podio would be our Number One work app, if it provided more collaboration features, such as Instant Messaging or integration with third party desktop IMs, and a deeper integration of Google Apps (including Google Calendar and Google Docs).

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Great all-in-one tool

Jennifer Diaz23rd of November, 2011 09:55

Podio is a web-based application to organize your projects in a better way. And it really does! There is quite a big number of tools to be informed about tasks, schedules and everything else around your projects. You can create your own to do lists and delegate tasks to other team members.

Pros: - You can create a space for each of your projects - Your contacts can be added to one secure virtual location - Thanks to the activity feeds you see all changes, updated, edits and comments of your projects - Multiple users - very customizable

Cons: - Takes some time to understand how to use all the tools

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Review Of Podio

FHD22nd of August, 2011 13:38

Podio is one of the easiest and most flexible management solutions I came across, it is as far as I know a rather new product therefore some obvious features are missing such as cross space referance

Pros: Affordable, flexible, easy to use (absolutely no programming experience required), development team actually react on user input and I have seen several examples on implemented user suggestions. Learning curve is very small

Cons: no cross space reference, no cross space reference, no cross space reference, damn it. This is the most (and properly only) annoying thing about Podio...

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