• FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA)

    The #1 PSA App for Salesforce

    FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the #1 PSA application on the cloud platform. Some of the best service companies in the industry are leveraging the FinancialForce PSA solution to help them achieve dramatic results quickly and gain competitive advantage definitively. We provide a customer-centric approach to professional services automation that aligns your sales and services teams in a collaborative, cloud based system. FinancialForce PSA is native to Salesforce CRM and provides unparalleled visibility to help executives, project managers, consultants and salespeople generate higher win rates, improved utilization and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our Professional Services Automation app tracks all the data that makes each resource unique including: cost rate, role work calendars, start date, end date, utilization targets, utilization attainment, hours worked, scheduled hours, assignments, skills etc.

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  • Clarizen 

    Work & Project Management Software

    Clarizen uniquely combines true social collaboration with powerful project management to align your team and drive increased productivity and profitability. Fast to deploy and easy to use, Clarizen harnesses the power of the cloud to help you get work done on time, on budget and with better results. The leader in enterprise work collaboration and project management, Clarizen is shaping the future of work by redefining enterprise collaboration – it empowers high-performance teams by connecting conversations, tasks and projects in a single solution. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Clarizen’s award-winning solutions to get the job done. Clarizen is also available for your iPhone on the Apple Store and as an Android App!

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  • Mavenlink 

    Project Management and PSA software

    Mavenlink provides a powerful , all-in-one online project management and PSA software to help organizations conduct business and automate daily tasks - making it easier to get things done, keep clients happy, and grow profitably. The software combines advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, time management and financial tools, together with reporting and analytics, to empower businesses to better understand their productivity and take strategic action to drive profitability. Mavenlink offers advanced PSA software for better collaboration, accurate time, expense, and budget tracking, and real-time insight into the status of project activities, deliverables, and timelines. Sustaining client expectations and managing deliverable timelines is crucial to success for professional services businesses. Mavenlink makes it easier than ever with software that is cloud-based, mobile-accessible, and intuitive for services businesses and their clients.

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  • HarmonyPSA 

    Complete professional services automation package.

    HarmonyPSA supports the entire business lifecycle, from lead generation to contract renewal. It is designed and built specifically for software and services businesses, automating business functions in a single platform available from the cloud on any device. Gain valuable insight With all the functionality you need in one place you’ll have the visibility to see what’s going on at the highest level and make more informed decisions. Increase billing With integrated time tracking systems and streamlined, automated billing you can bill more quickly and accurately. Contract management functionality eliminates revenue leakage and so improves profitability. Grow sales Convert more of your sales pipeline using our campaign management tools. Maintain and grow your existing customer base by providing exceptional customer service. Streamline operations Defined workflow processes will ensure that work gets done the way you want it to, every time, saving time and resources

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  • AtTask 

    Enterprise Work Management Software

    AtTask is online enterprise work management software that provides a 360-degree view of all workplace activities, helping both team members and management alike to better understand and organize their work, improving workflows and productivity. With AtTask, managers can evaluate potential and current projects, set sound strategic and financial objectives, validate corporate initiatives, and promote and execute those projects that provide the greatest business value. AtTask is designed for mid- to enterprise-size companies (+500 employees) from any industry.

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  • Projector PSA 

    Professional Services Automation Software

    Projector PSA is a fully integrated suite of Professional Services Automation tools that helps services organizations with project management, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, and client invoicing. Projector integrates seamlessly with accounting systems such as QuickBooks and Great Plains, CRM applications like, and other applications such as Microsoft Project and Excel. It was designed to act as a the core operational system to help services organizations more efficiently deliver projects for their clients. Projector gives your organization the visibility and control that it needs to make informed decisions and intelligently manage projects from start to finish. Try a free 30-day trial of Projector and see for yourself.

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    Your Business in the Cloud is an integrated cloud solution that enables businesses to efficiently manage contacts, projects, tasks, time, expenses, billing, leads, opportunities and analytics all within one collaborative platform.

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  • ProWorkflow 

    Online project management tools

    Manage your project online. ProWorkflow is a fast, easy to use online project management and time tracking software. ProWorkflow's project management application is currently helping thousands of customers globally to optimize their business processes, manage staff resources, track projects, tasks and time and keep on top of it all, at anytime and from anywhere! All you need is a web browser or smartphone! Create quotes to send to your clients. Approve them to create projects. Create invoices from project time. Synchronize them with Xero or QuickBooks. Easy! The software offers a reporting system for the analysis of accurate data for current and future decisions for the company. In addition, the timeline view and availability tool allow you to view resource allocation at any time

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  • Bench Bookkeeping

    Upon signup, you're paired with a dedicated Bench bookkeeper who understands your business and uses simple intuitive software to do your books for you

    Bench is the online bookkeeping service for business owners who seek an unfair advantage. Upon signup, youre paired with a dedicated Bench bookkeeper who understands your business and uses simple, intuitive software to do your books for you. Each month we provide up-to-date income statements and tax-ready financials, and you get more time to focus on other important parts of your business. Bench is easy to set up and use.

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  • AffinityLive PSA 

    Work Smarter.

    If you want to grow your business, you need a system, not a collection of tools. AffinityLive makes it easy to manage all of the client work in your business - from prospect to payment, and everything in between - all in one easy-to-use cloud-based app. With powerful features like automatic email capture, calendar and phone sync for automatic time sheets and powerful automated business rules, AffinityLive lets you focus on more important things (like growing your business). Try it now for free! AffinityLive is not your ordinary software solution. It was built by former agency owners, for agencies. The combined feedback of thousands of professional service businesses around the world have made the product what it is today. Born in the cloud, you’ll have your business with you wherever you are. AffinityLive combines the simple and powerful tools that are good for your business, your team and for your clients.

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    The only PSA software with Built-in Quoting

    Some the largest IT solution providers in North America, UK & Australia use the PROMYS PSA software. Quotes & Opportunities are linked allowing quote revisions to update margin & revenue forecasts real-time. Sales Orders & Projects are linked providing real-time visibility into cost against budget performance of projects. Help Desk can see assets under Service Contract in the ticket. PROMYS automates the business process, not just operational functions. See module videos to find out more.

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    Project Management & Resource Management, Accounting & CRM solution for advertising agencies

    WorkBook contains key functionalities for the Professional Services Industry and especially targets Advertising, PR, Marketing & Communications, Architects, Consultancies and Engineering companies. It is used by organizations worldwide and helps businesses to monitor the sales pipeline, track time used on tasks, resource planning and capacity usage, billing as well as integrated accounting. You choose what modules to include in your system and you only pay for what you require.

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  • BillQuick 

    Time & Billing + Project Management Software

    BillQuick offers a flexible time tracking, billing and project management solution, both in terms of functionality and deployment. Available as a stand-alone solution, self-hosted or a cloud service, BillQuick offers comprehensive business accounting, project management and business intelligence in a system flexible enough to support a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, accounting, consulting, graphic & interior design, and more. BillQuick synchronizes with QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Canadian, UK & Australian editions of QuickBooks.

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  • Vorex Project Management Suite 

    The Easiest Web-Based Project Management Solution in the Market

    Powerful & easy to use cloud-based Project Management solution that allows you to create, staff, forecast, budget, and accurately track all your projects. Projects can have unlimited number of tasks, and each task may be staffed independently. Pay and Bill rates may be a fixed amount for the entire project, or different for each task or employee role. You can also elect to use the integrated CRM and Invoicing system. Complete flexibility and ease of use. Try our 14 day No obligation Free Trial to see for yourself.

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  • Autotask 

    IT Business Management Software Platform

    Autotask is the all-in-one web-based software that helps VARs, MSPs and IT Service providers to sell, implement, deliver and bill their services. Thanks to Autotask´s automation and management of your people, projects and processes your business performance will be improved significantly. That means greater efficiency, and more profitability. A bold promise, yes. But we deliver by getting your entire team all working off of literally the same customer and business information, all in real time. How does this help? By eliminating duplicate data entry, automating numerous functions and giving you complete visibility into: -What's due -What's billable -What needs to be scheduled -Which employees are under-utilized -How long specific tasks are taking -Which clients are most profitable And, because everything is kept in one database, Autotask gives you the power to mine your data to answer virtually any other question about your business.

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  • moon 

    The professional solution for Professionals

    moon is a collaborative SaaS designed for professional services firms (Consulting, IT Services, Communication, ...), supporting all your core processes: . CRM . Project Management . Knowledge Management . Time Tracking . Invoicing and Cash Management . People Development . P&L, Business Planning & Controlling, including KPI Dashboard. Easy to use for Professionals, Office Managers and Senior Management alike. Energizie your teams, anticipate decisions, boost your business.

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  • Tenrox PSA Solution 

    The Only True, Workflow-Driven, Cloud Professional Services Automation Solution Available

    Manage your Professional Services projects from bid to billing with the Tenrox professional services automation solution (PSA). Tenrox PSA is the only true workflow-driven project management, service delivery and billing solution that is designed to meet the challenges of managing your globally dispersed customers and project resources who are operating in multiple remote locations, currencies, tax jurisdictions and time zones.

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  • NetSuite OpenAir 

    The World's #1 Professional Services Automation Software

    NetSuite OpenAir's PSA software supports your entire services organization with real-time visibility and anytime, anywhere access to the tools and information you need. NetSuite OpenAir's fully scalable PSA software grows with your organization. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, OpenAir can help optimize your business and your bottom line. Decrease non-billable bench time, improve project management, automate your billing and invoicing process, and optimize revenue and profitability reporting. Available as a stand-alone PSA software solution or integrated with existing enterprise systems, OpenAir helps you gain the most from your projects and people with: Project Management Resource Management Timesheet Management Expense Management Invoicing Reporting and Dashboards Over 16,000+ fast-growing organizations run their business better with NetSuite.

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  • Professional Services Management 

    Replicon Professional Services Automation Software

    With Replicon Professional Services Automation Software improve visibility into performance, increase your service margins, and deliver on-time, profitable projects with our easy-to-use cloud application.

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  • Genius Project 

    Project Portfolio Management Software

    Genius Project is a project management software with an extensive array of features such as PPM, Resource Management, Project Planning & Gantt Chart, Time & Expense Tracking, Document Management, etc. Used by over 1'050 clients and 93'000 users since 1997, Genius Project is Genius Inside’s premium Mid-size and Enterprise class Project Portfolio and Project Management Software available in English, French, German and Spanish languages and can be deployed as a Hosted On-Premise, SaaS solution or Installed on IBM's Lotus Notes.

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  • KeyedIn Projects 

    Improve Project Visibility & Control

    Manage Difficult Projects. Improve your management of status, timelines, resources and more with KeyedIn Projects. Connecting easily with your organization's existing systems, KeyedIn Projects gives project, program and portfolio managers the control and insight they need throughout the entire project lifecycle. It ensures resources are used strategically, risks addressed, and costs managed tightly – together driving project performance and profitability. KeyedIn Projects has over 16 years experience of successfully deploying comprehensive Project Management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Program Management Office (PMO) Solutions. Highly Configurable and scalable - suitable for organizations of 10 - 10,000 users.

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  • IT Pro Dashboard

    A PSA alternative to Autotask, Connectwise and Tigerpaw

    Affordable, Easy-to-use, One hour setup, data transfer and integration with QuickBooks and email, 30 minutes training and it is ready to go live! IT Pro Dashboard™ is a total operation management solution designed by an IT company specifically for your IT company. This application is developed in response to the growing demand for internal efficiency, accountability and productivity of IT services operations. It helps you to convert non-productive time of your technical staff to billable hours and decrease management, administrative and accounting overheads. IT Pro Dashboard™ allows you to view all service activity in real-time and make instant changes and updates. A powerful, fully integrated, web-based architecture, the software easily integrates with all of your current business applications including ACT!, QuickBooks and Outlook for extra efficiency and to monitor and manage schedules, orders, billing and time-tracking.

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  • Feng Office

    Collaborative Project Management System

    Feng Office is a Web Based Collaboration Platform that integrate Project Management, Client Relationship Management, Billing, Financing and more. Ideal for Professional Services Business Productivity.

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  • Trevvo

    Complete Business Management Suite

    Trevvo is a complete business management suite providing tools to help business teams become more productive - CRM, project management, document collaboration, forms, workflows, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting.

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  • Changepoint

    Business Portfolio Management

    Changepoint belongs to the most comprehensive end-to-end solution available for Professional Services Automation (PSA). Changepoint gives you control over your resources and service-related enterprise procedures by providing a detailed dashboard-view of all levels of services your company provides.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Recruitment and employee on-boarding
  • Sales pipeline management
  • CRM and account management
  • Resource and inventory management
  • Purchase orders and procurement
  • Time-tracking and billing
  • Expense tracking
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Collaboration an knowledge sharing tools

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) Reviews

Richard Conway reviewed


"A Definite Upgrade For Us"

  9th of September

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"Organization running on AtTask"

  9th of September

Laurence Bourgeois reviewed


"more effective communication and transparency"

  11th of June

Alex Foster reviewed


"Awesome Product - Saves Us Countless Hours"

  14th of May

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  18th of April


What is Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software?

Professional services automation software is used by service-oriented professions such as lawyers, IT consultants, architects and other contractors to automate the processes related to managing projects and resources. PSA solutions help service providers to manage a number of business processes, including employee onboarding, sales and account management, resource and inventory management, ordering and procurement, expense tracking, time management, billing and invoicing, and financial accounting.

PSA software can be used by independent contractors and large organizations alike to gain a deeper understanding of their business operations and gain further visibility into project success. These business apps help to ensure customer satisfaction with built-in ticketing features, online order approval and file sharing.

PSA solutions can also be used as marketing tools to generate leads and track sales. You can also control the cost of projects through budgeting and forecasting tools. Time-tracking tools allow you to calculate billable hours and use various pricing models to create client-specific, branded quotes and invoices.

PSA software is used to manage expenses, often allowing you to scan, upload and archive receipts. You can also manage purchasing and stay on top of accounting with P&L generation and online document approval. It can also be used to manage employee data as well as contractor and client information.

PSA software will often provide collaboration tools in order to share knowledge among dispersed team members. These social tools can often be extended to be used by clients, providing a single platform for all project workers to share files and documents.

PSA solutions can be used to manage resources and assign tasks to team members. With resource availability views you can schedule resources and ensure the best resources are utilized for each job. You can also use these apps to gather feedback on task progress and remain updated on task completion, pending deadlines and projects that are about to go over budget.

The reporting tools of professional services automation software provide insight into the entire runnings of your business. You can get an overview of the status of your entire portfolio of projects in one place. Define the KPIs most relevant to each project and receive reports and alerts based on these for managers and stakeholders.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Recruitment and employee on-boarding
  • Sales pipeline management
  • CRM and account management
  • Resource and inventory management
  • Purchase orders and procurement
  • Time-tracking and billing
  • Expense tracking
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Collaboration an knowledge sharing tools

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