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Last review:08 December 2014
First review:20 July 2010

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Customer-Centric Customer Support Software. TeamSupport is a robust, yet easy to use collaborative customer service desk and help desk solution that improves collaboration between departments and customers so your support team can manage tickets at the customer level to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Think of it as your entire company working to support your customer’s entire company. TeamSupport includes many advanced help desk features such as best-in-class reporting, advanced customer self-service portals, screen recordings, live chat, ticket management, ticket automation, and much more. Your users can provide superior help desk support by working with other members of the support team as well as sales and other departments to address customer issues quickly and with the right solution. Our internal chat feature enables real-time discussions with any member of your team, no matter where they are located.

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“TeamSupport ROCKS!!!”

(18 August 2014)

“Team Support Review”

(12 August 2014)

“TeamSupport has streamlined our customer service”

(11 August 2014)

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Cloud customer service software. Zendesk is the leading cloud-based customer service software solution trusted by over 40,000 organizations worldwide. Companies such as Groupon, Box, and Zappos are using Zendesk to lower costs, raise productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. Loved by both customer service teams and their customers for its beautifully simple interface, Zendesk is easy to try, buy, implement, and use. Zendesk seamlessly integrates all of your support channels including email, web, chat, and social media. Deploy to as many customer service agents as you need whether it's 5, 50, or 500. Zendesk has been deployed by companies with thousands of agents and with tens of thousands of tickets each day.

Latest reviews for Zendesk

“Bad pricing structure. ”

(4 November 2014)

“Great idea, really bad....”

(25 June 2014)

“friendly tool for our ticketing system”

(4 June 2014)

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Vision Helpdesk 

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Multi Channel & Multi Company Help Desk Software. Vision Helpdesk is the only web-based help desk software that allows you to manage support for multiple companies at one place. With single front-end and each company having its own branded client portal makes it true satellite help desk. The ALL IN ONE customer support help desk allows you to manage various channels like E-MAIL, WEB-FORMS, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, CHAT, CALLS everything under single roof.

Latest reviews for Vision Helpdesk

“Excellent Help Desk software with wonderful features.”

(10 October 2014)

“Affordable Helpdesk Solution with all the fruit of the big players,”

(26 August 2014)


Comake Srinivas (16 April 2014)

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Vivantio Pro 

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Flexible, Trusted, Reliable Service Desk Software

VivaDesk is a great way to manage help desk and customer service tickets. With an interface that features full flexibility, VivaDesk can be set up to work with any type of IT help desk or customer service desk. VivaDesk offers different Ticket Types (such as Incident, Problem, and Change) which can be individually configured to have its own unique categories, priorities, statuses, custom fields, business rules, etc. Additional benefits around Ticket Types include the ability to support requests for service outside of traditional IT or customer service. The likes of Facilities, HR, Marketing, and even Health & Services departments receive requests for service. VivaDesk can ensure these requests become serviceable tickets with service level agreements to ensure prompt fulfillment.

GetApp Blog (24 March 2014)

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Mojo Helpdesk 

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Centralize, assign, and track helpdesk requests with our ticket tracking app.

The solution is a custom-fit for helpdesk manager, IT pros, and customer support experts who spend their days receiving and managing support requests. As such, it increases productivity and, also, offers the benefits of cloud, including scalable infrastructure, costs and remote access.

GetApp Blog (18 January 2013)

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Customer support, helpdesk software

The biggest win at Freshdesk is a major upgrade of the solution’s feature set, one that the call company refers to as Freshdesk 2.0. Best features: - Email commands – This feature lets agents manage, update and even assign tickets right from their email, along with a reply to a support ticket. - Email to knowledge base – This feature makes it easy for an agent to convert an email thread or a ticket reply into a knowledge base article, from the mailbox. - Enhanced reporting- The reporting interface has been completely revamped and enables users to generate extensive and detailed reports.

GetApp Blog (20 March 2012)

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iHelpDesk is fairly straight forward help desk solution for small business. I think that for smaller businesses that require a simple and straightforward solution in the cloud, iHelpDesk is a good alternative. The pricing is very affordable and for the most part, you are getting similar features than in more robust and expensive solutions. What I found lacking was the ability to create any kind of online community where users can “talk” to one another such as Wikis. That said, the solution works flawlessly and provides the necessary tools needed to create a respectable help desk website.

GetApp Blog (28 February 2012)

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Help Desk and Social Customer Service

iuvoDesk is an elegant solution in that it leaves no stone unturned in its help desk online software tool that caters to small to mid-sized businesses. iuvoDesk allows you to track and manage your customer tickets/help requests to ensure everyone is serviced in a timely manner. The solution can also store customer information and/or integrate with your existing CRM solution so that all customer data is centralized. In addition, iuvoDesk offers a forum to post helpful documents and media so that your customers can peruse information about your company while waiting for a live agent to contact them.

GetApp Blog (19 January 2012)

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Cloud customer service software

Zendesk is a very complete help desk solution — and is scalable to any size business that needs their services. Any company that sells products or services that demand customer assistance should look into a help desk solution. There are many fine solutions out there — and Zendesk is one of the better ones in terms of its own client support, training and host of features to to help make your help desk as “helpful” as possible for your customers. Obviously not all businesses need a help desk – some can get away with a simple FAQ on their site. But for services that are complicated — having a support team that allows you to interact with your customers on a 1:1 basis is a tremendous ROI. Go ahead and splurge folks and keep your customers from running away to your competitors. Because they will if you don’t help them.

GetApp Blog (24 October 2011)

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Online customer service software

I think Assistly streamlines helpdesk to a great degree. In addition, it has a great GUI-based interface that makes it easy for almost anyone to come in and start working. From the organizational perspective, it is great because it is scalable. This ensures that you can decrease or increase your costs based on your budget. However, the best part about Assistly’s interface is that it is a graphical user interface in the best sense of the word. What this means is that you do have text-intensive and heavy screens even when you are setting business rules. Instead, you have clean, graphics-based interface makes setting business rules and permissions easy and, might I even say, a pleasure?

GetApp Blog (19 July 2011)

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Customer Service and Support Management Software

Regardless of the format you choose, the application integrates all phases of Service desk operations including managing the service desk ticketing life cycle and maintaining your business process workflow. This application includes helpdesk management data fields and the ability to customize data field user menus as defined by you. Journal entries are used for logging and you can log all entries and correspondence between customers and service desk professionals using this solution. My favorite part of the solution suite is the Self Service Center. As the name implies, the Center is a web-based user portal that helps connect your employees and customers. This means that customers, as well as employees, can login to the portal and manage information relating to their service tickets. What’s more, customers can also add to the knowledge base.

GetApp Blog (4 July 2011)

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HelpOnClick Live Chat Software 

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Live Chat Software

HelpOnClick is a great tool for any business website where there are specific products or services being sold or offered. E-commerce sites come to mind but also any site that has an offering that might need customer support . These might be sites selling insurance, real estate, medical supplies, application software and more. As a first-time user of HelpOnClick, I personally found the product easy to navigate. The settings tab is your key for customizing your customer live chat experience. The fact that you can customize the language, icon and text, makes HelpOnClick relevant to multiple industries and gives a global appeal.

GetApp Blog (24 June 2011)

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Customer-Centric Customer Support Software

Within the customer support, ticketing and team collaboration market, TeamSupport offers a great deal of flexibility with a minimal price tag. There is fierce competition in this space. For a SaaS/Cloud vendor, the attention paid to security from a delivery and application standpoint is impressive. TeamSupport offers an excellent range of support options, which are included in the monthly subscription. Organizations can take advantage of the Live Chat feature, which can be added to all editions. This gives organizations the ability to offer live support, direct from their website. An intuitive interface is a key feature of TeamSupport as a significant percentage of its customer base contracts its services and very rarely needs to interact with the vendor for support or configuration changes.

GetApp Blog (26 February 2011)

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