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Practice More, Manage Less.. MyCase, the premier all-in-one web-based practice management software for lawyers, was built to address the number one complaint across all State Bar Associations... insufficient attorney/client communication. Thousands of successful legal professionals all over the world rely on MyCase every day to stay incredibly organized, easily communicate and collaborate with their clients while simultaneously managing and growing their practice. Because MyCase offers legal practice management in the cloud, lawyers can work from anywhere at anytime significantly increasing productivity. With MyCase, you get all of this and more: Mobile access, secure client communication, organized cases and matters, shared calendars and reminders, tasks and to-dos, contact management, bank-grade security, document management and assembly, time and legal billing features, online payments processing, professional invoice creation, scheduled payment plans, outlook and google syncs, QuickBooks integrations.

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“Review of MyCase”

10 October 2013

“Best Decision I ever made”

10 October 2013

“My Case makes it easy!”

10 October 2013

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PracticePanther Legal Case Management Software 

Security without compromise.. Simple, easy to use, and secure law practice management software for lawyers and law firms. Includes time tracking, billing, client and case management, expense tracking, payments, and more. Get started with a 7 day free trial.

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“All about the service”

10 February 2015

“A big step up from Google docs & Outlook”

26 January 2015


20 January 2015

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We set the Bar for Online Legal Practice Management™. The most cost effective way to manage your legal practice from anywhere. HoudiniESQ is one integrated suite of tools that streamlines workflow, increases productivity, helps you to provide better service, and helps build your practice. All with scalable Web-accessibility at its core. On-premise or SaaS. You have web-accessibility regardless of where it is deployed. Keep your data In-house or in the Clouds. Nothing more to buy. No Database * No App Server * No CITRIX Server * No Web Server * No Exchange Server * and no expensive hardware is required. HoudiniESQ runs on the most popular operating systems, Windows, Linux and OSX. All you need is a Web Browser HoudiniESQ natively integrates with Outlook, Word, Excel, and Quickbooks. You can even work entirely in HoudiniESQ if you like. Easily customized to fit your practice. You can customize forms, list and generate ad-hoc reports. Increase productivity, provide better service, start building your practice today.

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“Awesome App! *****”

30 May 2012

“Holy Grail of Legal Software for Solos”

20 April 2012

“Best Solo Management Tool”

26 August 2011

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