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Impressive B2B marketing tool

Michelle Nachum8th of July, 2011 14:00

SalesFUSION 360 is a product that will work best for businesses that are already using a CRM program or are planning to use a CRM solution and as a result, need a more detailed marketing solution. Therefore, if your company has a small customer base and has not yet implemented any CRM tactics, you might want to look at a different solution with more basic tools to start with and graduate up to SalesFUSION. SalesFUSION offers a lot of customer and lead intelligence and can truly benefit conpanies that need an infusion of marketing tools at their disposal.

Cons: massive amount of features and tools - will take time to learn and use effectively; 700 templates can be overwhelming for some companies

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Deliver More Revenue with Marketing and Sales Alignment

Salesfusion is a leading provider of marketing automation software that is designed for B2B companies who are committed to driving more revenue by aligning marketing and sales. According SiriusDecisions, a leading sales and marketing analyst firm, as much of 70% of the buying cycle may be self-directed and completed prior to sales engagement.